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The ICANetworkMobilize. Optimize. Profit!

You only need a PC or access to the 'net - that's all! Work one hour a week or more - entirely up to you.

I'll even give you 1000 real visitors to any website of your choice... Just for watching the webinar below!
(Details on the webinar!)

You can own your own viral super list building site now!

Dear Friend -

And your list is a gold mine :-) Your average customer has 1.8 web sites and they all are actively engaged in marketing, joining new programs ect ect ect. And they all have credit cards!! Its an amazing list! The "psychographics" (how they think) of this list is simply amazing. These people respond to all kinds of offers having anything to do with marketing, advertising, or making money on the internet. They buy software, they join programs, they own businesses, they own websites. It is a spectacular and the absolute finest list you can possibly build online.

You must have a list to survive online!

It's hard to say what our window of opportunity is here, but I'm hopeful and I suspect we have a good two to three year run at it, it's that big.

That's a long time for something new on the internet.

The reason being, is eventually everyone will have a need for a QR (Quick Response) code. Not only for websites and Virtual Business Cards but other purposes as well.  See a sample of a QR code at You must see this asap.

Right now, website QR codes and especially Virtual Business Cards are hot, hot, hot!

Just look around you.

We are only at the beginning. You'll start to see QR codes everywhere. Even Coca Cola™ and Nike™ have embraced this technology! They are starting to appear on all kinds of packages at retail stores, printed materials, direct mail, coupons, and more!

And this is just the beginning!


You Need to Know...

Note the eloquence and simplicity which we explain exactly what a QR code is and how to use them.

When you visit this site please examine the landing page / home page very carefully.

It's vital that you understand exactly what we do and how we do it. We are the only place on the net that offers what we do and our free QR codes for all three of our primary products work on ALL smartphone platforms, regardless of how big you blow them up or how small you make them. It's truly amazing.

You must request at least one of the three free QR code products and you will then go to the next page / second page, i.e.; the thank you page. It's on that page that it's imperative that you see all of the marketing tools.

(But do NOT use these marketing tools if you want me to build a site for you... Doing so will cause it to go viral for us. Wait till I build your custom site.)

The marketing tools allow your customers to share their QR code immediately with their social accounts and email contacts. This page receives on a daily average a 45% revisit rate according to our Google Metrics, and if you know anything about stats for websites, that's a huge figure!

The reason for that is simple... Our customers, your customers, use that second page to promote the QR code that they just got from you which - well you know where I'm going with this - is exactly why it drives it viral and drives it deep...

It Goes Viral!

Your customers use the viral/marketing tools to promote their new QR code. And then, the people they know are directed to come to YOUR site to get their QR codes free, they use the marketing tools... and so on, and so on, and so on. Wow! Viral!

You must embrace this technology! Already more than 50% of all net traffic originates from smart phones and mobile devices... Amazing!!

QR codes allow users to access sites, apps phone #s, you name it with out having to type anything. No more Fat Finger syndrome. :-) Just Scan and press enter.

Here's what I'll do for you as a branded partner...

  • I'll have my tech team build a site with your name at the top in partnership with The ICANetwork.
  • Here's where it gets really exciting... You will receive in real-time a copy of every requester for a QR code or for a VBC (Virtual Business Card), or for our speed-dial phone number QR code, or for a website QR code, and you will receive that information with the information they provide. These are your Customers to do with as you choose, however note, we will share these also.
  • On the thank you page for all of your QR code customers we will show your video or your sales copy with a link back to your site, any site you want! This is particularly huge! When you have gone through the process of getting a QR code from us, you see exactly how powerful it can be.
  • If you don't have something you are marketing now, I'll give you a complimentary "IR" spot in our exclusive ICANetwork opportunity, and show a beautiful video tied to your account - and you make money for every sale...
  • And just to help you get your head around this completely, those Virtual Business Cards, once you give them away and the people you give them to share them with their contacts, colleagues, etc. those people see the VBC and embedded in it is a link where they can get theirs free. And when they do, theirs has the same link as yours embedded in it, and so on and so on and so on.  This is just one more viral component of this amazing system. 

This Feature Is Huge

And our unique Tele-friend system allows every one of "Your" QR code customers the option of letting us email their database of email contacts or their fans/followers on face book , linkedIn ect ect the QR code for their site or for their VBC, and then invite those "contacts" to come to "your" site to get theirs!! THEY WANT US TO DO THIS FOR THEM. Its just one of the ways they can use your system to promote their new QR Code.

And when those customer contacts come back.. It will be to "your" site and you build your list huge. It's a perfect viral, relationship list building, name branding monster. Even the message we post for the customers at their various accounts will be customized for you ... So their fans, friends, followers ect come back to YOUR website to get their own QR Code or VBC or the QR code for any phone number which when scanned causes the number to be dialed instantly.

This is a viral marketing machine built exclusively for viral advertising and the mobile marketplace.

Have you ever used LinkedIn - the business social media site? They became the biggest in the industry by doing the exact same thing.. they email their new members "email contacts" and invite all to "follow me" and of course "join LinkedIn." Kowabunga!

If you ever wanted a site that would go viral for you, and promote you, your company, your business, this is it.

One VBC given away could become thousands or even hundreds of thousands of VBC's installed and automatically populated on smart phones with your link permanently embedded in it, and I hope right now the light bulb is going on!

And here's the really amazing thing.. It demonstrates the enormous popularity of this offer.. In addition to your customers promoting your site, just by using the marketing tools which ALL point back to your site... You can promote this with a very simple ad that also serves as a signature file in your email! Here's our most powerful and effective ad:

Free QR codes for any site and free Virtual Business Cards with QR code - All Free... Ours work!  And you can win an iPad with our monthly drawing - we give one away every single month!
Details on why you need these now and how to use QR codes: <yourlink>

As you can imagine it will take us time to build and customize this site for you because even the welcome letter will be set up unique to you, i.e.; making reference to your company or to you as an individual.

I hope you realize what an advertising opportunity this is. We could easily - and rightfully so - charge several thousands, but, because in this arrangement you and I will be sharing the customers a reasonable build out fee is justifiable.

And just so you know, we will not market to your customers anything not related to The ICANetwork. We have no interest in pitching them on clickbank products, network marketing deals, anything of that nature, ever... just the technology and services that we offer at and through

You can offer them anything you want. You can text them, email them, call them!! I'll even help you with this and coach you on what to sell and where to find great items to offer your list. I can even put you in touch with "other professional people" who will call your customers and offer them legitimate, valuable products and services and then share the sale revenue with you, completely hands off and on auto pilot for you.

This is the most unique advertising opportunity you will ever see on the internet.

It is exclusive, and will never be an affiliate program. I am strategically placing partners in all fifty states and all english speaking countries now. This will not be around much longer.

This System is simply Amazing. You must be a part of it, you just must.

You need to know this!

And just so you know you're not dealing with some inexperienced youngster on the internet who thinks they may have a good idea. And with what I want to share with you, I assure you it is not for boastful or self aggrandizement reasons. It is only so you realize that I am in fact the real deal...

To my knowledge, I am the only direct marketer - online or offline (and especially online!) - to ever be profiled at Wikipedia. This is huge, and truly is a statement of my reknown and worldwide notoriety.

You can see it for yourself here >>

Search Mike G online, click here >>

And to watch/listen to a 1-hour Webinar where I teach you everything I talk about at this site (and more!) simply click the play button in the lower left corner of the video right here to begin watching.

I'll even give you 1000 real visitors to any website of your choice... Just for watching this webinar! (Details on the webinar!)

Yes, Mike! I want to learn about this incredible viral list building engine! Please get back with me immediately!

Privacy Policy: Your information will be held strictly confidential by us. We will never rent, sell, or otherwise provide any personally identifiable information about you to anyone!

Lastly, be sure to see the monthly drawing to give away a free iPad through our partners sites. It's like sprinkling steroids on a viral marketing campaign. It's awesome! People earn an entry into the monthly drawing for each QR code they get. Then when they use the marketing tools (Which is how it all goes Viral because each tool closes with "And here is how to get your own free qr code / your site link"), we give them 5 bonus entries for the next drawing for each new QR code user they refer to you!!!

All of this of course gives them additional incentive to use the marketing/viral tools on the second page... Which they use any ways just to market their own QR code.

And here's just a sample of what others are saying:

Hello Mike!

Thank you very much for everything! My team is very excited and getting prepared to build our Saving Highway business to become success!

What a great idea for 5 entries bonus for each friend to create QR code for URL, VBC, or Call us now, import contacts, social networks, banners, text, email info., and shrink size QR code with colors!!!!  "Snowball Effect"!!! Agree with this! :)

Amy your assistant! She did great job since she started helping me go through the set up process for the QR Code website!

Once again, Thank you for everything. You are the one of greatest men on the earth!

Gratefully, Joshua S

Hello Mike,

The website is nothing short of spectacular... I am working on the Social Media Marketing now!

Thanks, Cptndob

Mike G!!

If someone would have told me a month ago, that I would meet a guy who would take a genuine interest in me and help me build a successful Internet Marketing business, I would have literally laughed until I cried... Cried because so far my friend, every so called "Guru" has done nothing but flash their Hype in my face and take... (WAIT! "take" is too kind of a word) "STEAL" MY MONEY!!

Until NOW!

Mike G. I am so thankful I met you! You are the "real deal" my friend!

I am already profitable and have learned more from you in a week than I have in my entire career as an Internet Marketer!

I am excited to be associated with you, and am going to spread the word like wildfire!

To Our Success, Michael Nero -

Hi Mike,

Thanks Mike G. I may as well "Fess" up... You have taught me more than you can ever imagine.

Misspell words in an email message. Write at a 10th grade level. And you "really" inspired me to have the courage to submit articles on the net and to write my book.

Mike G. we didn't know each other but you have played a  significant role in my life over the last several years. I didn't keep participating in your coaching program simply because I was drowning in Identity Theft & Fraud. The thing is AFTER I made the decision to finally walk away when they traced the money trail, you called me 2 weeks later.

I owe you more than you can ever imagine. One day hopefully I can meet you in person and give you a loving hug for the influence you have had on my life.

If you have helped me like this I'm sure I'm not the only one.

So there you have it; Mike G... Straight from the horses mouth. I admire & appreciate you for what you have accomplished,

Very Sincerely, Patricia Gains

Mike G,

We recently had the great pleasure of getting to know you through a wonderful friend of ours and it's been a perfect match (kudos Benjamin H). It's so refreshing to talk with a real person who is sincere, open to new ideas and willing to work with us personally to help bring our vision to life. That makes you Awesome!

Becoming involved with The ICANetwork has been a true blessing and allows us the freedom to brand our business, realize growth in a trending industry and connect with other people seeking the same thing we are ... Success!

Thank you Mike, for taking part in our journey and more-so for being a great friend and mentor.

(a glass of freshly squozed is raised in your honor - Hugs!)

Dean & Tamra K /

And remember... you've heard it a thousand times... So if I say it just three more times it won't matter, right?...

You gotta have a list, you gotta have a list, you gotta have a list!

All you will need is access to the internet! We provide everything else, including:

  1. A custom viral advertising site just for you
  2. Complete training including our Partner Manual and "How to go viral now" and a monthly webinar (you'll receive a link for it when we send your custom site to you).
  3. You just can't lose! This system is amazing.
  4. You will learn where to get professional written offers free and how to get commissions just for telling your list about them.
  5. We will show you how to get free marketing systems and how to set them up.

You will also receive by regular mail my manual entitled,
"How To Make Money Every Day in Email Marketing, Even If You Have No Product To Sell". 

This is a must-have manual and a perfect complement for your new QR Code Partnership website.

If you have been wondering how to make real money on the net, not pocket change, then know this - you must have your own list of customers who know who you are and will open your email - that is exactly what this incredible system can do for you!


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