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Join Our Team and Earn Commissions Several Ways... Bonuses, Monthly, plus Residual for Life!

We are aggressively seeking Independent Representatives to join us and offer our services to local businesses.

The Internet Is Changing Again...
Even Faster Than it Did With www....
Web 3.0 is here....

We've Got it, and with our Revolutionary Network Marketing plan, you can be a big part of it... Don't be left out this time!

We are aggressively seeking Independent Representatives to join us and offer our services to local businesses.

And, you can do this in any community you like.

We provide training, all of it, and support - as much of it as you need. Why?...

It's simple. We own the market, and we are fast becoming - if not already there - the largest provider of these unique services. In fact, no one on the planet does what we do!

We provide products and services ranging from guaranteeing business owners first page listings at the major search engines including Google®, to affordable smartphone apps and mini mobile websites, to mobile friendly website conversions... With much more on the horizon! We are good at what we do.

For our local search ranking service, our business clients never have to use the yellow page type phone books ever again... their customers don't anyway! The internet has changed all of that. And if you have a PC or a smart phone, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Where do you find information for any local business or service you are looking for? We both know, more often than not, you don't grab that big yellow book any more.

But there's more. We also provide every business customer with their own unique phone app, think "mini-website" that our business client's: members, subscribers, customers, and prospects can access and install on their smart phone - our business clients own unique smart phone app icon - and carry it with them all the time, but there's still more.

Our clients, your clients should you join us, can text all of their phone app members anytime they want. And I bet you didn't know this: Studies show 95%+ of all text messages are read within five minutes of receipt - it's amazing. The uses for a business client's phone app are unlimited. In fact, many of our phone app clients not only use them as an advertising and marketing tool but also just for fun, just for family, and just for friends. Think Facebook page, but now it's on a smart phone. This is powerful stuff.

I'm still not done. We also provide every one of our clients, your clients, with a special QR (Quick Response) code. Now don't get hung up on this technology. You're going to be seeing a lot more of it and we are on the cutting edge of it.

A QR code and you have likely seen them before, from a distance they look like a crossword puzzle but without any of the blanks filled in. These special codes can be scanned by the photo cell of a smart phone and immediately take the smart phone user to guess what? The phone app / mini website we set up for every client. These QR codes can be enlarged or reduced to any size to be used in space advertising, store front windows, business cards, you name it.

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Web 3.0

- Web 1.0 was the WWW a decade ago.

- Web 2.0 was the advent of social media sites.

- And now, Web 3.0 (and we've got it)... Smart Phone Applications

- It's amazing. Don't be left out on this.

Low Cost Paradigm

Listen, Henry Ford did not invent the automobile. He invented ways to make it faster and cheaper than anyone else. And we did not invent the search engines, or mobile marketing, or smart phone apps, or text marketing...

We invented a way to do it at a cost that has the world wondering how we are able to do it so inexpensively and on a scale that is mind boggling. And you can be a big part of it, and be rewarded with commissions that make it oh so worthwhile.

Listen Up

When we accept an order from a business client, your clients, we only accept one business per category per market area. Once that client says "Yes" we do not accept orders from any of their competitors.

We do this for two reasons:

First, our guarantee is FIRST PAGE RESULTS, right?...To do the magic that we do for each client, it would simply not be fair to them to do the same for a competitor in the same market area.

Secondly, we spend hours on each new clients account setup - building their custom website, setting up their phone app, putting them on that first page of results for keywords that they select and our ITs select for them. To do this for two plumbers, two pizza shops, two dentists, two independent reps for any product or service, etc, etc. you get the idea, in the same market area actually makes it more difficult for us to give those first page ranking results, but we can do it easily, handily, and without fail by accepting only one business per category, per market area.

And Boy Do They Buy From Us

It's amazing. Once our prospects understand what we do and how we do it, most of them purchase from us for one reason...And that is so their competitor doesn't get the deal.

Check out our Promotional DVD!

It will explain completely what you will be offering!

Unbelievably Easy Marketing

Through our tell-all DVD that you mail, give away, or loan to a prospect, it will do all the selling for you. It will send your prospect directly to your link at our site - we will set up a special account just for you. And we make these DVD's available to you at our cost with NO markup, just modest shipping & handling.

Or perhaps you'd rather sit at your desk and mail a few letters a day or week, or whatever schedule you want. Well guess what? We have an amazingly powerful letter that you can send to your prospects which will drive them to your website. And, if you're industrious and like to talk to groups, if you were to present our services to, for example a Chamber of Commerce meeting, you had better have a stack of order forms with you because you will walk out with a fistful of signed deals.

All of our television commercials are sponsored by and supported by our members who participate in our television co-op. We do not compete against you ever!

Revolutionary Network Marketing

It's a fact. Most people never grow a significant business in network marketing. It's not their fault, it's the fault of the management. They don't provide the proper tools, ie; marketing tools, or training, or assistance in growing the independent representative's business, and that is just a terrible shame and it's time to stop now.

Something else that's going to stop, and this may shock you, and it may upset a few of our friends in the network marketing business... But most MLM companies who tell you and boast about all the commissions you'll make on levels 4, 5, 6, and 7, breakaway this, breakaway that, etc., etc., ad nauseum, know for a fact that the vast majority of people never even get past level number three.

This does one thing, and one thing only -It lines the pockets of the company's owners because they no longer have to pay commissions out on those levels in accordance with the compensation plan, and this is called "breakage." Breakage is that secret little strategy in the network marketing business, that makes network marketing company owners rich, rich, rich.

But not with us...

Our compensation plan is so simple it can be explained to anyone who has never even heard of network marketing, (more on that in a moment.)

It's only three levels, and 100% of the commissions are spread across those three levels. That means huge money is paid on your first level, your second level, and your third level. We are very proud of this plan... We like to say we pay upstairs, downstairs, and sideways. Everybody gets an override on everybody else starting with just the very first person they sponsor. Kowabunga! This is huge! It is innovative, and it's fair.

The People's Program

It's about time someone did it, and we are about to pull it off. This is the world's first "People's Program" for the network marketing industry. Oh sure, we'll make our money too, don't worry about us, but we'll make our money on the product sales, not on breakage and all those commission dollars that are never paid out.

The Designations

We have only four levels of participation and they are:

- Director

- Founder

- SIR (Supervising Independent Representative)

- Free Distributor

Fees (and commissions on fees) are simple.

Our Free Distributor designation pays nothing of course, but also has limited earning benefits.

After that, our paid designations start at just $19.95/mo for SIR, and then scale up to $29.95/mo for Founder and just $39.95/mo for the coveted Director designation. Of course, the benefits and commission payouts for each of the designations increase with each of the higher and more desirable postions. But, our low monthly costs ensure that literally ANYONE can get involved with our highly lucrative compensation plan in a huge way!

For full details on commissions for all designations, check out our Compensation Plan!

Upgrading Designations

Here's where it gets real interesting. Founders and SIR's make slightly less sponsoring bonuses and product sales respectively. Remember, maximum commissions are paid to the Director. But, anyone (even a free distributor) is welcome to upgrade at any time they want. A Free Distributor may upgrade to an SIR or all the way to a Director, and of course an SIR may upgrade to the Founder position and so on. But, just to be fair to the Representative whose group they are in... any business, anyone they have sponsored and brought into the program, all sales that they have made... All of our products (except for one) pay monthly recurring commissions, stay with the original person who sponsored them.

I told you this was going to be big!

The representative who does upgrade will continue to be paid their product sales commissions from the entire group established under them prior to their upgrade and in accordance with their original position, they'll simply move into a new position where they can earn even greater commissions on any new sales or sponsorships across the board.

This program is revolutionary and every one of our products is designed for every business owner, every website owner, so as to be able to communicate with, advertise to, text to, and be seen by the growing legions of people who are accessing the internet via their smart phone and mobile devices.

PLUS, Your Very Own Email Address!

And here's a huge bonus!

Just by becoming a paid ICANetwork representative, you are automatically entitled to your very own email address!

Once you enroll, in your back office will appear an Email tab where you can select your own custom email address, choose a password, and then manage your email account!

Having a custom email address with TheICANetwork not only adds credibility to your business, but shows the world your stature with the company!

Even better, you'll enjoy improved email deliverability with a whitelisted domain name... This means you'll have less of the emails you send go into your recipient spam folders or simply disappearing into the internet unknown!

And get this! Unlike other email services, this email account is NOT advertiser supported! No rotating banners or text ads cluttering up your screen or distracting you from the task at hand!

And you could even earn one of these beautiful full size four-door Caddies

Beautiful car! Full size 4-door ATS!

Just $7,500 monthly product and service sales volume (whether personally sold by you, or anywhere in your 3 level organization, or any combination) qualifies you for a $400 per month BONUS to be applied to the lease of a new Cadillac ATS! (Note, the company will not take out the lease, but will cover the cost up to $400.)

(With regard to the merchant account program, organizational sales volume is determined by gross commissions the company is paid before we pay your commissions.)

And, this is no matter your designation! (Excluding free distibutors of course, as they do not have a sales organization).

It's Sneaking Up Quietly and Quickly

Most people are not even aware of it, but already 50% of the marketplace accesses the internet via their smart phone. If a website takes too long to load because the graphics are too rich (too many dpi - dots per inch), guess what? That prospect is gone. If and when it does load, if the font is so small that they need a magnifying glass to read the site or worse yet, if the website has been pared down to a simple two or three pages it will not be effective. We have the software solution for that also - for every website owner, every business owner.

In fact, the ICANetwork is all about getting more customers for any website or business, and the only way to do that as the internet continues to evolve is to have those products and services available to accommodate those mobile devices.

The Day Is Coming

You and I will see the day when 90% or more of internet traffic comes from a mobile device and mostly from smart phones.

It's quietly taking place right now, it's sneaking up on people and they don't even realize how much business they are losing because:

1) their website is not compatible, or

2) they have not positioned themselves to be found and seen by and communicate easily with the literal millions of new smart phone owners coming online every day.

Just this year in January, Google® announced they were activating over 1.3 million Android handsets EVERY DAY and that's just Google®.

I told you this was going to be a monster and we are at the leading edge of it.

It's time to end the hype, no more complex compensation plans! Even my eyes water over and I understand the industry extremely well with some of those compensation plans. No more breakage where the company makes 50, 60, or 70 percent in additional profits because they actually don't pay out in very many cases past level #3 or #4.

Training and Support

Weekly live training calls!

We support each and every one of our members with live training held at least weekly!

Tuesday night at 7PM Eastern, and some Saturdays at Noon Eastern.

Most training calls are recorded and placed in your back office just in case you can't make the live event. On these live calls you can - and will - get your questions answered and speak directly to the company President and our management team!

This Adds Up Fast!

Add it all up! Our service and promise to our business customers is... Custom website, guaranteed first page results in the search engines, a free phone app, unlimited texting, a QR code, really high-tech stuff, putting every business owner in front of the new Web 3.0 wave. It's coming at us fast.

Our name says it all - The Internet Customer Acquisition Network™.

An opportunity to join us as a Free Distributor, or by securing any one of our prestigious paid designations.

Attend our live / never recorded webinars and get all the training you need.

Get all the marketing tools you need - some real killer stuff.. a DVD, sales literature, and strategies and instructions revealed to you through our training sessions.

And then, frankly, I don't know how you could possibly fail. But...

Our Guarantee

I will not and can not guarantee you will make money with us. I am not about hype and I'm not about false promises. There's too much of that hype and junk all over the net these days, and I will not participate in it.

If a company sold you a hotdog stand and provided you with the finest freshest buns, the absolute best dogs on the planet, the finest and tastiest condiments to top those delicious dogs with, and they gave you all the training you needed - what to say to the customers who pass by your stand, what to put on your sign, what to charge, and everything you needed, but... you decided to leave the hotdog stand in your garage and wait for that perfect sunny day before you decided to venture out and give it a try. Well, guess what? I bet you see where I'm going...You wouldn't make a dime.

So, I will tell you this. You follow our training. You use our marketing tools. You present our services in a professional and ethical manner, and you will make sales! That I promise, that I will guarantee.

Join us here! >>

As you look back on your life and reflect on those few times that you had a gut instinct, that intuitive response, and you acted and it all turned out way for the better...This could be one of those times for you.

In closing let me share with you a quote from an unknown author that has guided me for many years in my career.

The price of success is a bargain when compared to the cost of mediocrity.

- Author Unknown

Join me.

You introduce the customer to us and we take it from there - all of it. Hand out a few DVD's, they'll do the selling for you. Send out a few letters that we provide, the letters will do the selling for you.

And here's the best part.

Your database is somewhere near you right now. It's your local yellow page listings. Every single business listed in that book is your prospect, and the overwhelming majority of them who have any kind of space ad in that book are paying far more for the cost of that ad than the cost of our service, and the prospective audience those ads are reaching is far smaller, way smaller, than the audience we reach.

Your customers will love you for this. They win, you win, we all win!

Join me. And I hope to see you at an annual convention soon. Shake your hand, congratulate you, and quite possibly I'll even invite you to be featured on a nationwide infomercial.

It's time to get started!

If you want to be part of something BIG, then now is the time. In fact, you can get started right away building your very own marketing team.

Grab your position now, because the sooner you get on board, the greater the advantage of being the first to tell and promote this explosive new concept and program!

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