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Comments about our CEO, Mike Glaspie

Good Morning Mike!

Well, a few of us wanted to do a little something to bring you a little extra encouragement for this final stretch and to show our appreciation for you, all you’ve done, all you’ve been through and all you continue to do. So if you could take a moment, watch the video and I hope this will brighten your day!

- Jennie C

My Personal Experience Working with THE MikeG!

What can I say? I am proud, privileged, and grateful that I made the acquaintance of MikeG. Never have I met a man that is so ambitious, brilliant, accommodating and down to earth, all in one person.

My name is Rosalind Lund. I am a Founding Member of The ICANetwork, working with MikeG. There are so many positive things to say about Mike that I'm not sure where to start.

As all of the people that work with him know, he is the real deal! What you see is what you get. He's a no non-sense businessman. An excellent lead by example CEO and Professional. He is comical, good natured, and brilliant. I have never had the good fortune of working with someone quite so rare.

After running the usual gambit of a lot of entrepreneurs and marketers of scam after scam, sinking loads of cash, and becoming jaded and cynical, I answered an email and got a call from MikeG. I had never talked to the CEO of such a large corporation in my life and was quite surprised. For me he is the type of person that when you first meet him, you feel like you have known him forever. He is so approachable and down to earth.

I will be forever grateful to fate, karma, kismet, GOD, what have you for meeting and associating with Mike G.

For me it is the end of a long journey and the beginning of a great business relationship and lifelong dream for the future!

- Rosalind Lund / Founder TheICANetwork

I have had this one from Mr. Houser for quite a while but it remains one of my favorites. - Mike G

Dear Chairman Glaspie,

My compliments to you and your organization for creating one of the finest marketing presentations I have ever seen. It is thorough, motivational and explains an aspect of telecommunications with great clarity. As a former FCC Commissioner and Director of the White House Office of Telecommunications (under President Ford), I have been aware of the "reseller" concept for many years and have received information from other Resellers. However, nothing I have seen matches your exceptional package of information.

I am 65 years of age and independently well to do and do not need the IR or SIR designation although l would have jumped at this opportunity if I were younger! It is difficult to imagine a better opportunity for a young man or woman. I am going to recommend your company to others.

If there was an advisory or similar role available I would be pleased to be affiliated with an organization of this quality.

Continued success in all your endeavors.


- Thomas J Houser / Former FCC Commissioner and Director of the White House Office of Telecommunications

Dear Mike,

THANK YOU. FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, THANK YOU. I crying as I am writing this. I can not help it.

Like so many others, I have been scammed and lost too much money over the past 20 years. I am sure you have received many emails like mine. Like you, I genuinely wanted to help people. Too many of the people I have wanted to help have passed on while I was trying to find something legitimate. These people include my father, my aunt overseas in Europe, and less than a year ago, my best friend.

It has been a long journey that has included 3 job layoffs for me in the past 10 years and having to move several times because we don’t own our own home. I didn’t think I would ever trust anyone ever again in the business field. That all changed with you. Your voice reminds me of someone, I don’t know who. My gut instinct tells me you are the real deal.

God bless you for this. Again, from the very bottom of my hear, thank you.

Warm regards,

- Elisa Gialanella

Hello MikeG,

I hope you're having another great week sir.

BTW, I would never confuse you with the other when edifying you sir. I have people google you while I'm in the phone with them to put your name with your face to avoid ANY confusion! Keep up the great work MikeG!

Blessings your way,

- Liam Manning


I am also "breaking email silence". Every day I thank God for bringing you into my life...and I pray each day for you, and Garry and the Seller (Neil?).

I am forwarding this Devotional email from Rick Warren...because it is the perfect and TIMELY reminder that God is in control...and His timing is always perfect!...and He is working for our good (Rom. 8:28)...and He always keeps His word (Num. 23:19).

Let's PRAY this sucker across the Finish Line!!

God Bless,

- Dennis

Thank you Brother Mike G.

I can always count on your honesty and integrity.

You are the best guy on the internet.

I really look forward to the payout of the Coin Deal. It will get my wife (who is 66 years old) out of work, Pay off all our debts, donate big to our church, help fund my Gideons ministry ( to buy bibles and hopefully buy us a farm so we can move out of this 1500 sqft. home with 1 acre and have a future farm for our kids and grandkids.

YOU are making all this happen for us and I am so grateful.

Also, I look forward to the launch of ITJ as a platform for offering all kinds of products and services.

God Bless you!

- Gary Wolfe / Visionary Solutions Now, LLC

Hello My name is Michael St Marie and I just wanted to Thank Mike Glaspie for something special that he did for my family and myself recently.

Three weeks ago on his weekly Tuesday Night Training Call, Mike mentioned that he had just completed a successful business transaction which netted Him roughly $5000.00.

Mike decided rather than pocketing the $5000.00, he would donate it to families that had been adversely impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic and loss of job. I thought that was very cool and took Mike up on His offer.

Long story short, after working for a company 26 years, the company filed bankruptcy and just like that I was unemployed. The aggravating part of this is that we were sold to an Equity Company 3 years ago which managed to destroy a company that had no debt at the time and annual sales of One Billion Dollars. To make matters worse, the Coronavirus shut down the State of Michigan and The Michigan Unemployment Agencies Website and Phone was unresponsive for weeks. Well, the offer of Mike's was a Godsend and I asked Mike if I could receive one of those gift cards. So last week I received an envelope from Mike. I opened it up and much to My surprise, there was not only 1 card but 2 Gift Cards,each good for $100.00. I said "Thank You Jesus" and now I am saying "Thank You Mike."

Much appreciated once again.

- Michael St Marie

Mike G. has been doing business with his partners and associates for many years. The one thing I really like about Mike is that he really cares about his people. He not only finds satisfaction in his business but also in his everyday life. He is one that loves to share. Whether it's sharing his methods for financial productivity or personal contentment and happiness, his intentions are solid. Obviously, his main intent is to share things that others can gain insight from.

When Mike G. shares an opportunity with us it is not only done for his personal financial gains but in an effort to let others experience the satisfaction of improving their overall lifestyle and happiness. That's Mike. It always has been that way with him.

Recently there was an opportunity presented to Mike that he easily could have kept to himself. He could have handled every obligation by himself. Instead, he offered us an opportunity to share in this exciting venture. During these trying times when most are just surviving, Mike G. is more concerned about others, than just himself.

I want to say thank you to Mike G. His transparency and the way he makes it easy for us to see that we are all in this together. Not just for financial gains, but to realize that helping others provide us with a sense of community and family values. Being able to see how Mike acts on a daily basis has inspired me to pass my happiness and overall contentment to others. I am much appreciative. There are no guarantees, there is only the satisfaction of trying to help your friends and family, especially during these trying times.

I can hardly wait for a new adventure with Mike G.

- Kirby M

A Snapshot of Mike G in Words:

M: Money-Making-Mentor & Mobile Apps Miracle Maker
I: Inspirational Internet Icon of Integrity
K: Kudos for Kindness
E: Enthusiastic, Exciting Encouragement for Endeavors

G: Genious Geek, Game-Changer, Giant Generosity

Mike G, Thank you for exemplifying the value of true collaboration and reciprocity through your direct actions of sharing your opportunities and visions with us.

I trust you as a mentor, and proudly follow you!

Mike G, you are "Really GOOD at what you do"!!!

- Dr Arline

Working with Mike G over the past 6 years has been a truly rewarding experience. His talents are unlimited and he has a big heart when helping his members.

Probably the most impressive quality I have experienced with Mike is his willingness to be transparent... he 'walks the talk' and has the respect of those who know him. As far as his legacy, Mike G will always be remembered as someone who really cared for the 'Average Joe'. If you are planning on entering a business relationship with Mike G you can rest assured that it will be a prosperous experience, both financially and personally.

- Erik Olson / ICANetwork Founder

I have had the opportunity of a life time to work for and learn from MikeG. I still do not understand the whole picture but what I have had a glimpse of is a portrait of what he has created and is creating for all of us. If his steps are followed, there is only one path and that is a successful career. It occurred to me that some of the companies on the internet, who have great products and they fill a tremendous need, have overlooked one thing. One of the companies in mind is Apple. They should hire MikeG and let him bring their reputation to it's highest level. I have seen how MikeG handles his companies, his commitments, his employees and more importantly provides a way to success for thousands of people. He always works in a honest, truthful and honorable way. I am grateful for this opportunity. It has literally been life changing.

- Carl and Janet Troutner / Director of Partner Relations

I want everyone to know that Mr. Mike G. is a man of his word. When he says he's going to get something done, it's already done before he finishes his sentence.

It worked out very well for me. When I called upon him for some help and advice it paid off.

For everyone out there that's skeptical please know this: I am a very Big skeptic. I have done several different programs and his programs are real and work beautifully. I have actually made money on his. Nothing usually happens overnight (unless your'e in Mike G's programs), so you always have to be patient with things. It could happen very quickly when you follow directions to the T and simply keep working at it.

And please be certain to attend any training calls or webinars he invites you to because they are amazing!

Thanks for everything Mike!

- Janel Lane / A Very Proud Mike G Partner

Here is a short video testimonial you should see first!


- Geoff Young

Your guarantee that these loans (the latest ones) are guaranteed, do not apply to me. I don't want that guarantee. Nor do I deserve it. It's a risk I have taken. It's exciting. Anyhow, don't worry about paying me back on anything if the deal doesn't go through.

I am stress free, I want you to try to be stress free also. Easier said than done, right? Like I said, I have risked as much as I can on this deal. I may have more later: if I do you dont have to guarantee anything to me. I will make it available if I can.

I can't put myself in your position right now. I know it can be stressful. Two things about you Mike... You know how to make money, and you care about us.

- Kirby M

Mike G once told me that, in marketing, there is one word and one concept that is so powerful that, if you know it and practice it, your marketing path can be paved with Gold. The word is Reciprocity. That was an eye opener for me and Mike G became my long term mentor and friend and has helped me realize some of my wildest dreams online. If you want to see your own road paved in Gold, hop on board with Mike G and learn from the best.

- Jane Mark / President of JAM Marketing Inc

Hi Boss, The first part of my update is to congratulate you on your success. You obviously do not have to keep working and charging forward for yourself. I know in your heart you are doing it for the betterment of others. You are removing all obstacles and barriers and by example showing others how to do the same. I enjoyed your Tuesday night very much. I shared the story of the coveted shoes at our dinner gathering. We all understand deep inside that giving also allows you to receive but you brought out the importance of this.

And I am still amazed at the new friends I am making through the work that I love. I am looking forward to your new book. Your story becomes more profound the more I understand come to know you . We are charging ahead towards ultimate success and loving every minute of it. Your friend and partner, Thank you!

- Carl and Janet Troutner / Director of Partner Relations

The THANKS goes to you. The Praise to God! There are few men on this earth with your integrity, courage, and humanity. Yes, we are Brothers and I am honored to have my name appear in even a sentence with you!

- Aamir Muhammad

People who say that the internet is full scammers, have never met Michael T Glaspie.

Mike has given me hope and financial stability. His coin campaign has pulled me out of debt and has allowed me to buy a car.

Mike is so determined to help people succeed that he is sharing his personal 5 million dollar coin bonus with everyone who had participated.

He has restored my faith with his kindness, and honesty.

Mike has also created, in-demand, solid business opportunities, with generous commissions; that I am proud to say that I am a part of. (which allowed access to coin campaign)

I am Forever Grateful To Mike, -THANK YOU- for all that you do!

God Bless You.

- Kathleen L. Pleasance


Just viewed the updated commissions at Matrix Empire. Just want to say thank you Mike for your assistance to me. I really appreciate you, your efforts, and your unbelievable knowledge of this industry.

My life is so much better since I met you. I will be forever grateful.

- Brian


I am deeply appreciative of this incredible opportunity. I honestly do not struggle with the battle that some have portrayed trusting you, concerning our loan with you. You have demonstrated nothing but the reality of truth wrapped in faith and patience. For one thing I have learned is, if you are not patient you soon become one. Impatience arises when we do not believe God or choose not to to believe his servants who are gifts to us. You have certainly exhibited that. It is a must to wait a period of time between "planting" and "harvesting." Someone has said, "Patience is the battery that runs the clock of faith."
I am looking forward to helping finance the Kingdom of God!!!

- Rev. Nick F

Mike, I do understand what you are going through. Twice in my life, I have lost everything of materialistic value trying to honor a commitment that I had made with the idea that God would bless me for doing the right thing.

I rebuilt my fortune three times although modestly this last time. God did bless me but not in the way I imagined. Although I lost money and things I kept the love of those I cared about. I also had the knowledge and wisdom to rebuild the finances. I, like you, and many others thought the Mike G Deal was the answer to our prayers and maybe it will be in one way or another.

You and I are both nearing the end of our journey. The only baggage we are allowed to take with us to heaven are our life's work and our legacy. God sees the good that we did and the true motives behind our works. The money we made is only judged by what we did with it. Charity, love, service, sacrifice for others, empathy and self discipline are examples of the currency of heaven.

What we leave our family is how we lived and loved. They may not inherit wealth but they will inherit integrity and love. Your opportunity here will be a legacy far greater than money. Money obtained without effort generally only corrupts. You can leave a legacy of character which these days is rare and of great value both to generations to come and in heaven.

- Dr. M

Hi Mike,

Your training on becoming an excellent copywriter was very helpful and inspiring. Years of knowledge was passed on to us last night. Can't wait for the recording.

Thank you.

- Nate

I have benefited greatly from your presentation tonight regarding copywriting. I love your style, you are a winner all the way, I GUARANTEE IT!

Love you brother.

Kindest Regards Always,

- Craig E. Anderson

I was listening to a lot of motivational and inspirational things on Youtube, when I was invited to Mike G Self Confidence training and was immediately hooked. Mike G speaks from experience and from years of trials and tribulations. I thought it was impossible to give something for free without expecting anything in return, but to have someone be successful was just crazy as this is what he did and does. Once you emulate this the freedom that you feel and the control of life that you gain is beyond anything I can compare.

Thanks for being you and for sharing with us.

- David Zuniga

I appreciate your honesty in all things that you do and bring to us. Fast Cash is just the latest example. You are so honest and open about all you do. I would follow you anywhere. You are a breath of fresh air in a very polluted industry.

...I want to just thank you for looking out for all of us and not feeding us to the wolves.

Thanks again. It is so great to be associated with you!

- Brian Brock

Mike G........

My spirit rejoices each time I read your updates. Not particularly because it looks better more and more because I know everything is going to be alright; I strongly believe without a shadow of doubt that we are almost at the finish line. I am on a wonderful journey and look forward to seeing you in Vegas.

I want to say this - if integrity could be bottled and sold, you would be far wealthier than you are right now. You have crossed all boundaries - class (lower, middle, upper), ethnicity, race, religion, culture, rank, status, or position. You reached out to anyone and everyone.....thank you.

The "heart" of what you say and more importantly "how" you say it is a warm embrace. God's words say, I would not have you ignorant. You are introducing us to a world that many of us can only imagine; you are planning to educate us on what to do with our new found wealth so we would not be ignorant. I cannot thank you enough. I pray your philanthropic efforts will reach far and wide, successfully of course, as your generous heart is unto us; count me in.

You gave God your receptive heart to be used as a willing vessel unto Him. In all you do for us - your neighbors, when "I" see the contents of your heart, I see the spirit of Christ working in and through you. Mike G, you are a sterling example of Christ's love for all mankind. I pray all that you do is returned unto you above and beyond measures and in overflow. To God be the Glory!!!

Be not weary in well-doing. Try not to let the naysayers get to you. You have a beautiful heart - protect it from junk. God's blessings and anointing are upon you. He will never leave you?

Thank you for your service - Happy Veterans Day!!!!

Dr. Sandra H

- Dr. Sandra H

Dear Mr. Mike G,

My name is Lorie Grimble and I am one of the partners in this incredible opportunity that you have given all of us. If I could have afforded to pledge every single time the opportunity presented itself trust me I would have...

I just wanted to personally thank you for what you are doing. I am a single mother of a eight year old daughter in the middle of a divorce. I had no idea how I was going to ensure my daughter with the things she was use to having in the marriage, all I knew was I had to get out for her sake and mine.

Thanks to God almighty for speaking to your heart to help so many people generate a life of financial freedom. My daughter and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I pray that everything that you even think about doing prosperous in the mighty name of Jesus!!!!

Again we thank you!

- Lorie Grimble

Dear Mike G.

This is a note to show my gratitude!

I being in many networks program in the past but never made any money, lost some.

But the greatest thing is that a friend that invite me in the past, with networking's invite me to this one, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I am so grateful, I am 73 and worked all my life, and still working as a shopper in a main chain store for 30 hours at week, doing lots of walking in the store, that is good for me.

I raised 4 great children with 7 grands, I am ready to retire and spending time walking on the beach and helping others.

I am so ready for prosperity and open to help my children and families and will like to help homeless people bringing some positive in people life that got misfortune.

Thank you for opening this opportunity to people like me!

- Barbara M.

I just sent Mike G a message saying I would like to donate, I'm not going to say how much that's between me and him. Anyway I just wanted to donate and not receive a payback on that donation, cause Mike has already given me back an absurd amount of money. He told me that's ok, I don't have donate cause he'd rather pay me back on the money. That right there lets me know and it should let all of us know this is not a scam or he's just out to collect money. He could've easily excepted that donation but he didn't. He has proven to be honest, forthright, and honorable through out this whole process. So if anyone still have doubts about this or they're still on the fence I suggest you make you mind up ASAP...

- John T

Dear Mike,

I remember a saying, a quote from my teacher: "The force that guides the stars guides you too." It is my daily remembrance that I am in the Cosmic dance and I trust that this dance will end with many smiling faces.

I joined this community of future philanthropists in the beginning of December 2020. I read all the updates and I saw in the midst of so much work, health issues you never complained, you persevered in your efforts and you kept your words and your integrity stayed intact.

I run a nonprofit spiritual and educational organization and had so many ups and downs, not to mention when my original organization was stolen and I found myself ripped off my legacy and what I have put to be my life work. I started from scratch. I worked and you came with your offer at the right time and that force that guides the stars guided me in the right direction. I am excited and trusting the Universe to unfold when the time is ripe.

You sacrificed so much for this work and I know that the service and sacrifice are the ingredients to create the work that will help many and change the face of this planet.

I wish you best of the best and I am grateful to renew my trust in the businesses that have higher ideals and can make a difference in the world.

It would be wonderful to connect with like minded people and find those who have similar intentions on how to contribute with the wealth they receive. I am so excited about what I could do to manifest my dreams like: climate change, eliminate poverty and homelessness, health research, science research, Space research and make the moon reachable within five years for many to travel, Spiritual elevation and create unifying force on the planet-unity and diversity and more...

I want to thank you thousands of times and wish you great health and a happy family.

Many blessings,

- Ananda Deviika' Ma' (Planinka Velashevich) / Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Author, Speaker, Dream Coach, Trainer.

Greetings Mike G!

I just had to let you know... that the Letter from Courtney made me so emotional... it took me some time to finish reading it. I am still tearful!

In this one PERFECT LETTER... she summed up everyone at some point and time. All of my life I have been working towards a greater good in my life. Unlike Courtney.., I'm 58 years old. A widow. 7 adult children all in their 30s. 15 grandchildren.

When this opportunity came along... I instantly knew "This Was It!" As I happily shared with friends and family members... I was heartbroken at how so many placed their worth on what I might or might not have accomplished over the years. Although I have been in countless MLMs and owned several businesses... I never quite made a real success in any of it. Until “The Mike G Deal!”

I will not be moved. I am here with you and everyone who is committed until we reach our goal and way beyond that! The Best Is Yet To Come! You are the Best Mike G. You are appreciated beyond any words I could speak.

I pray for you and your family daily. I can truly see us all singing praises and meeting up in Vegas!! Woohoo!!!

Blessings Always!

- Lisa Woods / CEO / Founder, IAmLisaW Foundation

Dear Mike G.

I am in great gratitude this morning as I awakened to a new day! My heart is filled with joy and the first thing on my mind is that I wanted to write you a poem to show my appreciation for all that you have sacrificed for not only me, but for everyone who will have a better life because of you! And here goes:


Yes, good morning Mike G. I wanted you to see how grateful we are for thee.

Even though we have not met, I feel I know you, and that you are a safe bet.

Yes, it's been a while that our partnership got started,

And I'm thankful you endured it all, with a loving heart that was guarded!

I know it's been tough through all your joy and pain,

But you opened up our lives with control and with restrain.

Yes, God is in you, as you've led us down this path,

And if no one knows this, hey, I say look at the math!

As I sit here and see your vision of what's to come,

It's more than anyone can imagine, and then some.

I know you could have gone some other way,

But I'm on bended knees, thanking GOD as I pray!

I can't thank you enough as you've given us so much,

Yes, GOD has given you a heart with that Midas touch.

I just wanted you to know as I awaken again today,

I'll share with others like you did, in hopes of a BIG repay.

And one more thing before I go,

You've planted so many seeds, and now I promise to sow.

As I go out into the world and do as you have done,

I want you to know you've run the race, and now we all have won!

Thanks to GOD and you Mike G!


- Phyllis Love Segers

I would like to personally thank you for giving us this one time in a lifetime opportunity of experiencing the billionaire/millionaire lifestyle.

I appreciate the daily updates, good and bad. Thank you for your tireless efforts to be honest and candor from your heart. I can't wait to personally meet you, a man of faith who will change people's lives in this world.

I'm looking forward in blessing many families and becoming a legacy for others. There are ones out there that just need some type of financial support to get them to their goals and achievements.Mike G! Again, thank you for this opportunity!!!!! God Bless in your endeavors... I pray for your back surgery goes well and a speedy recovery.

Very soon, I hope to meet you in Vegas. This is a surprise for my wife, Patricia; her 50th birthday party was this past June 21st. This will be a beautiful gift to her.

- STANLEY A. LAY / Captain (Retired), U.S. Army

Hello Mike!

I have told you before that I love to write. I was sitting here thinking about this deal and our futures, in particular what other loan partners are thinking/feeling, especially newer ones. I have "been there" - remember my panicked email to Amy, and the first time we spoke, around my third week in? Anyway, I wanted to organize my thoughts and write you a little something to share with our other loan partners - if you wish to do so. You can tee it up however you want or just share this whole message, but here goes. If I were sitting in a living room with a new loan partner, this is what I would tell them:

I am just a normal gal; I am a 34 year-old mother of two little ones, happily married to my dream guy. My husband and I are business owners/entrepreneurs, and I also love research and writing. We have had wins and losses, and we have gotten up and tried again... and again and again. This deal is "not our first rodeo." I have been a loan partner for some time now and I have ridden the highs and lows. I have felt the joyous anticipation of an imminent close, and the pit-in-my-stomach disappointment when there is an unforeseen delay. Perhaps not everyone has experienced things this way but I - and every loan partner I know (I know people in this deal above and beyond my direct referrals) - have run the emotional gamut.

When I have had concerns, I've reached out to address them. I have approached what were sometimes, certainly not always, difficult conversations with Mike openly and honestly to share how people are feeling and why; where they are at mentally, what questions or doubts they have and how they're interpreting things. After all this time and my experiences with Mike, as well as my own due diligence (which I will elaborate on shortly), I want to take a minute to share some takeaways and lessons with other partners, particularly newer ones. Most importantly, I want to honor Mike. (Hopefully you'll post this, Mike :) I wish I had done this sooner - I have thought about it so many times before, and here we are at the 11th hour - but nevertheless, I feel it needs to be said. Better late than never.

Before I go on, I should note that there is one thing (ok, two) that set me apart and make me maybe not-so-normal...

The first is that I am a vehement skeptic. I have ninja-level skills at poking holes, finding inconsistencies, and otherwise breaking a thing down to its constituent parts to either disprove it... or begin the process of finding corroborating evidence to confirm it.

The second is that my superpower is solving complex problems and performing ultra-deep research on pretty much any subject, person, event, idea...anything. I should have been a detective. When other people give up, I keep going until I find the solution, answer or information I seek. Every problem has a solution, everything is figureoutable. I am extremely good at this. Suffice to say, "I do my research" and this process has been no exception.

My husband knew about this opportunity for over a month before he told me, because he didn't want to deal with my skepticism and hole-poking. Yes, my initial thought when I saw this was absolutely "Wow, uh...yeah right." And yes, I do feel it's important to be discerning, question everything and practice critical thinking...BUT to do so actively, not preemptively disregard something you don't fully understand, under the guise of "critical thinking."

So rather than writing this off at first glance, I leaned into my doubts. I used my questions and discernment to fuel me. I thought "Given its potential, it's worth my time to put my research skills to use and see if this is legit." And that's what I did.

Please know a.) I did not know Mike personally prior to this and b.) The only information I have received about this deal has been in the updates. My opinions and conclusions come from the inordinate amount of time I have personally spent researching and connecting the information provided in the updates - to the best of my ability - with real world people, places and things.

And of course, my opinion of Mike stems from the personal interactions I have had with him as well as observing him throughout countless updates. Here is what experience has taught me:

1.) Mike G is a good person and an honest person. His heart is in the right place, and his mission, which he has shared countless times - single-handedly creating the most millionaires/billionaires in one event and creating the largest philanthropic group in history - is genuine and pure.

2.) This is a real transaction – there is a real tech company with a real real seller being purchased by real buyers financed by real banks... etc etc etc. It's all real. (This feels embarrassingly redundant this late in the game, but I chose to include it because a.) I think a small number of people still doubt its legitimacy and b.) for newer and/or on-the-fence loan partners.)

3.) Don't attach mentally or emotionally to a closing timeline. This has been the hardest thing for me personally - remember that emotional gamut I mentioned? Mike reports the information given to him in real time to the best of his ability and, as you have seen, things can change*. (As an aside - imagine having no control over changes, yet being the person who has to communicate them - and then receiving defamatory messages from the people you're literally working to make wealthy. Could you handle it? I couldn't. It's like screaming at a hostess because you want a Sunday reservation and the restaurant isn't open on Sundays - except way worse. Like...what? Just stop. I digress...)

Setting an expectation that closing will be in any particular week doesn't serve you - trust me, I can attest that it's a useless and aggravating life strategy. Be patient, we are all in this together.

4.) *When things do change, don't take it as a sign that something is wrong. Instead, view it as a neutral event – a necessary stepping stone toward closing. Stepping stones across a pond are neither good nor bad, they're all equally serving the same purpose - to get to the other side. Trust that the capable individuals behind-the-scenes (seller, buyers, lawyers, banks, MIKE, Garry) are all working toward the same goal, as Mike has repeatedly confirmed.

5.) If you feel so inclined, you might consider starting the first draft of a "thank-you" letter to Mike, to deliver after we close. It's truly remarkable what he has done, what he has been through, and what he continues to do – a true linchpin, a fighter and an all-around man of integrity. He is the reason we are all here and as a group, we can and will change the world.

So take all of that for whatever it's worth. "Who am I," right? I am just a loan partner like you, and this is just one person's opinion. But know that my opinions do not come from wishful thinking or blind faith; they come from being deeply researched and informed. I gain/lose nothing from your belief or disbelief in this transaction except that it makes me feel good to tell the truth and to let Mike know - publicly - that I have deep respect and appreciation for him. I know I am not alone in the sentiments I've stated above, but hopefully it helps close the gap for anyone who does remain skeptical.

Mike, sorry this is so long. But I guess it's fair considering your own self-proclaimed "gabbiness" hehe :) Thank you, as always, for all you're doing. I hope you're taking care of yourself and that your appointment yesterday to prep for your back surgery went smoothly. Looking forward to next week's updates! Have a beautiful July 4th holiday!


- Courtney


I enjoy listening to you all the time. I always think "Where has this guy been my whole life?"

Or better "How have I missed him?"

Anyway, thanks again.

- Brian

Aloha Mike,

I'm sorry for sending this now, especially since I know you're busy with a ton of emails and the closing. I debated sending you this email for two reasons. One, I know you're busy and two, I didn't want to offend you.

It would be too easy to say thank you with a huge check in my hand, so I wanted to thank you for giving me (us) the opportunity to participate in this deal with you. This will change my life and generations of my family to come!! I've always wanted to be a philanthropist and now it will be possible.

When I was introduced to this program, I was trying to figure out the angle. But, as my sponsor said, we gamble more than $500 in Vegas in one sitting at the craps table. I said why not (please don't be offended, that's not my intention, you've been putting your blood, sweat, and tears into this). Me and my friends bought in under this theory. (The Vegas trip basically sold us,lol) As time went on, I realized this is the real deal!! I realized you could have kept the money yourself, but in sharing, you are going to have an army of philanthropists that will follow you into any war!!

This long email was basically to give you a HUGE MAHALO (thank you). I sooo look forward to meeting you and hearing your full story. Thank you for changing my and everyone's life (I can't say it enough).


- KC

Hello Mike G...I hope this email finds you healthy...and at peace...knowing that all that you have done to create such an incredible miracle for so many is about to manifest.

I want to respect your I know you are focused...and getting ready for this extraordinary closing.

I am in your FB page...but I'm not sure if you look in FB messenger that much...but if you could...I wanted you to my amazing team...and I speak positive faith filled words over you...the Mike G. deal daily.

I put a few screen shots in there...and a couple of voice clips from me...sharing why I sent them to you...I really just wanted you to see that you have some incredible people who love...and support you even more than maybe you realized.

I could say so much...but your time is needed to focus...I hope you get a moment to go are awesome my friend...and we are behind you...and you are consistently in our thoughts...our words...and our prayers...

Thank you for "being the someone" with such an extraordinary spectacular generosity...and dedication to change lives.

- Candy

Mike G.

Hey Mike just wanna help you out if I can. Us being the way we are, we want everything like yesterday, I get it. But what we are forgetting is you've been doing this for 4yrs! Myself I got in this about 5 mnths ago. I'm just going for the jugular here! If I can give some insight here. The dreaded "scam" word. I only put in $500 for awhile to see if someone would reach out to me and notice I only put in $500, and why not put in more, for money to me? But that never happ.

I even emailed Amy asking her should I put in more money? And her reply to me back was I can't tell you what to put in that is up to you and your own personal finances. Right then I knew this was No scam! So please everyone let's give Mike the benefit of the doubt here. I get the NDA he can't divulge certain things to us. We are riding a wave controlled by 4 billionaires and foreign countries. The logistics must be off the Fu@%ing hook! Ha. Let's just be a little patient a little longer. The pressure on Mike must be incredible to bring in everyday people who are Not millionaires and have no idea how this world works. Now we're here tho!

I apologize for the major Assss kissing this looks like. But on the flipside we wouldn't be here either. I'll finish with this, if we are being scammed, then no one would read this and his sites would be loooong gone right now....Thank you!! Keep the Faith Everyone!

- P Britz

Hello Mike G.

This is Edward Pugh Jr here (Ed for short)

I have been with the "Mike G deal" from bundle #1 with the Millionaires Club all the way through bundle #9 with FFG. I have even participated directly with the "Mike G deal" through Amy Sue on several occasions.

Being honest, when I first heard about this deal where a couple hundred dollars could give such a large payback, I was the first to say SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. However, when I heard it called the "Mike G deal", I froze in my tracks. You see, to give you a little background, I had heard of you and dealt with you back in 2010 (during the 10 million contact banner ads, PROFITmatic, BANNERGoMLM, ect.). So I had an opportunity to catch a Sat call and heard your voice. I knew then it was the REAL DEAL. I immediately told the one that mentioned it to me that:

"Even though I am having a hard time believing the payback, I believe in Mike G. From my own personal experience, His reputation is remarkable. If he say's he's backing it, I'm in, and if you had any common sense, you would be getting in too.".

I must say, I have been on edge some times and just thankful and grateful other times throughout this journey. I am so thankful and grateful to you for the awesome opportunity that you are allowing us all to all in.

I personally have contributed 14 times and 12 of those time, I brought a different partner in with me. Each one of the partners/sub-partners I brought in are loving, caring people. I know you can count on them supporting you in any capacity they can, mainly because it is you that will place us in the position to be a blessing to so many others..

Behind the partners and sub-partners I personally have, there are roughly 500+ people we plan to bless in the capacity that they to will become supporters of you and some of your ideas, goals, and dreams.

I am sure you realize the positive impact you will have on so many lives. And that's nothing short of Godly. Rest assured, once this deal is closed, my small army and I plan to scower the Internet and Social media sites to set the record straight about the Goodness, Grace, and Mercy shown by you in you heart warming act of kindness to allow use to share in the blessing that will change many lives today and, in some cases, for future generations to come.

I really just wanted to drop you this email because I know you are probably tied up on the phone all day.

So, from the majority to you, I send a word of Praise, Gratitude, and Thankfulness for all your unselfish acts of kindness and love for mankind.

- Edward Pugh, Jr.

Heartfelt Father's Day greetings are coming your way from across the states. You are the role model, the provider, and the protector still "Fathers" often do not get recognition that is rightfully deserved. You are the pillar of strength, support, and discipline. Your job as a Father is often "endless" and "thankless" but today, I give honor to you for your Father's Day celebration.

I pray your sons look up to you in admiration and am positively influenced. I pray your daughter's see you as being "daddy's little girl" regardless of how old they are - they are the apples of your eyes. I hope all your love that you hold within for your children will continue to radiate and shine so bright because they "see" "you." You are cherished and if you do not get Father's Day greetings from anyone else - encourage yourself and celebrate "you" even if you have to celebrate "you" .........."alone." You are worth the celebration!!!! Enjoy!!!

Happy Father's Day!!!!

- Sandra


I know you don't appreciate emails as they take up your time but just felt the need to share this with you. If there is only one positive thing that comes out of my involvement with your deal it's that I've met so many good people on this journey. Not sure you realize this but there are so many people in your group that are needy and hurting both physically, financially and emotionally. Still not sure if this deal will ever come to fruition but it's for these people that I pray for and hopeful that this deal actually happens. You are in a position to help so many in a positive way and hopefully one day I will be able to do the same. Blessed to be on this journey with you.

- Mike Haas

Mike G.

I wanted to reach out and express my thanks for inviting many loan partners to an opportunity that will not only change our lives but also assist us changing the lives of many others in our sphere of influence.

I appreciate your no nonsense updates; sharing when things don't go as planned (positive COVID test by the seller) and when things are going well.

I have to imagine you have many things you would love to share with your LPs - But due to your NDA, you simply cannot and that must frustrate you ...

We are all with you 100% and look forward to meeting you in Person and in Vegas in the near future.


- Luke G.

Mike G.,

"We as a group of like minded and generous people, coming together for a common goal, can and will change the world forever in ways we cannot even imagine today."

This brought my wife to happy tears. We are praying for positive effects for generations from your benevolence. Thank you for your heart, sir.

God bless you,

- Michael Kasiak

I hope you are having a great weekend and you are able to get some rest. Just a couple of words to thank you for all the effort and dedication to our deal. This will allow us to help some people in need and you and us will leave an amazing legacy for generations to come.

- Pablo A. Garcia

Hi Mr. Glaspie,

Thank you for reading my emails and everything that I said truly comes from my heart.

The next few weeks and years are potentially going to change all of us forever for the better, due to your kind generosity.

I really want to continue to live and work under the radar and still help people, anonymously.

I still get great satisfaction being a periodontist, treating my patients and returning them back to the health they wish. As in all professional organizations news/gossip spreads like wildfire, usually out of control.

I have seen very dedicated dentists having to retire prematurely once it is known that they are financially significantly better off than before. Not to mention very successful business leaders trying to avoiding events like the tragic story of what happened to John Paul Getty’s kidnapped grandson.

Take Care and Be Well,

- Dr. John, DDS

Hey Mike,

Thanks again for allowing Christine (who is an Evangelist), William who is always helping people around him and one of my Best Friends, and me to participate in your Loan Program again at this eleventh hour Brother!

I can assure you that God's Kingdom will be Blessed and many Souls will be Saved and Ministries will be helped to literally reach Millions with the Gospel of Jesus Christ with
this Blessing of God through you and Garry!

All Praise and Glory to Jesus Christ for His Love Mercy Grace and Favor Mike!

I call you and your Family Blessed to be a Blessing my Brother!

Love Your Generous Spirit!

- Charles Yelton

Dear Mike

I know you are dreadfully busy and even reading an email like this could be a demand on your time. It remains a wonder for me as to how you have been absorbing this gigantic pressure of expectations from ordinary folks like us dreaming of embarking upon the most glorious stages of their lives in terms of financial empowerment and a grand opportunity to justify their existence.

For a small man like me, however hard I might try, I cannot stave off a wave of euphoria laced with an element of excited disbelief that has me in grip. Why I write this now, at the risk of taking your precious time, is to tell you how your heart-to-heart, no-truths-withheld, free and frank updates have been brightening up my days and nights.

There was a time, just a couple of months back, when I held every online promise to be some scammer's artistry. Allow me, Mike, to tell you that it was the same when my referrer told me about your grand plan. But then when I started reading your updates, and the mind and soul of the man behind them slowly started surfacing through them that I could see a change coming over my mindset.

I apologize, Mike for my initial skepticism. I have consistently lost in program after program losing all my hard-earned money, and I needed a Mike Glaspie to tune it back to positivity.

Thanks are no way to express my feelings. It's pure gratitude.

May God bless you, and I sincerely hope the little physical discomfort you were complaining has since been relieved after the hospital stay. Be safe.

With warm regards, friend.

- Gautam

Good Afternoon, Mike,

I simply want to thank you for being transparent, for having a vision much larger than most people think is possible and for including so many of us on this amazing ride of a lifetime! I appreciate your timely updates, your diligence, your service. I look forward to meeting you in Las Vegas. And, once again,

P. S. "If someone offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes, then learn how to do it later!" - Sir Richard Branson

Thank you,

- John Youmans


I wanted to write you a quick note detailing the level of profound appreciation for your efforts and ideology. The amount of struggle and perseverance you have gone through is truly amazing. Courteny and I have been in awe of all the moving parts you have delt with getting this far. So much so that, she has reached out to you several times to try to assist an any way you see fit to help lighten the load.

We are also thankful to you for your ideology. You chose to raise capital by allowing many loan partners to participate. You did this knowing it would cause many conflicts along the way. That took a lot of courage. I am certain that everyone (no matter how small the loan parntner) has been frustrated a time or two since the beginning.

In conclusion, your kind heart and philanthropic mind will allow our family to benefit in ways we never dreamed possible. For that I say thank you. I pray for your health to improve and our futures to be filled with abundance.


- Jeremy Larsen

Hi Mike,

A word of thanks from me in Singapore.

The naysayers could have berated you. They could have tweeted with malice and callousness, inevitably besmirching you and your leadership.

On social media, the slugfests could multiply. They could have passed judgement on governance of your programs, which is challenging.

I would say this to doomsayers, if you can't help, at least don't harm, desecrate, malign.

What Garry and you are doing, is no mean feat, given the magnitude of the program. Both of you have spared no effort in battling a behemoth partnership. Negativity at this historical juncture is unconscionable. I have the highest respect for the leaders like Garry and you who are entrusted with the running of this vast and diverse program.

PS: Looking forward to meeting you one day.


- Kumaran

Mike I like you have horrible back pain. I am praying for you and your time in the hospital.

God Bless you and try not to stress about mean emails. Just send those folks love and light. Thank you for everything you do.

- Janine and Eddie Guerrero

Dear Mike,

I have held back tears myself thinking often "Why am I a part of this privilege? What did I do to deserve this opportunity?" I've done nothing to deserve this except get connected to you through a person that really cares about me.

You don't know me and I don't know you. But a person's true character is always revealed when they do what they do when no one is watching. Your character is your legacy which manifests itself in deed, both to friend and foe. And what an amazing legacy you have built.

So here is to Las Vegas where we will finally meet.

Take good care Mike!!

- David Matthews

Whatever transpires, I'm thankful that our paths have crossed. Stay strong, Stay Blessed. Always in my prayers as the future looks bright as we make the rest of our lives the best of our lives.

- Mike H.

Hi Magic Mike!!

You have been Second to none Hall of Fame Quarterback in support of this initiative that I have ever had the privilege to be apart of and truly grateful for your tenacity and non-stop efforts getting this done !

Thank you Mike from the bottom of my Heart ....

- Ray Swanson / New York

Hello Mike G...

You are team...and I love you...and pray for you...we are excited to meet you...thank you for being awesome!

- Candy Shoultz

Thank you so much again Mike for giving my family, my friends and I this huge opportunity and for your huge heart and generosity.

This will change the lives of a lot of people around the world and will make a huge difference with projects that can heal the world.

Hugs and kisses

- Anna-Karina Bissoon

Hello Mike G,

I am a woman of few words and I have always preferred to work behind-the-scenes; however, I feel compelled to let you know how appreciative I am of this opportunity.

Not only am I appreciative, but my entire family is appreciative. I admire your integrity, humility, transparency, and passion you give to ALL of us each and every day!

Please disregard the naysayers and know WE outnumber them by far! Honest Fact: Even if the deal was null and void today...I would still be thankful because more than anything... these past 7 months have given me HOPE! HOPE that we will have the resources to make this world better!

That feeling is priceless and I thank YOU for giving me HOPE and I thank God for giving us YOU!

Have a spectacular day!

- Stephanie Love

Mike G..

Just a short note to express my sincere appreciation for the unprecedented opportunity you allowed others and me to participate in..

I have awaited a opportunity of this magnitude to come my way for 15 years; because of you it has finally happened.

I am proud to be associated with you as you have been proven to be a man of great intellect honesty and integrity.

You have impacted many lives for the better.

All my Best.

- Mark

This is a THANK YOU chain letter!

We just want to share with you, Mr. Glaspie, Garry, Amy, and ALL the people helping in the background, our deep appreciation for what you are doing for so many people around the world.


From the bottom of our hearts... THANK YOU!!

Blessings to you all....

- Elaine Cyr

Dear Mike,

I am so awesomely proud and humbled to be part of this initiative that you have put mind, heart, body, soul and ever waking minute of your life into.

I've already started the preliminary work with six charities and it is very exciting to be part of helping them. It is a real gift to feel uplifted in being part of uplifting someone else. You live by the mantra "Never, ever give up." You speak and live truth which is very hard to come by these days. A real treasure and inspiration to all.


- Bonnie Landino and Team

Hi Mike,

Even though I am the voice of a small fish in a Big Pond, because of Your Faith, Tenacity, and most of all your Big Heart, You will be the reason that myself and thousands of other's will have a literal once in a Lifetime chance of changing the lives not just ourselves, but Millions of people that have all but given up on life.

My Friends have nicknamed me "The Female Version of JOB" from the Bible.. This blessing gives me a new Hope for my life which had all but been snuffed out. I will now be able to help others and make a difference!! I'll leave it at that because this letter is about you.

This Blessing hasn't happened yet, and because of that, I feel it important for you to know that even if it didn't or doesn't happen, I know with my Entire Being, it wouldn't be because of anything you did or didn't do.

In the beginning I admit, I was skeptical. Over time I realized that someone with Bad intentions, doesn't leave himself so wide open + share so much about himself the way you have. You Could have made things so much easier on yourself and kept this group very small, yet you didn't. You have chosen to Tediously update us Every day, and give us ALL the information you have. You have been honest and shared things that you didn't need to let us in on, which prompted some pretty ungrateful people to take it out on you when things weren't going our way.

By allowing us All to be part of this Blessing, you in turn have taken a Boulder off of our Backs and put it on your Own on many different Levels. Speaking of which, I know that you have chronic back pain and have needed an operation for a while, which because of this deal you have put off taking care of it . Having a long, close + personal history with Chronic pain, I know that Stress only exacerbates that Pain.

I Sincerely hope that when this Blessing does happen, that everyone remembers it is just that -- AN INCREDIBLE BLESSING!! One that 99.9% of the World has not been so Blessed to be a part of and that we have a Moral responsibility to pay it forward. "AS MUCH AS GOD HAS CHOSEN US TO RECEIVE, GOD HAS CHOSEN US TO GIVE ", and MIKE, I PERSONALLY CAN'T WAIT TO LEAD BY YOUR EXAMPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you So Much!!


- Kristin Birchfield

Mike I just want to add my name to the list of people who are very grateful to you for for your focus and persistence.

Keep the blinders on as you race to the finish line and ignore the trolls who know how to do nothing but stand on the sidelines and spew bile. Unfortunately, since the beginning of time there has been darkness in this world. We, as a group, will continue to create light in the darkness with our "giving back" from this tremendous blessing you are helping to extend to so many of us. Thank you again and God bless you!

- Doug


Please don't give the naysayers any air. I know it's hard to ignore them but they're not deserving of your time.

Thanks for everything that you do and because of you I am reaching my goal faster than anticipated. My only regret is I am a very late partner. I truly wish I’d known about this sooner.

But God is good. Thanks again for all you’ve done and are doing. You will change many, many lives for the better.

And; again, heartfelt thank you to your family.

- Betsy

Thank you sir! I subscribed to your Facebook group and now I am starting to study your videos. It does not make sense trying to reinvent the wheel, so I have adapted you as my mentor or financial "sensei".

Your willingness to share your knowledge is a beautiful thing.

There are many wealthy people who are self centered, but you are an incredible example of a good human being.

Thanks again

- Mark Raynor

Mike, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing us little guys to take this amazing journey with you.

Your honesty and forthrightness is above reproach. Your kindness is without limits.

You did not have to include us in this deal but you did, and we're grateful. You've unjustly been verbally attacked and yet you still get up everyday and fight for this deal, run your other businesses, and give us timely updates. With this deal tons of people will be helped, including my son who has Autism. The school he attends will get much needed supplies and a make over. I will be one of the first ones in line to shake your hand sir. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, you're truly a good and decent man.

- John T.

Mike, just a quick note to say what you are doing is the nicest thing you could do for people.

I owned a real estate co. Remax Suburban (with a partner). We went from zero agents to 268 agents. Then the depression hit in 2008 and we fell to 170 agents and sold out at 200 agents. We made are decisions on running the company as what was best for the company and sat some key people down and explained why we did something.

The point I am trying to make we could of offered to pay everybody not 100% commission but 110% commission and we would have had some nay sayers why not 115%. So in dealing with people as you know you will never, no matter what you do have everybody happy.

What you are trying to do is about as nice of a thing anybody could do for people. So push the negative people out of your mind and just focus on all the good you are trying to do for people. Most people appreciate it.

Kindest Regards,

- Jim

Mike "please" excuse and forgive me for writing you. But to your credit if this "save the deal scenario" is a dream PLEASE! PLEASE! DON'T wake me up because All I can do is twist and turn in my sleep when I do get to sleep over this deal.

May God bless YOU and your family and your grand kids in "great health" and longevity of life for you thinking about us little guys.

PS see you in Vegas

- Jimmy McKoy


I don’t know what you pay your employees, but it “ain’t” enough. Every time I have asked Amy for assistance she answers me very quickly. I appreciate that so much. I know she is very busy during these final days and will get busier the nearer closing gets here. Give her a big hug from someone who is extremely thankful for the job she is doing.

Extremely thankful and appreciative.

- Raymond Farmet

Mike I can't wait to learn from you brother. YOU ARE SOOOO AWESOME!!!!!! The things you are doing and things you are going to be teaching us all will change our lives forever. I'm eternally grateful to you my friend.

Vegas and Beyond, I can't wait for all of this to start.

Forever Gratreful,

I'm glad I said yes to Mike G

- Jiscard

"Refusing to accept additional pledges, I'm sorry to say but also happy to say, solidifies my claim that I have never been out to con or scam anyone. A scammer would just keep collecting and collecting and collecting."

Hey Mike,

Really loved those words from today's update. Couldn't just prevent myself from reading it over and over and ruminating on the truth of it.

How badly have I suffered from promises that were never kept and lingering expectations that always went with the scam artists collecting more and "more and more money" until the 404 curtain dropped one day and the promissors vanished with their promises and of course, my hard-earned money and all hopes.

Thank you again, Mike.

God bless you.


- Gautam

Mike, I wanted to share this with you.

I woke up at three o'clock this morning as I often do. For some reason, it is when my mind is clear and I like to think and write. My thoughts were on you. I pictured you as the stereotypical father taking his family on a trip. For hours you have been driving while patiently trying to answer the constant barrage of questions from the back seat. "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

Even though you are almost out of gas, you can finally say just a little further and we will be there...

If we look closely the bright lights of Las Vegas are just over then next ridge. I can see the glow!

Nice job of driving us safely. Thank you, this is going to be a most excellent vacation.

- Molar M

Hello Mike,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all your hard work on this huge deal. You may or may not know it but you have quite a few people praying for you during this stressful time in your life. Your selfless act of sharing this deal with those of us that would never have this opportunity has not gone unnoticed and we all appreciate your kindness. May God bless you today and in the future.

Isaiah 41:10 fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

God bless,

- Billy Rauhuff

Good morning Micheal

I was given your contact email by an investor to your current sale of a business that I am part of. I just want to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your tireless hours, days and years to making this a success. A person can get so engrossed in your own lives walk that you only care for your own wants and needs and it is so refreshing to see a good person that cares for his fellow man, woman.

We are based in Australia (Western) I am 58 years, opportunities like this comes by once a lifetime and I am eternally grateful to you and your families sacrifices to make our dreams come true.

Kindest regards and richest blessings.

- Andre de Jager

Dear Mike,

If I could I would just jump through the Computer and give you a BIG HUG.

Thank you so much for the good news Mike. I even have some tears in my eyes but this time because of joy.

Sorry for becoming a bit sentimental.

God Bless and please enjoy the long weekend.

- ZMan

Just want to let you know that all you do is appreciated and to let you know that I gave you something much more valuable to me than the funds I sent for loans and that is my trust in your honesty and integrity and that's something I don't give freely.

Stay Blessed.....

- Mike

Though I have no idea of what you're going through with respect to our deal, I do want you to know that I, personally, am behind you 100%.

As for the naysayers and negative nancies, you'll find them in every crowd.My question is; why did they join in the first place? Are you supposed to grab a rabbit out of the hat and magically make them millionaires?

As I stated, I don't know what you're going through with this (probably one of the most complex deals in history) but I do and have known you for a while and have the utmost confidence in you.

So hang in there Mike and I promise there are a lot of us who'll hang with you.

Take care

- Gerald H

Hi Mike G, I just wanted to send you quick note, as one of your more recent small partners...

I am impressed with your dedication with the daily updates and very happy I was given the opportunity to join this group...

Thanks for your persistence and hard work....

- Tim Quinn

Hi Mike,

I hope all is well with you and your family.

You're doing a great job with the updates...

I defend you fiercely and let people know that you have no control over ANY of the delays that occur. And that your job is to find a way through these delays to continue to keep this deal alive, as you have done so over and over.

I think what people need to hear from you is that delays can and will happen. We just have to get through them as a team and keep pushing forward to the final conclusion... A Closed Deal.

I'm confident we will close soon. I am however prepared for the worse and that is no knock on you. I understood 100% what I was getting involved in and I know there is risk. But, I trust that you and your partners are doing everything you can to close this deal so that we can move on to the next phase of this partnership.

I can't wait to meet you in Vegas!

- Gerald Walker Jr.

Hi Mike!

I just wanted to drop you a quick email of thanks!

I know you are very busy right now and I hope this email finds you happy and in good health. I joined your opportunity several months ago and I just wanted to sincerely thank you for allowing me to join your investment group and the opportunity to become financially free.

I have been struggling financially for a very long time and you have given me the hope and will to keep going in a positive direction. I wanted to let you know that no matter how good hearted you are or how much you truly intend on helping people, there will always be a small percentage of negative people that will say nasty things. It is unfortunate but always seems to be the case. I just wanted you to know that even if this deal does not go through, I will hold you in the highest regards and do whatever it takes to clear your name from any online negativity.


- "The best way out

- Michael Smerdel

Mr Mike G, my name is Randy Linhart.

Mike I was raised in a small town in Texas. High School Football the main attraction. It had been 32 years since the badgers had won a District title. And as a freshman in high school my class in 7th and 8th grade had never lost a game. We practiced hard and truly loved each other like brothers. Well, you get in to high school and the chemistry of 32 years of losing was still in the air and our seniors at times when running wind sprints at the end of practice would tell us freshman "hey frosh slow it down you’re making us look bad" as us freshman led the the pack. Of course we never let up. And low and behold 1983 we win that district title and repeat as champions the next.

What was different in us is how I see you. Forget about the haters because they don't have the balls enough to run all wind sprints hard like yourself Mike. You never give up and you do what it takes to do what is expected, WIN!

We may not have put as much money in with this as some but I can tell you that we have love in our hearts for you, joy in our hearts.And if you have that Mike, then you pretty much are damn near perfect. Created all by you. Remember this Mike "the straight paved road, don't always get you further then the winding dirt road." See you in Vegas baby. I'll know how to find you. In the HIGH ROLLER ROOM no doubt about it.

Kindest Regards,

- Randy Linhart & Family

Mike , these past couple of months have been crazy. I've had people I brought in this deal treat me like dirt... but Mike I'm loyal. My good Friend Gerald Walker said your reputation was flawless and above reproach. That's all I needed to hear. Thank you again Mike for this opportunity. Bring us home friend cause I got a lot of I told you so's to dish out????

- John Thompson


I just want to personally thank you and your partners for making a dream come true for me. I have been “chasing rainbows much of adult life. (I’m 78 years old and will have been married to the same woman 52 years come June 7, 2021.

I have lost money in numerous scams over the last 52 years. I was hesitant to tell my wife about your program but she heard me listening to two broadcasts on your website. I had told I had invested money in a program. She said you sounded “evil” when she heard you. She will change her mind when we go to Vegas and meet you.

I have daydreamed about being wealthy all my life and you are going to make it happen.

I didn’t have an indoor bathroom until my Dad and I dug the field lines for the indoor toilet in August of 1961 before I went to college. For 18 years I used an outdoor toilet and bathed in a #3 metal wash tub. We had to heat water on the stove to go in the tub. I thought “I had died and gone to heaven when I went to college and had indoor plumbing all the time.”

I can hardly wait to meet you and your partners. So many owe you so much.

May God richly bless you.

- Raymond Farmer

Here I am a little late, or perhaps it is never too late to express gratitude and appreciation for what you are doing for us all who believe in you and your work and good heart. And like many others already told you, please try not to bother with the negative people as some will never be positive even if you gave them the whole world. Some people seem to exist only to seek for negativeness and when they find none they invent it, so let's look forward and leave the haters behind...

I am writing you from accross the ocean, from a tiny country Slovenia (that gave America the precious first lady heheh), and with the money from your deal I'll be able to help quite some people in this corner of the world, all thanks to you.

So let me thank you also in advance with kindest regards...

- Tanja J

Thank you sir! I subscribed to your Facebook group and now I am starting to study your videos. It does not make sense trying to reinvent the wheel, so I have adopted you as my mentor or financial "sensei."

Your willingness to share your knowledge is a beautiful thing.

There are many wealthy people who are self centered, but you are an in credible example of a good human being.

Thanks again!

- Mark Raynor

Thank you Mike,

For your very inspiring testimony on this evening's call. I really identified with your childhood experiences. That's probably why I was always reluctant to be bold enough to try something new. I was told you are not good enough even in my adult years. This call was one of the best, if not the best call I have listened to. Thank you very much. Personal testimonies are powerful.

- James Irvin

Mike, Todd and I have been involved in digital marketing for at least 10 years and you have been a name that’s always been very well respected!

We couldn’t be more excited that this opportunity arose to be able to work with you in an endeavor!

We look forward to mutual success!

- Gary R Slayter


Need I remind you that you're special in an extremely good way to me and some of the others you've collected into this circle of partners.
Please allow yourself a moment to rejoice in yourself for being the model man you are!

God's Speed my "Friend and Partner"

- Aamir Muhammad

Hello Mike,

Once again, with your awesome teleconference call, you turned my temporary sense of "limiting beliefs" inside out and upside down. Your sense of Grace and Humility...well, only someone who has walked that Path could speak with such eloquence and gravity and authority.

When you spoke of the canned goods in white with the black lettering, I was thinking back to one of our first conversations (via telephone)..back in 2015...when you talked about the local rubbish dump (when you were very young) as your source for toys. Heavy stuff Mike.

**************** The greatest Gift****************

That Gift is you keep pushing me to think/contemplate at a higher level, and you keep poking holes in my Plan/Perspective of Life, such that "re-writes" and "adjustments" are a requirement. As I mentioned in an earlier email, there's always an extra slice of that 'Humble Pie' to consume ... when we get a little too "puffed up with pride".

High regards,

- Bob Latham

Hello Amy, I can imagine right now you are quickly busy with everything going on so I will make this brief. I just wanted to send a heartfelt thank you to you, Mike, and anyone else involved with the deal behind the scenes. I've been in this deal since it was times 6 around January of 2019 I think, and the amount of work you guys have put in is unfathomable to me so a big thank you for what you're doing!

P.S Hopefully this just makes your day a little bit brighter :)

- Kenneth Kuria

Hello Mike,

I am in tears of joy to know a man of God who is the Blessing for Others as you are!

I am also going to see if there is a way that I can help with the per diem a bit so that you will be able to help me after closing.

As I mentioned to Amy, I will go to God in prayer now and thank God for all that you, Garry & Neil have and are doing and for the increase that God will give so that many lives will be blessed for generations to come!

God Bless You!

- Kim Gentry

You're a GREAT MAN, and I'm honored to be in partnership with you! See you in Vegas.

- Aamir Muhammad

Hey Mike!

I'm breaking "email silence" to tell you I don't know anyone who could have kept this deal alive any better than you have. These type deals aren't for the faint of heart, and the ones that drop off just weren't made for it. I'm no seasoned expert in these sorts of transactions, but I know they aren't completed easily or quickly. I have trusted you since I first met you years ago, and that isn't going to change. I want you to know I appreciate everything you have done, and suffered through to keep this deal going, though I only have a small inkling of what that might have been, and I wish I could be more help. I know I'm not alone in this sentiment, so know there are some of us that will support you right to the end, and beyond. I consider it an honor to call you a friend.

Thank you more than you can know,

- Colin

Thank You MikeG,

And as always I really enjoyed the call tonight. There’s always so much to learn from you. You are a blessing to so many which is why you are so blessed my friend. Have a wonderful evening.

Blessings your way!

- Liam Manning


You, by the way, are the most positive and uplifting person in our life.

"Cultivate an optimistic mind, use your imagination. Always consider alternatives and dare to believe that you can make possible what others think is impossible" -Rodolfo Costa.

Thank you for all our opportunities,

- Carl and Janet Troutner

Thank You!

Thanks for the enthusiasm and effort you maintained over these long months waiting for the Coin/Loan Opportunity to conclude.

Thank you for the funding you provided associated with the Loan Opportunity.

Thank you for your generosity to - and for - every one at every level.

I am pleased that I was able to participate at my reduced level because it provided me with funding to cover my last few months as a patient in the hospital and Rehab & Nursing Home.

I know that all of your support - and effort- had a major impact on your health and well being in a negative and profound manner.

I'm truly sorry that I couldn't have done more to help relieve those effects on your livelihood.

Thank You again Mike G. You have been a simply wonderful, supporting, friendly encouragement for me and many, Many others.

I don't know anyone who has ever been so generous and friendly.

Thank You.

- Richard Rossbauer

Dear Mike,

I appreciate your time and love the training calls and the ultimate success CDs are amazing.

Thank you Mike you have helped me be a better me and I send my gratitude and appreciate for allowing me in your life .


- Melissa E Osborn (sis)

My Brother, I know you drive yourself hard. I'm a 66yrs old Navy retiree and you are an incredible inspiration to me, but please don't drive yourself too hard!

Please Take Care, My sincere prayers,

- TonyB

You caught me by surprise, upon reading your to the point email (like my last premium email to you, that you appreciated) I cried my eyes out.

I really am so appreciative of my biz family, lead by our MikeG.

I cannot thank Amy & Fran enough!!!!!

Sincerely, (code word ...Love),

- TonyB

Hello Mike,

Thanks for your information and time that you put in the updates!

Thank You for all the behind the scenes work!

- Nelson B

Hi Mike,

I wanted to give you thanks and tell you I appreciate you for everything you do. And to tell you that tonight's presentation was fantastic, man I love you!

- Alfredo Esteves

What a blessing - to be a conduit for immense blessings to others! That is an amazing legacy that has only been possible because of your giving heart. I'm so grateful to know you.

- Irene Titera

Because of you my life is about to change!

You have inspired me since I too have some back issues that has really brought me down and with your enthusiasm and determination to make a difference I too want to make a difference.

I have been working as a security guard for 12 years and the last 8 years I have been pushing through 12 hour graveyard shifts! I have so much pain that it takes me days to recover but your Tuesday conference calls helps motivate me all over again.

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired and I too talk to God who in turn led me to an opportunity of a lifetime.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Robert Flores

Mike G,

A very happy birthday to you!

You've hustled tirelessly - and I guess no more so than this last 12 months.

You have that infectious energy and with the tenacity that's totally committed to not letting go on the end result - but most of all Mike - you speak the unseen into existence whilst almost disregarding the mountain that may stand in the way.

I know not of ANY other living CEO that so regularly practices - or comes close - to practicing such traits!

Have a blessed birthday Mike!

- Tony Carter

Take his total body weight in pounds, then convert that number to realize his total weight in ounces. Now look at today's closing prices per ounce for each, Platinum, Gold, and Silver, and then add those prices together. Then multiply that number by Mike G's total body weight in ounces. The resulting amount provides just a small percentage of his "value", for just one day, to the lives of the ten's of thousands of people he has put himself on the line to financially help, for over 20 years!

Mike G is a Living Legend in our household!

- Dr. Arline Woodbury

Mike G is a business man with some real good opportunities for anyone!

- Obra L Seiber

I have worked with Mike G for 5 years.

I have always felt in the spirit within me that Mike G is a man of integrity, honesty, reliability, good character, and transparency. He is a man with a true heart to help others have a better financial life.

I have gotten to know Mike G even better within the last year as we have done deals with each other and he has been fair with me in all dealings.

I feel blessed and privileged to work with a successful internet business man such as Mike G.

I have worked in approximately 20 different internet businessmen within the last 5 years and none of which have been reliable like Mike G.

- Gary Wolfe / Visionary Solutions Now, LLC

My name is Melissa Osborn from Marathon Ny and I just want to say that you have helped me be a better me.

I have met such amazing souls, and my biggest thing online is finding what purpose I have. I love sharing the knowledge! Why am I writing you? Because you have not steered me wrong on how this all works, and I did find that I have a positive impact on others. I actually have people doing more, and I support others that are making a difference.

Thank you for your words of wisdom and knowledge.

- Melissa Eloise Osborn

Every once in a while, maybe a couple of times in your lifetime, you may encounter someone who comes into your life and provides you with the opportunity to change your life in a way that you have never imagined. Mike G. is that person for me. He has provided me with the opportunity, and the guidance to alter my life, and my legacy. He sincerely wants me to succeed, he wants every person who joins him to succeed by giving us the roadmap to success. Thank you Mike G. for being such a blessing in my life!

- Chad Wallaker

I have no problem with Mike G's Credibility I don’t have to know him personally, for the years that I have dealt with him he has demonstrated all the Characteristics of an Honest man.

- Oswald Cavalier

This is from the Heart: Over the years I have been satisfied working with you.

- Oswald Cavalier

Dear Mike I want to write you, because you have made a huge difference in my life.

I have met such wonderful people that it would have never happened and I want you to know I am totally invested in myself, because I finally realized that I do have a higher purpose and I went wrong with my emails but I am also letting people know that are getting to know me that I am not perfect and my passion is to travel and I love music.

I got in to way many things and I need proper advice you have been at this for a long time and you pointed out some great things that I am using to get better now. Well I wanted to actually write you cause you are truly a blessing. :) I appreciate what you brought me into I am not a techie and yes I have had people misguide me because I was too trusting. I am not lying to you and I have never really talked to you only a few times and I had a hard time with keeping up at first. I didn't see the total impact plus my mind was not totally in the right spot. Well I won't keep you, but I will get more focused on how to use my app. I guess the bottom line, I let fear control me and now that I am breaking that barrier I am grateful for knowing you.


- Melissa E Osborn

Brother Mike G:

I just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed your inspiring talk to us today about happiness and positiveness.

I am really happy that I can work with a man/business owner such as you that is Honest, Transparent, Positive, a powerful leader and a man with integrity.

I am thankful that I can feel good about sharing your/our ICAN business with all my networking contacts.

Thank you for all you do for us all in ICANetwork.

- Gary Wolfe

Working with Mike G you get cutting edge details with a full load of optimism as to why his ICANetwork programs will and do work. This keeps you wanting to hear and see more of his ideas and programs which are a step ahead of most or all in the industry.

Mike G will work till all program details are worked out to keep them in front and on the cutting edge, leading the internet industry.

- Jerry Van Horssen

In spite of the fact I haven't met Mr. Mike Glaspie in person, I can honestly say he's a very down-to-earth person, (not so much for the money), even though that does say a lot about him, (hard working man).

Plus he goes the extra mile to help those that partner with him.

He's someone that really knows his business, someone you can talk too.

I'm quite sure a lot of people feel the same about him. Thank you very much for sharing this with us, keep up the good work, I truly appreciate working with you.

- Victor Gonzalez

Dear Mike,

Allowing me to defer payment has Changed My Life.

You have given me hope.

You are pulling me out of debt from mostly medical exp (my coverage not good) and allowing me to finally buy a car.

I Am Forever Grateful To You and I thank you for allowing me to be a part of ICANetwork.

May God Bless You,

- Kathy P

I can say if you get involved with Mike G, you will be a Winner!

The Man has Character and Integrity! Wish I had more Funds to Loan! Being a Preacher, the Bible says those that are Last shall be First and those that are First shall be Last; All I can say to others... get in while it is Good Picking and Eating!

- Lee(General)Grant

I just wanted to say thank you for your generosity both in offering us this chance to earn from this coin deal, and in giving us the bonus. Most guys would have just kept the bonus money, and never said anything about it. Says a lot about the character of person you are, and I'm glad to count you as a friend. Knowing you is changing my life for the better, in a big way, and there are not proper words to express the gratitude I feel for that. I plan to be able to tell you this in person one day soon, as I feel it will mean more when I do. Meantime, I hope thank you will do.

Thank you so very much,

- Colin Frush

I'm very grateful to Mike G that he shared the wealth, I wish him the best of the best.

- Victor G.

I am in the present busy creating my own future and as you said to me one time, "Iíve given you a reason to get up in the morning." I hear that in the voices of the partners that I have an opportunity to speak to. You continue to be the catalyst that moves the minds of those who are ready to create a bright and positive future. All doors are open to us and we are moving forward. Thank you for all that you do.

- Carl and Janet Troutner

Great2be a MikeG Partner! Make it a GREAT Day, Mike!

- Bob Latham

I want to thank Mike G for being an outstanding business man that he is. He just did an unsecured loan for a personal business matter of $400 for me. That shows that he has compassion for his business partners when they are in a time of need when no one else is available. Not all the time can someone do that, but Mike G did and he went through a lot of trouble to get that unsecured loan to me. So I want to thank you very much Mike G for helping me when I need help. That's the kind of business person you want on your side. Someone that's going to be there for you in times of need, even if it has to be a personal need.

I most definitely am very appreciative for your help.

Thank you!

- Janel Lane

Hi Mike,

I know that you have helped a lot of people in many different ways. We are one of many but without sounding too old fashioned, I believe in the law of attraction. You, Sir, have brought us to a new level of appreciation. You are part of our family and in our hearts, and we thank you for the opportunity. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.

- Carl and Janet Troutner / Director of Partner Relations

Dear Mike,

I have been ripped off from so many companies online and never regrouped the money I put in.

Being on disability income, you need every penny you can get. I'm trying to find extra income that's legit that I can put my time in to be successful. As you know disability income isn't enough to live along on.

I never ever, of any company products have the founder call personally little people like us. All they're worried about is the money!

While I typing you this email, tears are rolling down my cheek. I want to commend and honor you for a job well done! For taking out the time to show we matter and you want us to be successful.

I pray you and your family prosper each and every day. May god bless you!

Thanks again for your diligence.

- Lorene Spears

Mr. Mike,

Thanks for a great informational and encouraging evening.

YES, Fear is real!

Zig Zigar said, that Fear is; False Evidence Appearing Real

Thanks for your input,

- Nelson Bricker

In any interaction with others, trust is the "glue." And I chose to put mine in his The ICANetwork.

Mike G is a visionary, the perfect Mentor.

He is very innovative and carries projects. To follow him is to bet on the future. His webinars are real sources of useful information. I can not advise you a better Coach than Mike G.

Make a visit and subscribe to his channel "MikeGonYoutube".

Ange M

- Ange M.

Over the last 5 years I've been involved with Vinh Le and Solarium (formerly known as TeamVinh). From this I was introduced to Mike G and his business concerns. Both Vinh and Mike are thoroughly professional and are easily approachable.

- Geoffrey Ian Miller

Dear Michael:

Thanks and congratulations in your method of teaching and encouraging your clients in the various forms, not under compulsion or pressuring our emotions. Rest assured this is Heart Felt.

Recently I have been bombarded by those magical recipes of tomorrow's riches. I had to send my thoughts.


- Oswald Cavalier

When I heard the news that MikeG was writing a new book, I was very excited and interested.

It is my understanding that this book will give us a peek at MikeG on a very personal level. The spirit behind the man, so to speak. I have been with MikeG for almost 2 years and I know others have been with him much longer because I have spoken to hundreds of them.

When Mike says "Thank you for allowing me to help you be a better you, you have also helped me become a better me." He is speaking from his heart. He has created a brand that shouts out loudly, this is what worked for me, allowed me to create a fortune and it will definitely work for you if you simply follow the path and work with the concepts. And I do emphasize work. Please don't misunderstand, work is not hard if you love what you do, have the right mind set and are guided by the right principles.

I believe this book is a continuation of MikeG's principles which blends in with all of MikeG's successful teachings and trainings. Thank you for the opportunity of a life time!

- Carl and Janet Troutner / Director of Partner Relations

I am very positively impressed with Mike G and his products. It is not every day that you find a well seasoned Internet Marketer who has not become jaded or cynical.

I believe Mike G is honest and truly cares about his students. I look forward to many productive years working with Mike G!

- Cynthia Goodman

Love ya Mike,

This is going to be the year of greatness!

- Timothy ODell

Hello Michael:

Let me say thanks for your prompt attention.

Always when I communicate with you I have to make an expression about you. When dealing with Mike Glaspie it's not a surprise it is satisfaction.

I am so pleased with what you have accomplished for me. There is not enough words to express other than (THANK YOU VERY MUCH)

- Oswald Cavalier

I appreciate the "Branding" info and stats as a positive reinforcement of the need to do this. Mike G and his team embody the truth that Dreams and Dedication Create a Powerful Group Result. Looking forward to where we grow to in the future! Seasonal greeting to all. Cheers Jim.

- Jim Noonan

I've been working with Mike G. for about 5 years now and I'm always amazed at what he comes up with next. Each program is interesting, effective and can make the average person money. This is not true of our industry most of the time. We've all wasted money on programs that either don't pan out or are outright scams.

When Mike G. has a program, be it new or established, you can always count on it, to be honest, run with integrity and it will make you money if you just follow his advice.

I've never been steered wrong with a Mike G. program and I look forward to what he and his company have for us going forward. My suggestion is that you start with a Mike G. program and consistently follow his advice. You will be very glad you did.

- Peter Georges

I have been in business with MikeG since the fall of 2013, and I have found him to be very knowledgeable in marketing and creating new products and programs. There is a number of program to choose from or join them all, and Mike will try to help any one that needs, just ask. This is a great opportunity for most any one, take advantage of it.

- Obra L Seiber

Mike G,

You have proven to me once again that you Mike G and the ICANetwork, are not only interested in making money for your internet partners and subscribers but that you are one of the most fair and thoughtful people I haves dealt with in the internet community.

Therefore, I have decided to limit my internet marketing experience's during the future to one or two companies, with emphasis on The ICANetwork.

I would highly recommend that anyone, before they waste their time and money on anything else on the net, forget about it and join up with MikeG.

- Rich Donato

Mike G is always ahead of the competition. He came out with products such as apps and qr code for the small business plus years before these products became well known. Association with Mike G has allowed me to be well informed and be ahead of my competition. Being a part of his programs is still my largest online earnings.

- Andrea Richards

Good Morning MikeG.

I very much enjoyed the Webinar... It was very clear to understand along with the slide presentation.

There are many, many positive things to say about MikeG and the more I work with him the more I learn.

He is a man to be trusted and keeps his word. His is continually trying to help and assist each of us enjoy things we may never thought of until recently. He is always working to improve the ICANetwork, his team and everyone around him.

- Willard Brown / Director TheICANetwork

Hi Mike,

I just wanted you to know that I got the info about my website and everything is good. Thank you very much.

Mike I kinda feel like you might not want to hear this but Nobody has ever done anything for me or my wife to help us get ahead. I think about what you've done for me everyday. Whether you believe that or not doesn't matter, but it's true!

My wife has been telling me daily that I'll make a good salesman and I'll do it. I can't ask for more that. I can only promise you my best.

I've never been in sales until now and maybe I'll surprise myself who knows. So, with a very heartfelt thanks, It's time for me to see what I can do with this and make it happen.

Amy is an awesome assistant. Hoping all is well at your end with you and yours.

Thanks very much for everything you've done for me.


- Richard Price

Mike G, Partner, Hi!!

First, Thanks for your most generous and empathic accommodation. You are a True Good HumanKind-Being (a gem of the Earth) so many more desperately needed by the world today! I am confident that according to the Laws of Karma, you will be abundantly rewarded in the Proper Time of the Universe. But in the meantime, I'm genuinely much appreciative of your Act.

- Michael Nedd / London UK

Hi Mike,

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate all you've done for all of us here and that there are no amount of words that can fully illustrate the multiple layers of gratitude and joy I feel deep down inside as the platform unfolds.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Giesele Bohn

Mike Glaspie is a class act, as a multiple website builder and owner has been around almost as long as the Internet. Started in the mid 1990's with the original site known as (Banners GoMLM)...

And I am proud to be associated with MikeG!

- Vincent DeThomas

Greetings Mike G,

MikeG, I only back winner's... I backed Donald Trump during the primaries and running for presidency. He won. Now, I noticed that you are a great promoter and I see you in the Top Ten. What a great Legacy...

Kind Regards,

- SamP

To my friend and mentor Mr. Mike G. I have been knowing you for over 8 years now, and I must say it has truly been an honor and a great privilege to have been working with you on several projects pertaining to your online and offline businesses. I just wanted to take time to write you a personal thank you!

Thank you for being the man that you are, the teacher, the mentor, the example you set for others to follow and that in how you lead from the front. All done with the utmost integrity. I have been involved In MLM, NWM, for many many years and have been in many different companies. I have been online since dial up days, and in ALL my dealings through the years and decades, I have never worked with anyone that comes close to measuring up to you sir!

Mike you are always helping others in many ways, but mostly how to become successful and you have done it with a servants heart! Thank you Mike G. May God continue to abundantly bless you, your family and your business.

- Tim ODell

Hi Mike,

I've never been so motivated since I've become partners with you, It's been a year or more since I've worked out my inner me to help me become a better person because of you. You inspire me to go for the within and no matter what, if I don't succeed is not because of me. You made me realize that no matter how far I have to travel, there is something inside of me that will shoot for the stars to carry me to where my mentor is! Thank you Mike for all your gifts! It's been a blessing.

- Alfredo E / Founder TheICANetwork

My name is Bob Goodchild, I live in Morganton, NC and met Mike one day when looking for a honest opportunity. I recommend him for 3 reasons and more Michael Glaspie is a leader and honorable man says Bob Goodchild He is a very successful business man and wants to help his friends and partners succeed on line.

Number one he is a christian and so am I. Number 2 he wants his friends and partners to succeed. Number 3 Goes out of his way to not lie to people and to help all of his people. He always is cheerful on line and gives weekly conference calls where you can learn and ask questions. Comes up with new ways to earn more money on line.

Apps Telephone Service, Loan Service you choose what you like when you join as member or like me founder. Forced matrix app service lets you in for low price and great potential. Letting every one afford to join one of many of his money making programs. Lets you have your own email to promote I canget2 program and more. I save over $100.00 a month on his phone service.

Questions email for answers or help but Mike is always there to help thru his great company. PS: One last statement are there bad people out there yes. However Mike is not one he is a honorable man and my friend too!

- Bob Goodchild / Founder TheICANetwork

...I have total faith and confidence in MikeG.

- Sam Patinha / Founder TheICANetwork

I've always said, if you can't describe a person in a few words, you don't know them. I have three words for Mike G that won't leave anything out: Integrity, Generosity and Compassion.

He is an inspiring person to know, because he allows you to be and know and experience yourself. As a result of being authentically himself all that exudes from his "being" and what he does, what he creates, is real.

TheICANetwork is the epitome of Mike G, a catalyst evoking new unimagined realities for others on a daily basis -- well, thats my personal experience. Take it down to one word? Humanitarian. What else can I say?

- Benjamin Hoga

First and foremost let me say I have never met Mr. Glaspie personally, however for the past ten months I have developed a close relationship and have embarked on several business ventures of which I am extremely satisfied. The demonstration of his honesty supersedes all other characteristics such as integrity, loyalty and love for his fellowmen.

- Oswald George Cavalier / Founder TheICANetwork

I searched the internet for about 2 years and found nothing that fits my goals, demands, and criteria until I luckily found Michael Glaspie.

I was a mathematics instructor that created a new way to learn math. My students were very successful. I love helping does MikeG.

Everyone in his organization is excellent. They all work indefatigably at helping people. The best way I can explain this is, think of how your best friend treats you because that's what you get with MikeG and his people. I am logical, analytical, and extremely critical about things on the net. I trust MikeG emphatically and without hesitation.

I intensely believe if you want to be successful in the 21st Century you better 'hitch your wagon' to this organization...there is nothing on or off the internet as good or effective.

- Steven Harper

Thank you Mike I am so impressed with what you do.

- Rosalie Jarotski

I want to extend my sincere appreciation to Mike G... We couldn't have a finer leader at the helm of the company!

Thanks so much!

- Al Shea

Thank you. Teacher, you're awesome!

Fun, funny, so funny.

What you are is what I GET.

My businesses now has a starting point, a wholesome wit, vehicles and a voice of an angel, Proud to call you friend, business partner, Insatiable Mentor Facilitator. Champion.

Much love to your Company and Staff. And much more xXx

- Monalisa Vercoe Cliffe

Hello Michael,

I am so blessed to have become a Partner with Mike G. I have prayed with all my heart to our Lord to find me a Miracle and I believe He Has answered my prayer. I can understand why "calfpath" would be a favorite poem of yours and how you expressed it was beautifully done scratchy voice and all.....a beautiful video.

Thank you for all you do, Partner!

- Dorothea Montante

Hi Mike,

You are the best! I am absolutely in love with ICAN and its subsidiaries. You are absolutely a genius and I am proud to be walking in the midst of giants!

Thank you sooo much!

- Giesele Bohn

Thank you so very much, Mike G. for all the work and the resources you have provided thus far, to help me along on this journey to become financially FREE! Words cannot express my gratitude for this one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime, opportunity which, I believe with my whole heart will not only benefit "me and mine" but many people afar off, far beyond my circle of influence.

Now, I realize it will require a lot of preparation, education, and commitment on my part; but as I am a philanthropist-at-heart who is passionate about being developed into a person; who may not be able to reach the world, but will give it my all to go as far as I possibly can--and, for the first time in my life (of nearly 60 years), I have the right tools, support, connections, and PASSION to make, what was a dream--a REALITY!

Lastly, Mike, my goal is to be the best that I can be as a business partner, so that I may be able to "give back"; not only worldwide, but to you, as well!

With a sincere heart,

- Ted F

Mike G. A man full of dedication and compassion, it is a privilege to work with such a man so understanding and devoted to helping others succeed.

Mike G has shown and proven that not only does he work tirelessly for everyone, when circumstances arrive that we can't control, he is the first one to step up to help. To me this shows the true nature of a man that I am so proud to work with as a founder member of the ICANetwork.

Congratulations Mike G, you're the best. Highly recommend you check out what Mike G can do for you.

- Christopher Lysaght / Founder TheICANetwork

Mike G./Glaspie, how can I ever repay you for being a guiding light in all my years of marketing on-line?

It took a while to get to the point where I am today, but looking back, I can now see what it took to get here. The training you provide and the way in which you walk the talk, is something I highly resonate with.

By building this network, you are truly providing those who have struggled a way to build a business on-line with tangible and progressive products. As they say in this business, its not only having the products, but having the knowledge on "how to use" the products and by actually doing the work, that counts. I can't wait to see how the ICANetwork will change a lot of lives!

Thank you for being a great marketing mentor.

- Giesele Bohn / Founder TheICANetwork


Mike Glaspie (or Mike G) has deliberately built the ICANetwork for each and every representative -

First and foremost - his mandate is for you and I to prosper financially using the immense time freedom leverage that the internet offers - his stellar credentials speak volumes!

Mike sincerely & graciously devotes his time vision and depth of wisdom to mentor, teach & benefit ALL - regardless of designation...

A true gentleman...

Plug in and ride his coattail - he'll not steer you wrong.

- Tony J. Carter / Founder TheICANetwork

Mike G is the perfect person to work with, always committed to do his best and to accomplish his goals.

He is tireless, professional and the best of all his qualities is that we who work with him, feel the love and soul that he invests on every project.

I would highly recommend him, as he naturally rises to the occasion when presented with something he is passionate about.

His latest project to create the world's 1st 100% mobile Search Engine that shares revenues to his affiliates is a VERY ambitious endeavor to say the least, but with his professional team and tech know how, I'm confident that Zabang will soon become a worldwide phenomena.

Mike often says "I speak two languages, English and Geek" :)

I for one am ALL IN, to help Mike realize his lofty goal to eventually take his ICAN companies and Zabang public!

Go get um Mike!

- Don Leopard

Michael Glaspie aka Mike G is my major role model. He works tirelessly as Founder and CEO of ICANetwork but he is still approachable. He is a hands on leader who take the time to introduce himself to each of his new members. He even hosts weekly meetings for the entire organization. I'm a founder of the ICANetwork and working with Mike G has been my biggest online payout!

- Andrea Richards / Founder TheICANetwork

Mike, I am touching base with you to let you know personally where I am at! Let me make one thing clear: You in my opinion are the greatest marketer I have ever seen. I do not say this lightly or in a bloody false attempt to patronize. I simply believe you are what you Are! You have branded yourself to absolute perfection and continue to do so. Mate you may not think I have learned much from you but believe my Friend I have!

- Henry Flachs / Founder TheICANetwork

Mike G,

I think we can really rock it if we put our heads together. We can make average and above average people successful.

I know that's what you want and I do also. Now is the time.

You are my HERO!!!!

- Rob Meyers / Founder TheICANetwork

As a Founder, The ICANetwork is leading the field for me, helping others in an ever changing and growing Internet Market. Mike G gives all he has in support to guide me and others to reach out to businesses of all sizes and types no matter their location.

Mike G will help all become a better person by leading and then encouraging each to follow their dreams to help others.

Thanks Mike G for helping me become who I am and believing all have an equal chance to improve daily.

- Jerry Van Horssen / Founder TheICANetwork

I often think how blessed I am that I have known Mike G online and followed his business pursuits since 1997. I was always fascinated by the man himself and the skill at which he was able to use the incredible World Wide Web for business development. Unfortunately for me, I waited years to make the contact with Mike G, but that contact in 2012 resulted in an invitation to join him as a Founder in his incredible ICANetwork.

I am so happy that I took that step because I have now gotten to know that he is indeed the "genuine article" - a real "people person" who wants everyone to be successful. You might say, "that's nothing great because if you succeed, he succeeds." And that is certainly true, but the difference is this: Mike G has demonstrated many times over that he truly delights in helping those who have a passion for business and need a mentor to advise and encourage them, not with platitudes, but with real support.

Mike G, the man, is truly exceptional, and I will always be thankful that I have become a Founder in his fast-growing ICANetwork.

- Max Jacobs / Founder TheICANetwork and owner of MAXapps International

As president of Kanda Equity Holdings, LLC (an asset management firm) and Founding Partner with The ICANetwork, I find this technology company to be one with the utmost integrity, having been on the Web almost since its inception. Mike G, the founder of this exceptional company gets a 5-Star rating from me and I would trust him blindfolded.

- R. Melvin McKenzie / Founder TheICANetwork

Good morning Mike,

Your words of inspiration rival some of the famous speeches given by notable people such as Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King Jr. Simply AWESOME.

- L. J. Lefave

Comments about our Company and Programs

Partner Mike,

I meant to get this email off to you yesterday, but, as they say, " Life gets in the way...."

So, this is more of 'atta boy' for you. When I got to my emails for today, right up near the top was a note from your accounting department telling me they got my payment and her response was to be my receipt.

Dude, that efficient.

Congrats on having a well run office! Looking forward to doing business with you and hearing from you in the future.

- Richard L. Benson

Hey Mike G, thanks for the audio! Great info!

- Clive Williams

OK Mike, that was an impressive email from your CTO. His finger is on the pulse.

And, he mentioned eventually doing an ICO, that would be the icing on the cake and I would have no problem waiting for that. I am well aware of the speed factor when it comes to the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum along with The Lightning Network. I'm big fan of EOS and delighted he mentioned them. I have EOS tokens that I am holding for the long term.

I'm interested on how this will pan out, Zabang seems to be in capable hands!

- James Griffin

I love The ICANetwork for all it is doing to help us all make better lives for ourselves. If one program doesn't fit you, there are others that will. I am thrilled to tell people about how I am associated with ICANetwork and MikeG and show them why they need to be too! I have always gotten immediate attention from the staff but Amy is the best! She is very knowledgeable and goes the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of. I know my future is bright with ICANetwork and I am grateful for MikeG!

- Joan Nielsen

QR Codes are the best media to put a small picture full of detailed valuable information instead of a page of info on cups, labels and FB etc. sites.

- Jerry Van Horssen

...I am completely WOW'ed by your program! Thank you again...

- Daryl DQ Quintanilla

Comments about our Opportunity

Dear Mike Glaspie,

This is from the heart !

Congratulations for you and your team's hard work and success over the past several years, since I've known you.

You and your professional team have created an absolute - Very Much Needed - and market changing system, for an effective well managed network marketing opportunity for the masses.

The results will literally change lives over time. This is SOOO well thought out and Powerful!

I predict that it will change the way online marketing will be conducted and presented in the future!

The future is very bright for those who also see the vision and become associated.

Entrepreneurs worldwide are already joining this one of a kind company!

No internet marketing needed, no high-tech skills required!

It's very different. In fact, it's quite amazing!


Your dedicated friend and associate,

- Don Leopard / Director, The ICANetwork

Thank you ?? I love this company and love the opportunity ?! I am doing my best to stay in good spirits god bless you all and your family ??

- Melissa E Osborn

Hi Michael G,

I want to say thank you! I got two signups from the co-op so far, and I know I will get more signups from it! The co-op works and ty for helping me look forward to prosperous future and ty for all u have done for me, you're partner Tyler Jost! Make it a great day!

- Tyler Jost

Glad to have had the privilege to be working with Mike G and his opportunities. Top notch programs as well as the training and support. Always honest with integrity. Thank You!

- Domenic V. Scarpa Jr.

The ICANetwork has the best programs to make money on the internet on the market today.

- James Irvin

Thanks so much for taking the time to educate us and present us with first opportunity to jump on the train.

- Shannon Aldana

Thank you Mike for coming up with this awesome opportunity. Couldn't wait to get started!

Lets go!

- Ron Emerson

It's no secret that to be successful in direct/network marketing you have to keep it simple, so that the team you are building feels that they can do it too. Well I want to say that Mike G. is a master of writing sales copy that is effective and gets results! Mike, your email letter on the new signature loan program is brilliant! I am having great success with it simply by sharing the letter and personalizing it as my own. Thank you. I'm looking forward to lots more fun (and money!)

- Wolf Zappe / Founder TheICANetwork

When it comes to corporate web sites, many business owners/managers have a Field of Dreams type belief of...

"If we build it, they will come."

This could NOT be further from the Real Truth!

There is a lot more to it than posting pictures and copy on the web, thinking that millions of unique visitors will just visit your digital corner of cyber space, and result in millions of dollars.

My friend Mike G has been experimenting and developing best practices in the Internet Marketing space since 1997 - much longer than most online self proclaimed marketing geeks.

Mike G is one of the most experienced and successful marketers in the world...

He has taught (and continues to teach) what it takes to attract traffic and make that traffic profitable.

With the time tested and rapidly expanding ICANetwork Group of Companies... the possibilities are endless!

At The ICANetwork...We think We Can ! ??

Tap or click here to See Video Now
FREE Enrollment - MULTIPLE Streams of Income at the Same Time!

- Don Leopard / Founder TheICANetwork

Thank you for inviting me to participate in The ICANetwork, ICanGet2, And InvitationToJoin, as well as I am blessed to have had your help, and as a Founder, look forward to a long and prosperous friendship, and business partnership. I know I couldn't do this alone, and I greatly appreciate all you have done to make this happen.

Thank you so much,

- Colin Frush

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to use my 1000 visitor bonus. It worked very well for me.

- Delores Darden

Mike G's The ICANetwork is just the opportunity that I have always been waiting for.

I started on the internet the same time Mike did. But he's way ahead of the curve. I wish I had teamed up with him back then!

Anyway it's never too late, especially with the web 3.0 wave ahead of us!

- Wolf Zappe / Founder TheICANetwork

Just wanted to say thank you!

I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate all of your help and time regarding my questions. I'm new to this system and want to learn all I can, and I'm very excited about making this opportunity work!

- Justin Howe

Thank you very much for the opportunity. This is a great company to be with.

- Richard Hefter / Founder TheICANetwork

Mike G, all I can say is that Christmas has come early for me this year. I am so glad to have found you and your company. You have called me personally and talked to me about your company, and you let me do my due diligence. What I have found is an amazing product, amazing training, amazing marketing tools, and amazing marketing strategies.

The vision you have is so exciting for me and all my future clients. I look forward to a very long relationship. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

- Doug Johnson / Founder TheICANetwork

Mike G, I had to write you this letter. I am a 55yrs overworked, over-stressed A&P/Avionics Mechanic. I enjoyed working and being around airplanes. However, the work load is overwhelming. That is why I am a aviation contractor so I can work when I want to. Now, thanks to you I finally have a great opportunity where I can help people like me and people worried about their retirement. I love this industry and The ICANetwork!

- Sam Patinha / Founder TheICANetwork

Thank you so much for the golden opportunity, in the form of the ICANetwork, that you have made available to me. I believe that this is going to be a real Game Changer for me, and I am very excited to be a Partner of yours. A Founder Position in addition to this, is almost too much to grasp. If I could, I would be dancing on the ceiling about now! - Once again; Thank you!

- Karen K.Callahan / Founder TheICANetwork

As a Founder in The ICANetwork, I have found this to be the best company on and off line. The comp plan is amazing and I love the opportunity to get out in the community to present the mobile conversion to the local independent business. Mike G really rocks.

- Linda Huggins

The ICANetwork is a company where integrity is at the head of the leadership's extensive list of values. If you're a business owner and you wish to remain in business, the products and services The ICANetwork offers MUST be part of your overall marketing strategy!

- Geoff Young / Founder TheICANetwork

As I hold a "Founder Position" with The ICANetwork, I commend this company for two main reasons:

Firstly, this company is seizing the trend that is sweeping the Internet. Who would have thought that the majority of Internet users are now accessing the internet via "smartphone"; not PC or laptop? The ICANetwork is doing its best to inform and assist people who risk being left behind in this almost silent advance.

Secondly, the training by the CEO, Michael Glaspie, is filled with techniques that could only come from years where he has done the hard yards. Seeing his track record of success online, over the last 15 years, has given me added confidence in my involvement with The ICANetwork.

Michael Glaspie often says, "Why invent mediocrity when you can model success?" I'm taking his advice, and know I'm so blessed to be with The ICANetwork in this specific change of Internet technology!

- Leigh Allison / Founder TheICANetwork

Mike G did it again!!!! An Opportunity that is so Awesome!!!! This is the first time in years... I'm actually calling people to share about a Home Base Business Opportunity. I can see the success unfolding before my eyes. Creating a future that will last beyond anything I ever imagined. Thanks Mike for creating an opportunity that I'm proud to share.

- Glenn Shayne / Founder TheICANetwork

I have to tell you how impressed I am with ICANetwork and how excited I am about the opportunity you have created for us... I have been so disappointed so many times before. I have been dabbling in online marketing for years and this is the most legitimate and powerful business model I have seen, by far.

- Frank Newman / Founder TheICANetwork

Comments about our Products

I just listened to the recording of the Tuesday night call. It appears as though you have made tremendous headway but, of course, you knew all the time where you were headed and how you were going to get there as well.

Congratulations on Steroids, no less, for the accomplishment of the App and all the labor of putting the entire program together. A job well done.

PS: Better get rid of the cowboy boots!

- Flo Moutsatson

Mike G & His Staff Make us the Company We are & It is a Real Pleasure To Be Associated With Him.

One thing that makes you better than your competitors?

1. All of our opportunities & products & services are BUILT By Our Owner/CEO - Mike G & maintained by Our Tech Office in San Francisco, Cal. & Our Top Tech is a PHD. WE OWN 100% OF OUR PRODUCTS & SERVICES & We Have - NO 3rd Parties involved! We Give Our Clients the Best Technology & Service In The World & Stand By It!

2. We have the Technology & Service That no one else has & we treat our clients with LOVE - WE ARE REALY GOOD AT WHAT WE DO - [Technology]

3. NO ONE Does what we do, the way we do it, At The PRICE We do it for YOU. - ALSO NO ONE BEATS Our PRICES!


- Henry Millman / Director TheICANetwork

Thank you SO MUCH, Mike, for sharing this information with me!

I can't tell you how badly many businesses owners I know that can use this FREE REPORT - Immediately!

It will help any business, organization, or group, fast forward to mobile marketing success. (Without the high expense others are charging and without making costly mistakes that can ruin them)

You have hit the nail on the head by recognizing the relentless drive by consumers to replace laptops and desktop computers with smartphones and how it has had yet another effect: Apps are now even replacing web sites!

The Free Report you are offering is a MUST HAVE for anyone wanting to thrive in the present and future Mobile Landscape!

This is the finest work you have offered me to date!

Congratulations on your new Masterpiece!

I highly recommend this to anyone that wants huge success with mobile marketing.

"This Report ROCKS Mike!"

- Don Leopard / Founder TheICANetwork

Mike G., at first when YOU suggested I could purchase and maintain monthly my own smartphone app, I was skeptical about how it would work for my business. Later on as I gave it a shot, I now have three smartphone apps representing my various websites, plus now I have a great few subscribers who were already clients of mine from my previous workshops in my business.

And, if having my own mobile app isn't great enough, I am also earning passive income with having a downline in the process. This is the technology that everybody needs to get on board with. It will change the way you do business forever, just like it did mine.

Thanks Mike and I am glad I listened to you when I did, because now through my own mobile apps, my websites are also receiving more traffic as well. This is a game changer, so I suggest to everybody to get your own mobile app now before it gets too popular and you ended up getting lost in the crowd.

- Bear / Manager of Bear And Rainbow, LLC.

The Silent Salesman is an ingenious tool to assist me in promoting online programs to my friends, relatives, and potentially new clients, without the fear of rejection. Using the Silent Salesman message to promote both the "ICanGet2" and the "Invitation to Join" programs is so easy to do. Plus, the Silent Salesman assures me that the message about these vital programs is presented to whoever I choose. It has become a habit to have both of my Silent Salesman signature files ready to go whenever I am ready to send an email.

- Al Shea / Founder TheICANetwork

I have been using the Silent Salesman Mobile Marketing App. for My Christian Text Club to communicate daily positive messages to my subscribers for almost 3 years.

It's so easy to use, change, and share with others but the best part is the free 2 way push and text messaging feature for unlimited real time global communication.

I could not find another do-it-yourself platform at any price that offers the features and training videos to help me create my own app for business and personal use in about an hour anywhere.

Thank you ICANetwork and ICANGet2. Awesome app!


- Geoff Young

Hi Mike,

Very happy! It is very professionally created, no hype, no BS just facts presented in plain English in an entertaining and inspirational format. Adding credibility to anyone who utilises this powerful communication by showing accountability and accessability.

Totally affordable as one time flat fee for unlimited ability to promote with instructions on how to maximize ROI and raise awareness of this great opportunity to benefit people globally. Everyone helping each other as it should be.

Know video has been reposted, shared, retweeted, and upvoted on other social media belong to and have received positive feedback from all sources.

Even though cant guarantee signups were directly from video have noticed steady increase in signups from time I promoted it as credibility factor increased.


- Jenny Shippen / Founder TheICANetwork

Comments about our excellent Support Staff

And a special thanks to you for all your efforts to organize my accounts in detail... Mike has a habit of hiring good quality people.

- Erik Olson

This e-mail is long overdue.

I want to thank you very much for working with me to resolve that April payment issue. Mike, I am sure, is very proud of the excellent Support Team he has on staff. You were so kind, helpful and accommodating. It is always a pleasure doing business with you. The response time is fast and efficient. It gives one that understanding of at least one reason why Mike is so successful.

Thanks again for your help.

- Vilma Davis

Hi Mike

I have been involved with the ICANetwork before it even launched as was partner in mysiteinc. I became involved with Mike G and our organisation we call it the ICAN family, peoples company because of the core values of morals and integrity.

Very proud to be part of this family where we own our own business but are not on our own in business.

From Mike CEO, Tom President, Amy, Mike's PA and all the wonderful support staff no one is ever left behind.

We have regular training given by Mike himself and then on Saturday open mic calls where it is an informal space to share ideas and resources to benefit everyone.

We believe in spirit of collaboration and cooperation not competetition and confrontation.

When you join our ICAN family you will experience a level of help and support from everyone, trust and credibility respect are not just words but values at the foundation of all we do.

- Jenny Shippen / Proud supporter and Zabang Partner

Mike G has a hard working company and the company support is great. If you are looking for a honest and successful company, Mike's associates are first class.

- Bob Goodchild

Amy did an outstanding job as usual. Thanks Amy for for help.

- Willard Brown

Hi Mike,

I just want you to know what a wonderful worker you have there. She has been able to answer all of my questions. I am technically challenged so that is really very helpful with my sales efforts. Now that she has educated me I believe that I will start making some good sales.

I don't know what you pay her, but she is worth her weight in gold. Give her a raise!

Thanks and GOD bless.

- Arlie Lammers

The NEW ICANetwork is an awesome company. The company allows you to create multiple streams of income. Mike G. is a great business partner. The staff is superb. They all work extremely hard so that we can make money with multiple streams of income. The staff is always very professional, courteous, knowledgeable and always have our best interest in mind. The customer service representatives are very patient with people like me who make several mistakes while I am learning something new. This is a fantastic opportunity with outstanding staff support.

- Scott Bannon / Director TheICANetwork

My email is to commend our staff working in The ICANetwork Customer Support Department, for the way that whichever member my message is handled by is handled promptly and professionally and answers my question to my complete satisfaction. Plus if necessary they also inform me just where else I could contact for a full answer to my question.

- Jim Noonan

Thank you so very much for helping to resolve my issue to my satisfaction & yours... I promise I will give this my best shot... I'm so glad I made the sacrifice to become a FOUNDER...

Thank you again for all you do...

Sent with warm regards

- Linda Michel White / Happy Networker & Senior Blogger

Good Morning Mike,

I appreciate what you said about the customer support staff on the call last night. Thank you very much for what you do to keep things running smoothly as the "chief support leader." Thank you very much for the help and support you have given to me. Please tell the customer staff that I appreciate all that they do to make the ICAN a success. Have a blessed day.

- James Irvin

I just wanted to send this note along to all the good people in Customer Service. They always do their best to get the correct answers to any problems I send in. They are always patient with me when I don't understand something and take the time until I do understand. Thanks so much.

- Ron Emerson

When embarking on a new job or starting a new endeavor, training and support are important factors in achieving success. The ICANetwork provides Opportunity, Products and Services that help local businesses reach their goals. As an ICAnetwork Representative who helps local businesses, I am pleased to be supported with state-of-the-art marketing tools, national advertising, promotional webinars and outstanding weekly training sessions where new products and services are presented and where I am able to discuss and share ideas, experiences and successes with my peers.

Oh and one more thing! We just finished another Saturday open mic session.

I refer to them as our "Hour with Amy", and schedule my life so I don't miss being there each week.

I feel that everyone should know how important it is to have Amy as the Moderator - how much all of us enjoy her pleasant, cooperative and informed guidance, and how much of a long distance Friend she has become.

Amy is really a jewel - we love her.

- Richard Rossbauer / Founder TheICANetwork

I have found the customer support team at the ICANetwork to be a very amazing crew... Working all sorts of hours, and running to keep up with Mike G. and all the programs he comes up with.

- Warwick S. / Director of Training, Lawson Business Training

Comments about our Training


A big “THANK YOU” for having me on your call. It was a pleasure.

I really meant what I said about all YOU said at the beginning, and I'm not talking about the nice things you said about me. Your words to your group were powerful, detailed, most friendly, all of which is the attributes of great leadership. I enjoyed hearing you speak.

Again, thank you.


- Tracy Biller


I loved your presentation tonight...

It was interesting, cool, and exciting!

(and very educational).

Thank you.

- Richard Rossbauer

Good Morning Mike,

I really enjoyed last evening's presentation!

- Richard Rossbauer

As a Founder of the ICANetwork, I have oftentimes been pleased with the considerate and dependable customer service provided. Not only the Tuesday night calls but the quick response from emails and phone calls are services that keep one well informed and questions answered.

It is very satisfying to be a member of an organization that provides many ways to make money now and has exciting plans for the future!

- Alfred Shea

Dear Mike,

All Hell is about to break loose :)

Your heart felt call tonight was your BEST yet!

Love ya,

- Don Leopard / Director, The ICANetwork

Mr. Mike,

Thanks for a great informational and encouraging evening.

YES, Fear is real!

Zig Ziglar said, that Fear is; False Evidence Appearing Real

Thanks for your input,

- Nelson Bricker

Hi Mike, I enjoyed your reading of the national anthem and the story behind it on Tuesday night's call. In my opinion we need more of that and less division. One thing I want to commend you for is charging ahead, conquering the pain and winning for yourself but more importantly, creating a way for others to win. You create a path for others to walk so that they in turn create their own future. May all the goodness in the universe flow into your life, Thanks for the opportunity,

- Carl and Janet Troutner / Director of Partner Relations

Hi Mike,

Listening to your recording and felt compelled to say how much I appreciate these calls, tremendously!

It is through these calls that I glean the most valuable information for understanding the how-to in building an online or offline business through mobile presence. Not only in having a website but a mobile website that fits perfectly on a cell-phone I find is of utmost importance in this day and age of advertisement.

I am fortunate to be handheld so to speak by you and the many others who bring clarification to this industry on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

Thank you again for your brightness, and enlightening all of us in this partnership alongside you.

- Giesele Bohn

Hi Mike,

Great call on Tuesday night! So many things happening!

Thank you!

- Chad Wallaker

Hi Mike,

Just a short note to say THANK YOU!

I respect your time very much and try not to waste it talking to much.

Just want you to know The info you and Tom shared on the webinar last night was so exciting I couldn't sleep thinking about it.

Wanted you to know how much I appreciate you.

Best personal regards.

- Rich Donato / Donato Enterprises

Hey Boss, I thought the call last night was fabulous!! You were on point on every single segment. Your honesty and integrity shined through on this one. It should be obvious to anyone, who listened to this call, the table is set, everything is all laid out. They only need to take action. Your presentation makes it easier for everyone to succeed. As always, Thank you for the opportunity,

- Carl and Janet Troutner / Director of Partner Relations


I have listened, and re-listened to ALL* of the recorded Tuesday ICANetwork training sessions all of the way back to the beginning in 2013 - to find some of your stories, poems, etc., that might be used for short videos to publish on your Youtube channel -

and I must say that the more I listened, the more I recognized that you are a very skillful, and expert speaker/narrater.

Proven more so when listening to you reading your sales letters like "How to Survive - and Thrive - in the Mobile Landscape of Today... and Beyond", etc..

Proven even more so by your lessons this evening on "Enhancing Your Phone Voice".

Great stuff!

* BTW,That's a lot of listening!

- Richard Rossbauer / Director TheICANetwork

From the time I have been a part of this CO. it has been a great learning Time.

- RJ Anderson

Every training session personally held by Michael T Glaspie, better known as Mike G, is going to be rich with information on how to leverage the power of the internet. I have been attending his training sessions for his associates now for 18 months and I have always walked away with something new out of each session.

With just a few weeks left of our current year, Mike G, presented last night what I thought was his best ever training session. In preparation for the new year coming, he shared with us "the ticket to success forever."

In conclusion, I would never trade the value of what Mike G has taught me in regards to the internet for anything. I have a good understanding of what needs to be done when it comes to internet marketing due to Mike G. And, I truly believe the best is yet to come.

- Micky Gramlin

I was on tonight's ICAN tele-seminar ("great stuff!" By the way, I really like your narrative poem about the calf that trod the narrow path through the woods. That later ultimately became a "super-highway!").

Also, "Thank you for making me a Better Me and in turn (and in some little way I trust I help you to become a Better You.")

- Michael Nedd / Founder TheICANetwork

I have done thousands of motivational calls and training calls and probably listened to that many more. I know you don't need to hear it but the call you did last evening was exceptional. It is a honor to work with you, Thank you,

- Carl Troutner

Hi Mike,

Just finished listening to last weeks recording - "Staying Calm Under Pressure"

Very smart!

Going to listen to it again, the value in what you said about staying calm under pressure was a golden reminder to me.

On your recommendation a few months ago I purchased the "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" book, a fantastic read - will also read this again.

Thank-you kindly for your valuable input!

- Tony J. Carter / Founder TheICANetwork

Hi MikeG, I enjoyed your call last night. You were dead spot on about referrals.

I love doing what I am doing. I strongly believe that anyone who gets involved with you and your concepts can have a very bright future.

- Carl Troutner

Thanks Mike! I see a lot of the missing pieces I have been looking for. Stay healthy and take care.

I am gleaning a lot from the calls and your vast experiential knowledge of the inner workings of the internet and how you have made so much of it simple to understand and apply.

Thanks again!

- Arthur Scott Jr


Your presentation tonight was Exciting, Encouraging and Inspirational. You covered so much of importance with such enthusiasm that it gave me goose bumps. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Your Integrety was very evident.

I am really glad that it will be part of tonight's recording.

- Richard Rossbauer

Hi Mike!

Yes, I've been listening to all of the Tuesday recordings, etc...and your company being invited to the worlds largest tech congress in Portugal, that's terrific! I know you have 2 of your best men there now and its exciting for all of us!

I'm beginning to see results of all the years learning this industry and just like you, I absolutely love it!

Thank you for being you and because you are who you are it is a pleasure & privilege to follow in your footsteps!

- Giesele Bohn / Founder TheICANetwork

I would like you to know the training call on Tuesday from Mike G was the best. I was able to follow and comprehend everything he was saying. I was amazed how clear and sensible his message was. Thank you!

- Robert Havill / Founder TheICANetwork

Mike, I have hardly ever missed one of your Opportunity webinars since way back in 2013 - your presentation today is without a doubt, the best yet - the information was precise and complete and your delivery pace was your best ever! I enjoyed it.

AND, I am really excited to be involved with ICANGet2 and the rest of the products and services MikeG and his team have created in the ICANetwork. He has an unending stream of ideas to help us help local businesses succeed in the Mobile environment. I trust MikeG to keep those ideas flowing.

- Richard Rossbauer / Founder TheICANetwork

GREAT training and update call talk tonight Mike...

The true and personal mission statement that I try my utmost best to live my life by...

The heart felt, ultimate, and underlying purpose of my life is to serve, love, share, to enjoy the journey, inspire, teach, and unselfishly serve others!

You're the best!!!

- Don Leopard

You're webinar tonight really WAS the best webinar I've ever been on and I'm very grateful to you!

- Mark Dean

I just attended my first Saturday Amy training call. Ha! Amy is the best Training person I have listened to on line. In 15 years. What a natural. She is going places and deserves where it leads!

- Rich Donato / Founder TheICANetwork

Wow! I just wanted to congratulate you on all the news you shared tonight.

I'm not kissing up when I say, "I am so grateful to be a part of this company"

I will succeed here. I refuse to give in or

- Geoff Young / Founder TheICANetwork

I would like to send my appreciation after listening to several of your training sessions. You have really inspired me to succeed. As with your 'critical inch' I was raised with 'when working at anything - you do that little bit extra!'

- Ian Miller / Founder TheICANetwork

Hi Mike And The Team At ICANetwork,

I joined the ICANetwork as there is no one as giving as Mike. The business is superb with products that no one in New Zealand has (that I am aware). Now we have the celebrity Lindsay Taylor (USA), as our business presenter on Fox TV Nationwide, it's a privilege to be a Founder and this is just one more reason why.

By the way Mike, I absolutely adore your Tuesday training sessions and listen to them frequently as they are inspiring and let's me reaffirm that I am in the right place at the right time.

Kudos to Mike and his Team.

- Sandra Tibble / Founder TheICANetwork; New Zealand

Mr. G,

Mahalo Nui Loa for the spark you have ignited.

Set aside the great products, the value received on the advice you share, in not just building your business, but life in general, on the Tuesday evening "Talk Story" sessions is by far exceeding any monetary cost for the membership to this exclusive insight.

Shine on my brother!

- Doug Parker / Marketing Assets International


You are a man of considerable talent and your "Critical Edge" is keener than most.

Great Call - Incredible Energy - You Guys Rock - Thank You so Much...

- Dean H / Founder TheICANetwork

Comments about our Webinars

Mike G - About last night, that was the BEST webinar I have ever been on!

It just finally "woke" me up! Thank YOU!

- Ray Carlson

Hi Mike G, I just wanted to make a personal comment on Tuesday night's webinar. The whole thing was put together with perfection. The message was conveyed with perfect timing and accuracy. I could actually visualize the importance and value of the ICAnetwork. I know this webinar is a valuable tool as an introduction to new prospects and to allow them an opportunity to duplicate. The voice quality was exceptional and Janet tells me the graphics were perfect. I could feel the excitement that you conveyed and you know it is a good presentation when the time flies by as you are listening. Thank you for conveying your dream and inspiring us so that we can dream and realize that there are no limitations.

Thanks for the opportunity,

- Carl and Janet Troutner / Director of Partner Relations

As always, the ease and flow of the webinars given by Mike G and Amy is professionally done and easy to understand. Thank you for helping all of us who are in need of guidance and doing things correctly when it comes to marketing on-line.

- Giesele Bohn

Comments about our Coindeal Opportunity

Hi Amy,

I just wanted send a big thank you to Mike G., Garry, Colin, yourself, and all others who have worked together to ensure this deal gets done. I have only been on board for 6 months, and following closely thru the updates for about 3 months.

This has been a very interesting and exciting experience for myself. I really appreciate the fact the Mike takes the time to keep us up to date with everything, even on Good Friday. When I hear him speak, or even read his updates, I can see he is a good man with a great heart who associates himself with like-minded people. Again, thank you all!


- David L. Scott, Jr.

Hello Mike,

I just want to take this opportunity to express my sincere support and appreciation for the opportunity you have given me to be part of the Coin deal. I know it has been a frustrating time during the many month of waiting for the final closing to happen. On the other hand, I understand good things in life don't usually happen overnight, almost never.

I tried to contribute my share to the best of my financial ability as often as I could, even using credit card debts with the hope that it will pay off big eventually. The waiting and the anticipation has been irritating sometimes thinking that we got it now, but then to find out that it did not happen. I am not complaining or blaming anyone for the delays, on the contrary I am grateful to have been associated with you who I believe is going to be a be blessing in my life. May God continue pouring blessings upon you and all your associates in all your other businesses that you have.

For the longest, I wanted to share this with my wife, but I haven't yet because I want to give her the biggest surprise of her life when she finds out that her car loan has been fully paid off. When the deal closes, it will have an incredible positive effects in our lives that it wouldn't happen otherwise. I hope it happens soon so that my wife can retire from her stressing low paying job, especially when the car loan and other debts are paid off.

I appreciate you for keeping us informed to the best of you knowledge on a daily basis. I soon look for the email that reads: DONE, SEE YOU in LAS VEGAS.

- Segundo Ramirez

Hi Mike,

Sending you a sincere THANK YOU!! for your patience, perseverance, and Professionalism during this (once in a lifetime for me) business adventure. Though I've been only able to contribute in the "lower teens" for the Coin Deal... (haven't had any income except living on Soc.Sec. the past 22 months), I also kept up the payments for my 4th Silent partnership which you offered to me last November 2018.

The Universe set up that unexpected offer and I knew somehow, someway ...Don't say no to Mike G.

Regards the International aspect, I learned a lot decades ago in my adventure of being a self-taught coal broker, and spending many days at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (downtown Boston) building up a lead list, sending out telex messages everywhere. A drop in the price of oil killed a great potential contract, but had numerous experiences with 3 southeast Asian countries.

In closing, my perspective... though at the bottom of the "recipients" honor guesstimate will exceed what I've made the last 50 years (Soc.Sec records)... no steady job until I was 56... Zero income some years,etc.

So I "get to have another season"... a line from Jack Lemmon's movie 'Paper Tiger'... That's my unabashed perspective - Thank you for being the High Road Professional who Walks the Walk!

High regards,

- Bob Latham

Hey Mike,

Please take those negative feelings created from those emails ...and...... - Look North -. To catch the love and kisses that we are sending to you!!!

Thank You for your personal sacrifice, in making this deal a reality for so many!

Meeting you, and giving you a hug has been on my bucket list ..... long before this coin deal.

Stay Safe
Be Well.

- Kathy / Emily

Greetings Mike, from Nathaniel Asake. As we near what appears to be the closest we have come to actually closing on this coin deal, I can only wish it to be the absolute end. I am simply reaching out to you to thank you for steering this thing as you have throughout this incredible ordeal. Managing people has got to be a pain in the ass, my father managed five thousand or so, and it looked abysmal, and was many times unthankful. He did what he did driven by some thing completely different in his own heart of hearts and it powered him through all sorts of obstacles. He died in May 2018, his name was Musa Asake - you can look him up... he was quite a guy in Nigeria.

At any rate, as I was en route to saying, I am reaching out to you to let you know that I SEE you, through all the pain, and toil of life, and disappointments, and health challenges, while maintaining who you are at your core - running your business, and continuing to manage your employees, and be there for your family... then there is this pain-in-the-rear coin deal, that you well confident we will eventually get to the promiseland, yet for all these grumbling coin deal partners, I am sure - playing the part of the complaint ridden Israelites to your Moses...

I commend you Mike, on a job well done, all the while maintaining who you are, who you have always been, a man of your word; which still means some thing to some of us. Come this payout, Mike, your name and memory and character will be inextricably tied to the greatest earthly gift I will have ever received, my financial freedom. It will all have been because of you, and I am grateful for the invitation to have capitalized on this coin deal. Thank you for remaining honest, and transparent throughout this ordeal. Thank you so very much, Mike. Farewell for now.

- Nathaniel A.

Hi Mike,

You are a hero!

I just returned from a week in the country, away from computers and I read your updates... I do not know how you manage all this, running your companies and reporting every day on "coin deal" (something you did not have to do) and having to deal with unappreciative people at the same time. You have put yourself on a lot of unnecessary stress for no gain other than personal satisfaction for helping people.

You said in one of your updates that this coin deal is really "free money" and I agree that it is free money for us, not for you. It will be probably the hardest money you'll ever have earned in all your working life considering the unpredictable time you have ended up to spend and the enormous stress the delays have put on you dealing with people who do not understand business.

I am a retired engineer having side business in RE, IM and networking for almost 40 years and I know you in this industry.for a long time. I know you for your honesty and for always wanting to help and this is the reason I jumped in to the coin deal with all the risk I could see. I just knew that I had to deal with a leader that I could trust and you have proved that.

I appreciate your leadership and dedication with your honesty and transparency you show us every day and I want to thank you personally for the opportunity you let me in..

All the best!

- Paul Fals

Hi Mike,

Hope this finds you in good health and better spirits!

You should know I'm with you win or lose, I'd follow you to the edge of a cliff Mike, trusting you all the way there.

It's sad, but a fact, you're always going to run into fair weathered friends that want Everything, Delivered, Yesterday, for a Buck 99.

In the words of Leonard Smalley (Saturday Night Live) "You're Good Enough, Smart Enough, And Doggone It, People Like You"!

Best to you always Mike.

- Siegfried Strauch

I have the utmost respect and admiration for Mike G. Not only for his many successful business ventures...but more so for Mike G the person.

So many people have already attested to his business character...Brilliant, extremely successful, a true visionary, a marketing genius, a wonderful business mentor, devoted to helping others succeed...

I cannot think of more to say, that hasn't already been said about Mike G, the successful entrepreneur...but I do have more to say about the character of this man,...and it comes from the heart.

In Mike G, I see a man of his word, of the highest integrity,...caring, giving generously, with a true heart for serving others and helping them become successful.

Because of what Mike G has done for me, I am now able to make a difference in this striving to leave a Legacy like the Legacy that he is committed to... that of helping as many people as possible improve their lives so they in turn can help others.

I also see that Mike G is a man of faith and prayer...and so this is my prayer for Mike G..."that the God of Hope will fill you with peace and joy as you trust in Him, so that you overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit".

- Dennis Morstad


I was greatly saddened when i read that email from Mike regarding how that couple's remarks and actions.

Who ever they are must not listen to Mike on those Tues calls. Never have I seen such commitment with such passion to help people. (along with his sense of humor) I can't wait to read his books.

Seems like I am late sending an email, but please let Mike know that every barrel has some rotten apples - no matter how hard you try.

Mike sharing this opportunity with members will change our lives, and for that we will be forever grateful.

Having met Mike on the net is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

May God bless Mike.

- Kathy Pleasance


As a famous radio host has said many times "the pioneers take the arrows." And Mike G. was a pioneer with this Once-in-a-Lifetime offer.

Speaking to the "Slings and Arrows" crowd and the "Special 9K couple", you saw the disclaimer notice regards "no guarantees/no refunds" at the end of every email update. And Mike shared with us his concerns with us regards going front and center with this offer. Sending that first contribution was a tacit agreement/acknowledgement that you "understood" the terms and conditions. Everything in Life has a relative risk/reward ratio. weren't acting under some form of duress, unless self-imposed.

Most "adults" have a basic awareness of this intangible reality.

And one must have realized that these "Once-in-a-Lifetime" R.O.I.'s was a notice that we might have to invest some Patience and endure a bit of turbulence.

And you weren't dealing with an "online stranger" wearing a black hat. How quick we are to dismiss gratitude and humility in the 'heat of battle.'

In closing, Mike G. is on my short list of those I'd choose to be in a foxhole with, out of ammo, and the artillery flying overhead is incessant.

'Nuff said.

- Robert Latham

Even though I haven't had a lot experience with Mike G. and his business programs, I could just tell that the Coindeal was something special!

He constantly kept and still keeps me abreast of the Coindeal situation and I became increasingly aware of the size and scope of this deal. Even though financially speaking, I'm just a mouse among elephants (never made more than $50,000 in a year), I still can't believe the payback I'll receive on this deal! This is a true blessing! When the check comes through, I would very much like to take a trip just to meet Mike G. (at your convenience of course Mike!), shake his hand, give him a Bear hug, and say THANK YOU!

- Dave Engstrom

I would like to thank Mike Glaspie (and his team behind the scenes) for giving us this amazing opportunity. This opportunity will be life changing for my family. Going into this opportunity we were told upfront of all the risks.

Over the past several months, Mike has faithfully kept us all abreast of the deals progress. Mike has told us the good, the bad and the ugly which I have great respect. We were never left in the dark or wondering where is Mike Glaspie?

Reflecting over the past several months - due to the fact that this deal is taking longer, it has given me the opportunity to invest even more into the deal. I am self employed and to be honest I have been working a lot of hours and constantly going after new jobs. Asking companies not to pay me in 30/60 days but weekly so I can put more funds into the deal.

I have no regrets.

As Robert Klyosaki stated: "Don't let the fear of losing be greater than the joy of winning"

PS : sorry I have to go now to practice my Happy Dance!

- Derrick Rauwerda


I want to take a moment this afternoon to express my appreciation for the manner in which Mike G., and staff conduct business on a daily basis.

Having dealt with Mike G. on several businesses over the past few years (not all were without challenges now and then), I am pleased to say with certainty, I was never concerned that any and all deals with Mike would be completed fairly and without reservation in any situation.

Anytime Mike G. has presented an opportunity to me, my concerns were only one, my level of interest, and two, can I afford it. I am happy to say integrity and honesty never entered into the decision.

Thanks Mike G. for the opportunities presented from time to time.

- Flo M.

Hi Mike,

It is a shame people don't recognize a true heart in this altruistic world. I know people get frustrated but this doesn't give them the right to beat up the one person who at personal sacrifice has given us the one opportunity in our life to be financially independent.

I for one who has been involved with you since mysiteinc days and feel very privileged to have been involved with every stage of this venture and have never doubted your authenticity or wavered in my trust that we would get everything you have promised us. Even though I've never met you, yet feel through attending Tuesday's calls weekly (only missed about a dozen since 2011!!) and listening to the emotions behind the words, one thing I know: your word is your bond.

Don't listen to the complainers and doubters but do what you always tell us... find the positive and focus on all the people's lives who you are transforming to not only become financially independent, so they can help others and extend your generosity far beyond the reach even you can imagine.

- Jenny Shippen

Mike ......

I just read your E-mail about the Coin Deal Update.

I want to personally Thank You for this opportunity you have given me....I think this is definitely A Once In A Life Time Deal....It is a shame that all members do not realize what you have have gone thru and sacrificed for all of us.

I see you as the Captian of our ship... you are on deck guiding our boat... day, nights and week-ends thru wind, rain , storms..... etc...... While we, the small members, warm and snug in our bunks down below... away from the wind and storm.

Mike: I just want to say......THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU...

Stay our Captain for just a little more time ....I truly feel our long journey is almost over and every one on board will be well rewarded.

Thank you,

- Donald Wallace

I would like you to let Mike know that my brother and I think you are awesome! And we both appreciate you giving us this opportunity! We both cannot wait to meet you shake your hand and give you a hug!??

Happy Friday to you and we very much appreciate all your hard work!

- Karl and Erik Olson

I don't know what these people are complaining about, Mike didn't twist my arm to join, all the contrary they should thank him for giving us a cut, besides they knew ahead of time that in these things there are no guarantees, it's in black & white. I can feel what he must be going through, all we can do is keep our heads up and hope for the best, I wish I was back to work to pitch in. Please give my regards to Mike and to thank him for all the hard work he's done for us. I really appreciate it.

Kind regards

- Victor G.

I have followed Mike G for years in the online marketing Business. When he presented the Coindeal to members of his ICANGet2 group, I was very skeptical of this opportunity as many were. There are so many scams out there on the internet which I have fallen prey to, chasing a dream that never existed and lost thousands of dollars over the years.

As I sit here reflecting almost 1 year later, after months of contributions I have sent to support Mike and the Coin deal, I must admit I do feel like I am on a ship with a broken rudder that will never reach its port. After months of communications from his partner to Mike telling him the deal will close next week, Bank Closers and Buyers on the west coast traveling back and forth around the world many times saying they are not leaving until the deal closes and then something happens and it continues to get pushed to the next week and on and on... I gotta say it sounded ludicrous and I was afraid!

The facts though are that I -we don't know 90% of what is happening behind the doors in this Deal and Mike being under an NDA can only say so much to the Loan contributors. I have been part of many mega mergers and acquisitions with my employer AT&T and those deals took on an average of 12 months to complete (Time Warner, Direct TV, Bellsouth... etc) with lots of ups and downs during months of regulatory negotiations and no news coming out. But in saying all this and following Mike G for years now and knowing the very successful businesses he has started, I know he is a man of integrity and conviction and I trust him as I trust the CEO of my company. We all have been through a roller coaster journey this year following Mike and Coindeal with all the updates and I greatly appreciate how he has kept us informed on almost a daily basis on the progress. I don't think we all realized what a big deal this was back in February especially when we thought it was closing that next Wednesday since like April. But knowing what I know in Mega acquisitions over the years, there is no way these deals close in 6 months, not even close. I think when we finally cross the finish line, hopefully soon, we will look back to January and feel like we were given an opportunity that 99% of the people will never have in their life and consider it a Lottery winning and we will all see that....

- Al Rodriguez


I really do appreciate what you are doing for us all. I am sorry that some people do not see who you are. All they have to do is look. But some people only see only what they want to see. Thank you so much for offering this opportunity to me. This opportunity will set me up for my retirement. Thank you very much and my prayers are with you.

- Steve Browning

After reading Mike's update regarding the Coin Deal I just had to write to you and let you know how I feel.

I want him and his entire staff and other folks in this coin deal to know that I have had just wonderful experiences with my dealings with Mike G and the ICANetwork.

I will be glad when this thing closes, too. It will be nice to replace my savings account and pay off some bills that I have accumulated by continuing to invest.

Have a blessed weekend.

- Pastor Arlie Lammers

Hi Mike,

I started working with you 7 years ago in January. I was in a hospital bed after getting T-boned by an 18 wheeler. We got to talking about your QR code product and I bought it from you. I admittedly didn't do much with it, but that was my fault and had nothing to do with you or Amy who was a great help with it.

We then worked on many other projects together. The one that speaks to your character was an Advisory Board for ICAN. It didn't make money the way you predicted, but you decided to make sure everyone involved got their investment back. I still receive a check every month until you make everyone whole. No one that I've ever dealt with in business has ever done something so honorable.

Only 2 people know that I am doing this deal with you. (Never live your life by committee:)). Both of those people check in with me about the status of the Coin Deal once a week. I always tell them maybe next week. They ask if I still have faith in this deal? My answer is always the same: "If Mike says it's good it's still good". I always say that it is legitimate because you say it is. That doesn't mean that the deal might fall apart for any reason such as a buyer pulling out, but not because I'm being misled.

I have total faith in Mike. Not because of what Mike says (that doesn't hurt)), but what Mike's actions have shown me over the years. Honor and integrity are how you do things. If the deal died you would say so. That's who you are. You don't do the easy things. You do the right thing.

Thank you, Mike, for this opportunity. I look forward to great things and if something were to go amiss, you'd have the courage to tell us.

Everyone should be so lucky!

With heartfelt gratitude,

P.S. I've also talked to and worked with Amy, Fran, Matt, and Tom. Everyone has always lived up to the standard that you set. This is a true testament to you.

- Peter Georges


I sure do want to express my appreciation for all that you have done to make the Coin Deal a reality. Without your persistence, courage, and payments, the deal would have never been possible. You can rest assured that I am very grateful for all that you have done and look forward to the distribution.

Thanks a million!

- Al Shea / Founder, The ICANetwork

Just read today's Coin update from Mike G. That man has the patience of Job (from the Bible)!!

When I was in charge of Coin Verification (7 million USD's worth) back in the day... I ran collections for numerous lottery drawings..Almost killed a few people who didn't understand why I couldn't "float" numerous bets for them . Good education.

Many blessings and high regards to you and Mike G.

- Bob Latham

Hi, tell Mike G that the Grant Family thank him for allowing us to be part of history making Large Financial's WindFall. And yes, we could use the Funds Yissteady! lol. But Good things come to them that can hold out to the End; Yes we are homeless and lack funds but this payout will make up for all the stress and hard times and secure a better future for my Family. I thank God everyday for this Miracle Blessing in Jesus Name!

- Lee Grant

I just read Mike's email... I sent a testimonial many months ago, and I feel the same today. His ethical manner in which he is handling this deal is impeccable. There are soooo many scams out there and I have no hesitation in letting Mike know I appreciate him and all his efforts to help others. I have made a sincere effort to NOT bother Mike during this Coin Deal and like most, I suspect, my cash flow is low but the overall BIG Picture looks great. Thank you again Mike and your excellent staff for the way this offer was handled professionally.

I look forward to see your Jig again ... next time put some music to it ... ha!

Take Care,

- Erik Olson

Hi Mike

I read the update, and I am trying not to be so excited, but I am! Thank you for the quick response, and for being transparent and truthful. This is a major reason why I invested with you. I truly am so very thankful for the opportunity, from the bottom of my heart with my innermost bowels of gratitude.

- Abasa Asake

Dear Mike,

I am involved in MLM for over 2 decades now and must have spent a fortune over the time without any results.

I have spoken to you a couple of times on the phone and ... I would like to thank you so very much that you included me and gave me the opportunity to be part of the coin deal. This opportunity will change my life around. I will be able to pay off my debts and also help some Family / Friends in need.

Mike, you must be one of the most honest and caring people in this business and I thank you for this so very much.

- Zman

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