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Find new friends and followers... and KEEP them!

Stop spending hours every week scouring the internet for new and interesting content for your Facebook page! Let us do it for you! (We'll even set up your FaceBook page for you if you don't have one already!)

You want to run your business, not your Facebook page!


Social presence is crucial!

You already know this... in today's connected world, you simply MUST have a way to regularly engage your prospects, customers, followers and friends. And posting new, exciting, and most importantly - RELEVANT content to your Facebook page is how to do it!

But who has the time to spend hours scouring the net for the latest most exciting content?

Heck, most folks running a business don't even have time to update their profiles regularly, much less manage their business Fan Page. And hiring an in-house social manager would amount to literally tens of thousands of dollars per year!

That's where ICAN GoSocial™ comes in!

Simply put, we do it for you!

It's the fastest, easiest way to get hot new content posted to your Facebook, not just on a monthly, or weekly basis, but even DAILY! In fact, we can fine tune your social management service to even post at certain times of the day, all on auto-pilot!

Best of all, your posted content will be fresh, engaging, relevant, and "buzz-worthy" -- which means your friends and followers will be much more likely to reshare it with their friends and followers! Imagine your prospects and customers doing your marketing and advertising for you!

Here's how it works:

You tell us what topics your followers would find interesting. Then, you let us know what time of day you'd like your viral content posted.

Then, our proprietary and sophisticated platform scours the internet to find hundreds of relevant and popular content based on the topics you provide. From this, our team hand-selects a large list of videos, articles, Pinterest posts, and more.

Our proprietary algorithm ensures that only the most engaging, most popular, and most potentially-viral content is chosen.

We then select the absolute best content to share with your customers, followers, and friends and add it to the "posting queue"... This queue then is drip-fed to your Facebook page every day to keep your followers entertained, and most importantly - engaged with your brand!

Hot Daily Content!

Our platform will drip-feed hand selected content daily to your followers!

Auto-Posting Platform!

Your hand-picked content is automatically posted every single day!

Custom Targeted Content!

You give us your topics and we scour the net for highly targeted content that will keep your followers entertained!

Complete White Glove Service!

After an initial phone interview, we take care of it all... you never have to worry about it again! (But feel free to let us know if you want to change something anytime!)

Timed Posting!

Simply let us know if there is a particular time of day you want your posts to appear!

Viral Content Algorithm!

Our platform's algorithm ensures only the most popular and virally-potent content is selected!

No FaceBook™ page? No Problem!

If you have an existing FaceBook™ page, great! If not, we'll automatically CREATE ONE FOR YOU! Just let us know on the order form and we'll take it from there!

Easy and Fast!

The ICAN GoSocial™ Facebook Management service is hands down the easiest and fastest way stay on top of your social presence. We do it all for you... So you can focus on what's important - run your business!


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