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Tuesday: June 17

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Dear Friend,

My name is Mike Glaspie, they call me Mike G. on the internet.

I have been online since 1997 focusing all my creative energies on building the net's absolute finest sites for advertising, marketing, and teaching others how to prosper in this new world we live in.

It all started with, it was the very first website to ever have an affiliate program, and to my knowledge it was the very first website on the internet to have what is now commonly called an autoresponder.

Then I built The world's very first banner exchange that rewarded its members with a one-to-one exchange. That means every time they had a visitor to any of their pages at any of their sites we would show their banner one time across our entire network. To my knowledge, is still the 2nd largest privately held banner exchange serving on average 75 million banners per month.

There are many more examples but I think these two will suffice, because you need to realize this... I have never spent one dime, not even a nickel, promoting either one of these two sites. They were built from day one to "go viral" and on the internet viral is a good thing. That means people who tell people who tell people, and it is the missing ingredient in so many websites causing their ultimate failure - and it doesn't have to be that way.

In fact, many of the things you see in operation on websites all over the world today - their strategies, their headlines, the premise upon which they operate to become successful, have been modeled after one or more of my sites. Turns out, and this was never my goal just a natural flow of how the world works, my name Mike G has become one of the most recognized 'monikers' on the net.

So much so, that it has been stolen from me more times than I can count. I think my name has been ripped off by people pretending to be me more times than Citibank, Amazon, and Paypal combined. Enviable position, right? Well, not exactly. Sometimes people think they are doing business with the real Mike G (me) when they really are not. Anyways, you can read more about that if you want to search my name, start here:

And while you are at it I think you should also realize that I am, again to my knowledge, the only offline and online marketer to ever be profiled at Wikipedia. You can even read more about me there:

I tell you these things not to brag or to boast, I share these personal things with you only so that you know, you'll realize, the day comes you and I personally begin working together you'll know and realize you have aligned yourself with the real deal.

Through it all I have been rewarded with tremendous prosperity, and a lifestyle that most others can only dream about. And, now, as I near the end of my internet career, I want to share with you and a few others strategies and techniques that you can model, to enjoy the same kind of prosperity that I have exclusively on the internet the last 17 years.

Going Public

You see, my new company, The I C A Network, I plan to take public in two to three years. This is my legacy business; this is the business I will turn over to my family to run. I of course will stay on as Chairman-at-large because I love being part of the creative process, but my son Matthew, and our company president will take over the reins and continue to build the company for your benefit and the benefit of our thousands of clients. But more on that later.

The World And The Internet Are Changing

You know it and I know it, but my guess is you probably don't understand the full impact of all the changes that are taking place right now on the internet. Our culture is changing because of what I want to share with you on the webinar. The way you and I and everyone else shop, gather information, communicate with one another, it's all changing. And with change brings opportunity for those who are willing to be on the lookout for it.

Three years ago I saw these changes coming. I began investing heavily in everything we do now, and we are already reaping tremendous rewards for our efforts and investments. And you my friend are invited to be part of it all.

This is one party you do not want to be late for. I'm sure you've heard it said a thousand times, "The early bird gets the worm" or "The first in the market always wins the biggest." You get the idea, I know you do.

You Must Have A List...
Of Customers Who Know Your Name!

Just one of the many things I will teach you, I will share with you on this webinar, is how you can build your own list of customers - not leads but customers - who know your name. Customers with whom you have built a relationship with because you have given them something of value and have not asked for anything in return.

I will show you how all of the major sites, yes even Google™, and all the multi-million dollar and billion dollar companies, and yes even all the major gurus on the internet capitalize on this and how you can do it so easily - even if you do not have anything to give away, I'll show you... In fact, I'll tell you exactly what to give away on the internet, why to give it away, and more importantly, the kind of customers interested in getting it from you at no cost.

It's Viral

It goes viral! Once you and I partner up on this project you will be giving away a product that is becoming so popular, well, it's actually sneaking up on most people, but it's happening in big numbers every single day.
And with it the customers whom you give it to will be delighted to and will want to tell everyone they know about the product they got from you, and those folks they tell about it, they will want to - and they do - tell people about the product they got from you, and so on and so on and so on. THIS IS VIRAL and you must tap into it.

Imagine yourself owning your own website that goes viral, that doesn't cost you one dime for hosting, for bandwidth, for customer support, that will bring you customers who will know your name because they get the product from you, yes, even at a custom URL designed just for you, and a custom site designed just for you. It's truly astounding as to what can happen next.

Just Press Send

Imagine, being able to, just like I do, copy and paste professional email letters that are already written for you, sending them out to your list of 'customers' not 'leads' (huge difference) and make money every time you press send!

I will show you how to do this. I will show you where to get the offers that cost you nothing. I will teach you how you are rewarded, how you are paid for only mailing the offers you select to your customer list. And we haven't even scratched the surface yet.

Imagine the larger your list becomes the more people who will want to 'joint venture' with you, you mail for them and they pay you, etc, I'll teach you that.

An Amazing List You Own

Imagine being able to tell your list of customers something new that you have just stumbled across, and it doesn't matter what it is because get this - all of your customers are interested in things like advertising, affiliate programs, network marketing, hardware, software, accounting and legal services, in fact anything and everything having to do with making money, and/or marketing on the internet. You could not possibly build a better list on the internet in any niche. Here's why...

Every one of your customers, and this is so unique, so amazing, it's a feature about this list - your new viral system that we will build for you - that's astounding... They will all have debit or credit cards; they can all afford to do business with you. If I could roll the clock back seventeen years I would focus on building my list of customers with only those people who have already proven themselves to be buyers on the net, meaning they do have that all important 'plastic in their pockets.'

You Are Invited To Be My Partner

On this webinar I will invite you to be my partner should you choose. I will never steer you wrong and I will teach you things that you cannot even fathom right now.

And proof is in the putting - When you become my partner, hang on for this one, I will give you, not sell you, an absolutely no-cost Founder position in our new company, The ICA Network <>. When you go there, click on the opportunity link in the upper -right hand quadrant and simply read about the Founder position - it is a lifetime membership. Please do not be confused - The price is $995 for the Founder position.

BUT AS ONE OF MY PARTNERS I WILL GIVE IT TO YOU NO CHARGE, EVER. Including a Mobile App for life! No monthly fees, no maintenance fees, no hosting fees, no nothing. And then every Tuesday night you'll be invited to attend a live training call that I personally conduct to teach you how to not only be a better marketer for The ICANetwork, but also a better more prosperous you.

On these teleseminars I do my best to inspire and motivate because I know, I realize, that my reward in exchange for helping you become more prosperous will come back my way some day. The universe works that way you know.

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No Advertising Expense Ever!

And when your system is built for you, exclusively for you, you will never have to invest any money at all in advertising! It's your customers who do the advertising for you, just like so many other sites I've built in the past, except this time it's even better. Far more sophisticated, due to the technologies and the social media sites that make it all so easy and possible. You will be astounded when I tell you about it on this webinar event.

Join Me On This Webinar

Join me on this free webinar, it is live, never recorded, let me share with you everything I have shared with you here and more, a lot more. For example, things like to my knowledge I am the only person in the world to have ever put more than 11,000 people into one network marketing program (that's just one of the many things I have become involved in over the years). And I'm not talking about a downline, I am talking about directly sponsored individuals who paid a fee to join... Over 11,000, and all by email, I never picked up the phone one time to talk to any of these fine folks. In fact I've put over 5,000 people in the exact same way into two other programs, again all by email. My record speaks for itself; I know how to do this stuff.

The Internet Is A Goldmine

I like to tell my partners the internet is a goldmine, you simply need to know where to dig. And that my friend, is the biggest obstacle, the most difficult part of it all, and I will demystify it for you. I know where to dig!

Just look at what others are saying, these are real testimonials on file with hundreds more at my office. Not one has been asked for; they have all been voluntarily given and sent to us....

Mike G did it again!!!! An Opportunity that is so Awesome!!!! This is the first time in years... I'm actually calling people to share about a Home Base Business Opportunity. I can see the success unfolding before my eyes. Creating a future that will last beyond anything I ever imagined. Thanks Mike for creating an opportunity that I'm proud to share.

- Glenn Shayne / Founder TheICANetwork

Mr. G,

Mahalo Nui Loa for the spark you have ignited. Set aside the great products, the value received on the advice you share, in not just building your business, but life in general, on the Tuesday evening "Talk Story" sessions is by far exceeding any monetary cost for the membership to this exclusive insight.
Shine on my brother!

- Doug Parker / Marketing Assets International Muscatine, IA

As I hold a "Founder Position" with The ICANetwork, I commend this company for two main reasons:

Firstly, this company is seizing the trend that is sweeping the Internet. Who would have thought that the majority of Internet users are now accessing the internet via "smartphone"; not PC or laptop? The ICANetwork is doing its best to inform and assist people who risk being left behind in this almost silent advance.

Secondly, the training by the CEO, Michael Glaspie, is filled with techniques that could only come from years where he has done the hard yards. Seeing his track record of success online, over the last 15 years, has given me added confidence in my involvement with The ICANetwork.

Michael Glaspie often says, "Why invent mediocrity when you can model success?" I'm taking his advice, and know I'm so blessed to be with The ICA Network in this specific change of Internet technology!

- Leigh Allison / Founder TheICANetwork

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You Must Register Now!

We both know that in the world of business it's all about timing. You need to register now for the next free live webinar. There is no cost of any kind for attending, and I promise you this - On this webinar you will learn things that you need to know and need to know now, if you are truly serious about your economic future and the economic future of your family the internet can provide - But it's changing and it's changing fast, do not be caught off guard.

Don't put your head in the sand! It's no secret, 99%, probably even higher than that, of all people put their head in the sand and never embrace change.

They somehow think that the world will continue on the same path, but if you look back through our history you will know and immediately realize that simply is not the case. Riches have always flowed to those who recognize change is coming and posture themselves, put themselves into position to be ahead of the curve. And that's exactly where we are at and I invite you to join us.

I guarantee you, you will not regret the hour or so that we will spend together. And I will also guarantee you that I will open your mind's eye to a new way of looking at the internet... It is indeed a vehicle to wealth but only for those who recognize it for what it truly is... It IS no longer a mass market vehicle despite what others who have an agenda (i.e.; get money out of your pocket) would like you to believe. It is instead now a vehicle for building relationships with and turning those relationships into an extremely lucrative and prosperous lifestyle for you and your family.

Live Event

I look forward to meeting you on our next live event (every webinar I ever do is always a live event). I owe it to you to conduct them this way. You'll be able to ask questions as we go through the material, interact with us, there's no other way to do it right and to do it with respect for you and other attendees who have given of your valuable time to learn about this life changing topic.


CEO & Founder, The ICANetwork
---its amazing.

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