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Text and Push Notification Broadcasts!

Key features of the messaging system that comes with your App & Mobile Website

Broadcast By Text and Push!

ALERTING YOUR CUSTOMERS: Your App & Mobile Website includes an "Alert Page" that you can quickly update any time to alert your customers about a critical marketing offer that is of value to them. Through this Alert Page, you can post discount and promotional offers, sales invitations, special announcements, product launches, today's specials, and much more.

PLEASE NOTE: The first time someone visits your App via the web or downloads it from the app store, they are prompted to register to receive your alerts via SMS. Users who download but do not register will automatically receive Push Notifications instead! See below to learn more about how our SMS and Push Notification subscription process works.

DESIGNED TO TICKLE: With our App & Mobile Website system, our bonus Text and Push Notification Broadcast service is primarily designed to "tickle" your customers, a term which means to "alert them to an important update". The expected result is that, in addition to reading your text message, they will continue to check your App or Mobile Website for any additional information. (Remember, you can update the contents of every page of your App & Mobile Website any time you want, as often as you want.)

Example: You're a restaurant using your app to promote your daily featured menu item. Today, you update your app with a photo of your famed Ossobuco along with a great write-up and a special comment from your chef. Next, you update your app's Alert Page - then send a Text and Push Notification - to inform everyone to check your App or Mobile Website and find out more about tonight's special.

TOTAL COVERAGE: There is no better way to get people's attention than making sure your message is delivered to them multiple ways. By adding SMS Text and Push Notification to your App & Mobile Website your message is accessible to nearly 100% of all types of feature cellphones, making your critical information available even to those who still do not have a smartphone.

FREE with Your App & Mobile Website!

Why pay for SMS-only service elsewhere... when you can have SMS Text and Push Notifications included FREE with your own Smart Phone App & Mobile Website?


Supported by ALL major Mobile Carriers yes yes
Works in the U.S. yes yes
Works in Canada no yes
SMS Requires Customer Opt-in by Phone yes yes
Push Notifications no yes
Easy web-form Opt-in Process no yes
Send Unlimited Messages no yes
Get Unlimited Subscribers Maybe yes
Per Message Charge (per transmission) $.05 - $.15 NO CHARGE!

NO SANE REASON: With the onslaught of smartphones, there is no longer a strategic reason why you should continue doing mobile marketing using only SMS Text as your only platform. For the same amount of money you'd pay for an SMS advertising service elsewhere, we can provide you with your own iPhone App and Mobile Website, plus provide you with a built-in unlimited-use SMS Text and Push Notification service at no extra charge.

ORDERS FROM OUTSIDE THE USA: Our SMS system works only within the United States and Canada, while our App Store and Play Store Apps, Mobile Websites, and Push Notifications are accessible to all users globally. (If you are ordering from outside the U.S., the fee is the same even if you can't use the built-in SMS features of our system. Our pricing is based on the value of our App & Mobile Website, and the SMS service is just a bonus feature where applicable. )

Unlimited Subscribers, Unlimited Messages

The bonus SMS Text and Push Notification service that comes with your smartphone App & Mobile Website will enable consumers to exercise the option of receiving your alert messages via SMS text message. Without having to open your App or visit your Mobile Website to check for updates, they can receive the very same information you post in the Alert Page of your App & Mobile Website.

There is NO LIMIT to the frequency with which you can update your Alert Page. You can update your Alert Page any time you want, as often as you want. And each time you do so, you should send a Text and Push Notification broadcast to all your subscribers to let them know!

How Your SMS Text and Push Notification System Works

1.) It Starts With Choosing Your "Shortcode"
When you're creating your app, you will be asked to choose a unique "Shortcode" which you would like to use for consumers to identify your App.

Your Shortcode can be your brand, business name, or any word consumers can easily remember and associate with your business.

(Example: If your business is Joe's Pizzeria, you may want to use "joes", or "pizza", or "joespizza", or "delivery", or "hungry".)

2.) Once Your Account Is Activated, Consumers Can Subscribe Via a Quick Form
In order to receive your messages via SMS, consumers must first register with your app. They do this simply by filling in a brief form after thei visit the web version of your app, or when first downloading the App Store or Play Store version of your app.

That's it! It's a very simple process.

3.) You send out messages!
Simply log in to your advertiser account and enter text to send to your subscribers. Anyone who registered their phone number with your app receives a SMS text message. Anyone who downloaded your App and did not register receives a Push Notification. Our system sorts your recipients for you automatically and sends the correct format!


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