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Now get the funding you need for your business or personal needs!

Fund your business up to $5,000,000 with an unsecured loan and just a 620 minimum credit score!

One of the major obstacles for any business to grow rapidly and successfully is lack of funding...

We have now solved that problem!

Offering an unsecured line of credit, that means no collateral required, is almost unheard of! But WE can do it for YOU! (Available only in the U.S.)

And get this, you can use this money for business OR personal purposes!

You know there is a lot of hype and scams out there on the internet and the proof is in the pudding, because...

There is no application fee!

Upon submitting your FREE application, a bank official will contact you for the pertinent data they require. You will be giving that information securely to authorized bank personnel only and not some strange being on the net. This is very secure, very safe, and an unparalleled opportunity for an easy line of credit.

Anyone can apply for any purpose at a $10,000 minimum up to $5,000,000 maximum.

These unsecured loans are available to individuals for any legal purpose in U.S.A. and Canada.

Three Easy Steps!

1. Apply Online

Our online Application Takes less Than Five Minutes to Complete and requires NO Documentation!

2. Receive Decision

Our Loan Advisers will provide you all of the options you qualify for. No need to shop around... We do that for you!

3. Receive Funds!

Qualified Business Owners can oftentimes receive money almost immediately with little to no closing documents or paperwork required!

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FAST Funding

Get approved rapidly and see the money in your account within days or even sooner! We are committed to helping small businesses achieve long term goals and we want to see business owners grow their businesses where they want them to be.

Easy To Qualify

With ICAN GoLoan, you will be speaking with people who are already interested in helping you grow and evolve your business. That's why we don't just look at your credit score; we look at other characteristics which reflect the overall financial health of your business.

100% Transparency

Our funding professionals use clear and understandable language to explain all of the funding options you qualify for. There is simply no other lender or broker who can beat our rates and terms, because of our vast network of lenders and direct pricing modules. You will know exactly what you're approved for, and what the terms will be before having to sign anything. Now that's transparency!

Don't Delay...

Smart business people know the value of having working capital available to them instantly. This program gives you exactly that flexibility.

You may not realize this, perhaps you don't even think about it very often, but if you have credit card debt that you have been carrying for any period of time, check the interest rate that you are paying. There is a good chance it's extremely high, way higher than this open line of credit offers you.

Speaking of credit cards, get this: If you have high credit card debt that throws your income to debt ratio out of whack, The ICANetwork has made special and exclusive arrangements for you to have your credit card reduced or paid off to the extent required for your loan approval. You will not find that kind of flexibility anywhere ever, but we have it and can do it.

How to get started?

Simply click or tap the button below to go to the secure and FREE application! There is NO obligation and NO risk! You will be contacted within just a few days or sooner by a representative of the bank, and they will get the ball rolling with you, so to speak.

This is an awesome program, a unique program, and an exclusive program available only from The ICANetwork.


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Q. Who will contact me?
A. Your information will not be rented or sold, and is held strictly confidential. You will be contacted by one licensed bank official.

Q. How old do you have to be?
A. You must be at least 18.

Q. Do I have to pay any money up front?
A. There is no application fee. It will cost you nothing to find out how much you qualify for.

Q. How much money do I need to make?
A. You must have some reliable source of income or a net worth sufficient to re-pay your loan approval amount.

Q. What if I have more questions?
A. Your licensed bank official can help you with all your questions. The ICANetwork or your Independent Representative is not licensed to engage with you in detailed confidential information and will NOT respond to any questions. All questions are between you and the bank.

* The Underwriting Process begins Once All Requested Documents have been provided to our specialty lending partners. The time frame for funding an offer varies with each lender and is NOT controlled by The ICANetwork. Full loan disclosure is made at time of approval by the bank selected by The ICANetwork and are all equal opportunity lenders fully licensed in the U.S.

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