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AND just for reading this admittedly long letter... when we talk I will bonus you a free spot at in my personal Matrix. I own the company. I will do this for you no charge ever. Its value-over-time is expected to be in the thousands! If you are already a member, please focus on marketing your initial link (I suggest the sig file and the ad co-op on the log in page) and then take advantage of spill over from me and my team! To set this up, I'll need some info from you when I call you about Zabang Ownership.

  • From: Mike Glaspie

  • Palm City, FL

Mike G

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We don't hire the best - We hire those that want to be the best

This headline may sound like a strange way to introduce you to our "new age" search engine but I felt it important for you to understand new ideas, and their success always begin with top management.

I am Michael T. Glaspie, known as Mike G on the internet, and we are very different in many ways which I will get into momentarily including my attitude regarding the people we hire.

I have found over the years hiring people who have the ambition, drive, and dedication and want to be the best are far better employees than those who have already achieved high standings in their chosen field of expertise. This is just one example of what makes us so different and what will drive our success.

Thank you for taking the time to read this admittedly long letter but my promise to you is you will not regret it and in fact you should find it very lucrative.

Before I begin with what makes us so different, things that will assure our success in the marketplace, please allow me to review a few links with you.

I want you to know who I am. I always recommend to my partners and clients to do your due diligence as there are far too many scams on the net and people who make promises they cannot keep.

So first please read:

Next, please read:

(My favorite is the 3rd one down. You won't find many people on the internet who have a testimonial from a high ranking government official and a previous White House cabinet member).

Three Bonus Businesses

Next, and this may surprise you, but I want you to have all of the following three links, each a separate business, each a cash cow, as my partner. You may study each one separately if you choose, you may even join one or more of them independently if you choose not to become a Silent Partner of mine with but I offer them to you now, no charge, so you may begin earning money, lucrative money, as my partner while I build out for both of us.

However, I must make this very clear, I can only offer these to you while they last. The reason is simple, no program I have ever invented like these three below is always available - I limit the marketplace so each affiliate has an opportunity to seriously cash in without "bumping into" people who have already heard from a competing affiliate.

Here are the links and a brief description of each so you do not have to unless you choose to, read the letter at each site describing the business.

First, MikeGPresents™

This is a site where I give away my latest course, no charge, "The 10 Immutable Laws of Internet Marketing Success".

It is presented as a custom built sales funnel where you and I partner and as you give away the course you build a list in the most profitable niche in the market, ie; a list of internet marketers. It comes with a custom built autoresponder and three different URL's for three splash pages that we set up over any site you wish and we pay for the first two years for each of the three domain names, including the first 90 days of the autoresponder which is only $20 per month for each 5,000 subscribers.

I think it goes without saying if you want to be successful on the internet, you have to have a list, and there is no way around it. The cost for this custom funnel site is $1,295 but free to you as a Silent Partner with me at Zabang.

When we talk, I will brief you on more details on this business and give it to you no charge after we become partners at Zabang.

Second, SilentSalesmanBroker™

We have a unique mobile app, in fact when Apple approved it they told us it was the best marketing and communications app they had ever approved.

People join as Sales Brokers for the app at this site, receive complete training via a Protocol Manual and a webinar, and then earn $400 for every sale of the app at $979.50 with no hosting charges for five full years, and each app is custom built for each client.

This is an amazing cash cow! Our Brokers pay us a $2,000 deposit for this opportunity which is returned to them after only ten sales, but again, free to you, no deposit required, as a Silent Partner with me at

When we talk, I will brief you on more details on this business and give it to you no charge after we become partners at Zabang.

Third, ICanGiveFreePhonesAway™

I know this is a ridiculously long URL, but the URL tells the story. Our parent company was chosen by the company who won the contract to manage this "free phone" program for the Federal Government here in the U.S.

People who join us receive complete training via a Protocol Manual and a webinar and they receive $10 for every phone or SIM card they give away, for the first 500, and then $12 for every phone or SIM card after that.

Because this is a federally operated program funded by the telephone companies, not tax payer dollars, we must comply with page after page of Government bureaucratic regulations and we also have to have a $1500 deposit from each rep, which is returned after the first five hundred units have been given away. But, as a Zabang Silent Partner, I will put up this deposit for you (however it will not be returned to you as I will be taking it from your Zabang equity position payment). So again, no cost to you. This is also an amazing cash cow.

When we talk, I will brief you on more details on this business and give it to you no charge after we become partners at Zabang.

Becoming a Zabang Silent Partner

As you study this proposal to be a Zabang Silent Partner, please keep in mind when we get to the part, the all-important part where I discuss the cost, I have built a 5% discount into the price because I am nearly finished this project with placing Silent Partners, and I am anxious to move on to the Phase Two of our launch. We are currently in Phase One which is the Affiliate Phase and already have thousands of affiliates around the globe.

The second phase will be the Search Phase. We will move to soon after our in progress load testing as we have moved already most of the site to the cloud so we may accommodate one million or more simultaneous users - this is serious business. As a Silent Partner you will be a VIP with me, so I'm sending you this "private invitation" so please keep it confidential, ok?

I think you are aware of our invitation to go to Portugal, to attend the world's largest tech conference. It was not a trade show, and the board invited us to present Zabang to over 3,000 attendees from all over the world.

It was a huge hit, I sent two men, my CTO (Chief Technical Officer) and my Director of Western European Sales, and they told me people were actually following them into the restroom to ask them questions.

It's a BIG deal and trumps all the other 6 launch strategies, which will also be employed, except one... The BBB has told us they are very interested in selling our pay-per-click advertising packages, one-on-one, by phone, to their approximate thirty-two million members, all across the U.S. and Canada. And everyone knows when the BBB calls the man or woman in charge TAKES THAT CALL.

Keep this Confidential

Please keep this entire proposal confidential, please. It is not available to the public!!

Especially the part about the "boots on the ground" sales team.

You should do this with me - it's totally passive and perfect for you! You just sit back and let me do all the marketing and sales.

And I would consider it an honor and a favor to have you as a Silent Partner! As a Silent Partner, all you need to do is just let me run the business - Here are all the details below.

Mike G


I am in the process of building the world's very first 100% exclusive mobile-site-only search engine called

Can you imagine, a website built for the times, a search engine built for the times. The timing couldn't be more perfect with the estimate of 90% of all internet traffic coming from a mobile device within the next three years.

And offers a 2-level affiliate program so people can actually, for the very first time, make money off these enormously profitable search engine sites. And we will share revenue with our affiliates.

It's amazing what is going on and you can be a part of it. Passively or proactively.

Zabang Launch Phases


Phase Two: Next, and coming up soon, open the search function.

Phase Three: Sell clicks. I already have a man lining up phone rooms that call on businesses to sell 1000$ click packages. (This is going very well with telemarketing companies lined up to begin!).

I'm looking for a few Silent Partners in this venture

It doesn't matter which state, province, or country you live in, it doesn't matter whether you promote this site or just take a passive interest, but here's an opportunity for you to participate in potentially a majorly substantial way because...

I've already invested well over $188,000 just in programming of my own money and I'm looking to recoup some of that and also give a few people the big potential to profit with me in the future.

I will reward you handsomely and you will OWN a piece of the company. But first allow me to explain exactly why will be a hit.

Up until now you and I, in order to get on the internet, (in fact, the amazing size of the internet is already mostly made up of people who have gone out and spent big money) for a PC or laptop and then additionally subscribe to an ISP so they could gain access to the internet.

But all of that is changing, and changing fast.

The Timing Couldn't be More Perfect

Today, with decent credit you can walk into any AT&T™ kiosk, Best Buy™, Verizon™ store and walk out with a pocket size pc/laptop that oh, by the way, you can make and take phone calls with and here's the big one - have immediate access to the internet!

It's predicted that within the next three years that 90% of all internet traffic will come from mobile devices like smartphones and the same prediction from Cisco Systems Inc (, a Fortune 100 company, says the internet will triple in size because of the smart phone evolution. You've just got to be a part of this.

If this business seems confusing, just know this: The wealthiest companies started since 2000 were companies whose offerings people just did not get. The technology was ahead of its time. Companies like Apple, YouTube, Google, and Facebook, just to name a few. But today, they are all worth Billions and we all know what they do. We are in this stage now. People often just do not see the big picture. We too will be there soon!

So always trying to be ahead of the curve I've never had any problem investing big money in where I see the marketplace headed and I promise you the marketplace is indeed headed to a mobile world, and will be and is the only search engine in the world that will feature only 100% mobile friendly sites in their results.

No longer will anyone doing a search looking for anything at the other big three have to scour thru the listings looking for those that are mobile friendly and tap on just those. You see, a mobile phone user taps, a pc user clicks. And if it doesn't load fast on that tiny 4G network, about the speed of the old-fashioned dial up, and if it cannot be read easily because the font is too tiny or the paragraphs or lines are too long then guess what? The user is gone, they leave, a waste of that click money.

We have solved that problem. And the timing couldn't be more perfect.

We are not out to close the doors of Google™, Yahoo™, Bing™ - we are only out to provide another alternative successful advertising venue for clients to invest their advertising dollars in.

BTW, did you know Google™ posted sales of 16.1 Billion just in the last quarter?!!

Why Zabang will grab BIG slices of market share

You need to understand direct marketing just a bit here...

In the world of direct marketing every serious player is always on the hunt for that site or that list or that opportunity where they can invest money at window 'A' wait a day or two and go to window 'B' to collect their profits and their initial investment, then run back to window 'A' and reinvest.

People will still continue to buy advertising from our competitors but they will also spend those same dollars with us. I suspect they will invest more with us as we grow than they will with those competitors because the marketplace is moving closer to 100% mobile and is 100% mobile.

That story will play out but it doesn't matter. Either way is destined to become a major force in the search engine business.

In Seth Godin's # 1 best seller book "Purple Cow," he outlines how any business can grab BIG slices of any market share by:

1- Being BOLD - Mobile sites only

2- Being Different - The only search engine with free affiliate program and 2 levels at that. Affiliates are paid on traffic they send that buys anything from us any time just using our marketing tools, simple and clean! And no matter what anyone bids for a keyword they will occasionally appear at the top.

3- Being Extraordinary - Example: Morton Salt™ used to own 100% of the salt industry, a boring business indeed, but now have lost 30% to "Sea Salt"... It is the same product, (all salt comes from the sea originally), they just made bigger granules so customers could grind instead of sprinkling and gave it a new name. And it took off, so will we!!!

4- Be Remarkable - We even index apps! NO OTHER SEARCH ENGINE DOES THIS!

5- Social Participation - Search clients will be given the chance to Vote on the results they get and this is how we index sites/ based upon the voting system rather than on how many clicks a site gets (which can be manipulated) but rather based upon what people think of the site/s. Unique and people in our poll loved this feature. At FULL Launch time our slogan/ USP will say "Search Zabang, fast, relevant, 100% mobile friendly, And where your opinion matters"

Sharing Our Success

6- We Share Our Success. - We have on the drawing board a plan to, by webinar, 1-2 times a month train independent sales people to call on Businesses and sell our Zabang services. Which are more than just PPC! I'll need a state manager "Zabang PPC Partner Broker" for these people to, in each state or district to keep them of track, answer Qs etc. but all training will be done for the manager and the "boots on the ground sales person" by the company via the webinars mentioned.

These sales people will earn 25-40% of gross sales (healthy indeed) and the manager/broker will earn a 10% over ride on his or her "group" of sales people. These sales people will be assigned to a District broker Zabang PPC District Broker" under you who gets a 10 % override and you get a 10 % override on all brokers under you and all sales people on your personal team!

You even make equity revenue on the money paid by brokers for their training, 2.5 or 5%. Brokers pay 1995$ for their training and training for all their sales people and lapel ID tag and trophy quality Plaque appointing them district broker and biz cards. (Not you - as a Silent Partner its 100% no cost to be a "Zabang PPC Partner Broker" including the lapel ID, biz cards, and certificate of completed training plaque.)

And they, the sales people, are there in droves and easy to find just on Craigslist™. This management position is available to you as a Silent Partner if you want it. No Salary, but a really nice recurring override.

The concept is based upon the successful real estate brokerage business model. 100% commissions for everyone but BIG commissions and all webinar training for the manager and sales person by the company. I love and know how to use a webinar!!

For more details about this part of the program, which again is optional, see (no order form yet till after full launch)

Every home run I have ever built followed these immutable laws. And we won every time!! (See )

My Exit Strategy

Every smart businessperson who develops or starts any business must think ahead as to how he or she plans to exit the business, and I have options in mind.

I may take public, I don't know.

I may fold it into The ICANetwork which I do plan to take public, I don't know.

I may get an offer from Google™, Yahoo™, or Bing. Or, guess what, even Facebook™ (they need an advertising revenue model that works because their reputation currently is that the advertising dollars at Facebook get a lot of 'likes' but doesn't convert, so I wouldn't be surprised if down the road Facebook is also in the mix of potential suitors for

So you see, I may sell it also, and if I do it will be for, well let's just say, the buyer will need to reach very deep into their pockets.

The only search engine with an affiliate program...

Can you imagine a search engine, the only one in the world that pays its affiliates on a two-level structure? Just for sending search clients to It's those search clients who later become buyer clients. The search page will contain one link that will simply say 'advertising', exactly the same way that Google™ became the worlds most successful and profitable internet business in the world.

Remember the last 1/4 report for Google™, ie: sales of 16.1 Billion! That is way more than 1 Billion per WEEK. And, both Bing™ And Yahoo™ are also making $Billions - there is plenty of room for our unique and exclusive approach.

The search page will also contain monthly one, two, or even three different products or services of the month to help the business owner develop, manage, run, advertise, etc. their internet business. And the sale of those products and services will be commission-able to Zabang and those commissions will be shared with the affiliates on a 2-level basis.

(Affiliates join free and can do so now. In fact we already have several thousand affiliates!)

Hear me out clearly... This is huge...

NO OTHER SEARCH ENGINE... NOT GOOGLE™, NOT YAHOO™, NOT BING™... OFFER AN AFFILIATE PROGRAM. is being built from the ground up, the grass roots marketers, the people that make the internet successful and make it what it is today, will build Zabang.

It's not being built by the Harvard MBA down, even though our CTO does have a PhD in I.T., we are building it from the grassroots foundation up. The internet will build into a monster.

Ground Floor Opportunity

So here's your chance to participate as a Silent Partner and get a piece of the action, and this will enable me to recoup some of my initial investment already paid for, not one nickel borrowed, in the development of

You can select any state, but I prefer the state you live in, you can market and be an affiliate, or you can simply take a passive interest, it makes no difference, but here's what I'll do... AND I will help you pick a great state if you need me to.

I'll pay your profits quarterly (March, June, September, December) along with a quarterly update letter advising you of the growth, our plans, new programs, etc. Your revenue share will be 5% Net of 100% of the $$ we generate in your state / province / country, etc.

Each state participation is available for only $9,500, except for California (it's an enormous population base and unarguably the largest state in the nation population-wise), in which participation is $19,500 for the entire state.

And Alaska, a beautiful state that I have been to (I've actually salmon fished on the Kenai river, one of the items on my bucket list, climbed on a glacier, and caught hundreds of Halibut in the Bering Sea), but because of it's population base, Alaska is available for just $3,500.

Upon the sale or if I elect to do an IPO (Initial Public Offering), I will buy your Silent Partner contract back from you and make a very healthy offer to do so by sharing with you the percentage of revenue we receive from an IPO or Buyout that is applicable to the state that you select as your home base.

Keep in mind that you do not have to select the state that you live in and you do not have to market in just the state that you live in if you decide to actively market as an affiliate.

This can be an amazing opportunity for you. Just imagine where you would be financially if the day that Google™ or Bing™, or Yahoo™ opened their doors to just a handful of people and said, "Hey, you want to jump in and help us out and we'll give you a share of our profits every quarter and when and if we sell or do an IPO we will buy your contract back so if we go public we may do so as a debt free company."

If we do an IPO you will be offered the opportunity to trade in your contract for a number of shares that are equal to ten times the annual income your state makes. And the same is true if we do an outright sale.

You will be entitled to, if you choose, receive a check for ten times the annual revenue your state is producing for you or you may convert your contract to an equal value of shares if we go public.

Example: If your state or province or country is producing for you just $5,000.00 per year / that is just $416.66 per month for ALL business in your state. Your check would be $50,000.00, or your stock trade would be $50,000 of stock.

Please advise immediately if you have an interest in discussing this and becoming a Silent Partner. I personally want to speak to all of my partners who have an interest in joining me in this wonderful adventure.

Just let me know if you want a state, or a province or country. And I will "finance" it for you if you need me to, so if you want to finance it, when you reply, just tell me how much you can put down and how much monthly/ no interest from me.

But I can't pay you profit share until your equity position is paid off. Some Partners borrowed against their IRA or the credit line I can arrange, so they could just pay off their equity all at once.

Never Finance Your Toys

If you have read Robert Kiyosaki's New York Times bestseller, "Rich Dad Poor Dad" you may recall what he said. His poor dad taught him if you worked hard and you could afford it, it was okay to finance your toys like boats, cars, and vacations, etc. on a credit card. And his rich dad taught him to never finance anything that does not have the potential of increasing in value like real estate, stocks and bonds, and even businesses.

Getting rich is not a science. Getting rich is a process that only requires the learning of a few principles you should never disregard.

This could be it for you!!

Just market your affiliate account, OR NOT, and let me build the business.

If you want a full state, I'll give you a VIP 5% discount. (I told you I'd do something special for you!) So a total of 9025$ which includes the VIP discount for you!

AND if you want to finance it just tell me what you can put down and how much you can pay monthly and if it makes sense I'll do it for you and not charge you any interest! OK??


For a 1/2 equity document it would be 4512$ with the same 5% VIP discount.

Also, outside of the U.S., entire countries are available at a premium (more than a state) based on the population. So be certain to ask if interested. If you want an entire country, let me know and I'll give some thought to the value of the equity ownership.

I will make you $$ and give you first option on any "boots on the ground" management position we develop.

This is totally passive. You do not need to do any marketing, just let me do my job and ride on 'my coat tails', unless you want to be "boss" of your state! If you do I'll train you /no charge!!!

Please call or email me if you have an interest - even if you need financing, because this offer IS limited!

My phone is 772-223-5374 (Eastern Time Zone)

My email is:
(use the subject line: "Zabang Silent Partner")

Let's talk ASAP. I'm giving you time to study this. It's important you see every advantage you receive as a Silent Partner.

When we talk I'll make certain you understand everything including some confidential things.

One last thing...

Please let me make this perfectly clear.



I will send you an equity document spelling out this entire offer and assigning you your Silent Partner position for the state you select.

One last item, we have already been contacted by an attorney who was inquiring on behalf of his confidential client and asking if we were for sale?

I of course told him "not yet" and I can't find out who he was calling for. His practice is in NY specializing in corporate law. I referred him to our lawyer, a co-owner of the second largest law firm in the state of Michigan. When the time comes, those two men can discuss the issue. I tell you this because this is very real and very big.

An Amazing Summary

Lets summarize all of this for you.

You get for a full state a 5% of net gross of all money generated in your selected state.

You get the free phones program, with the ability to hire your own independent contractors. You can operate it passively because we will pay and train your agents 50%, and you 50%. Or, you may actively give the phones and sim cards away on your own, we train you how to do this, and earn $10 for the first 500 then $12 U.S. for all phones or sim-cards after the first 500. This sells every day for $1500.

You get MikeGPresents, a list building funnel with an auto responder and 3 unique splash pages paid for us for 2 years. This sells every day for $1295.

You get Silent Salesman Broker, with full training and the ability to have independent agents that we pay for you and a $400 for your sales. This sells every day for $2000.

Just these first 3 are already cash cows!!

Lastly you get when launched, a State Master PPC Broker giving you a Company Net 10% over ride on all sales in your selected state, regardless of who sells the advertising. This includes Other brokers in your state, and telemarketing companies waiting anxiously to begin selling for Zabang. This will sell independently for $1995 U.S. regardless of who sells the advertising. Do the math. Here are $6790 U.S. in very real businesses you can have someone else run for you, because we do all the training and pay all the commissions.

If you select a 1/2 state, you will earn passively 2.5% ROI from all $ made in your selected state and you may choose any 2 of these bonus businesses. We will discuss when we talk. As you can see there is no order form. I always meet by phone my partner, get to know you and cover any aspects that you may need more detail on. And sometimes I must turn down a partner for a variety of reasons. I hope to not do that to you.

The only way you can go wrong with this partnership with me is NOT to join me and soon. Because at full and final launch I will no longer offer any partnerships.

And for weekly launch updates click on the "updates" link at the top of

And again, your confidentiality please. I hope you take me up on it!

Michael T. Glaspie
CEO & Founder, Zabang™
Don't confuse me with other Mike G's on the net.
Once you know how, No One Can Ever
Take it From You.


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