• From: Mike Glaspie

  • Palm City, FL

Mike G

We began BannerCo-op way back in 1998, and we think we were the very first banner exchange back then.

To this day, banners are still an effective means of advertising however with our second banner property, BannersGoMLM.com we continue to serve this market space with a much greater degree of sophistication. All free, and with our famous 2-for-1 exchange.

We wish to thank all who participated to help make BannerCo-op the success it was, and teach us how to become even better.

It is hard to close a site that has been with us so long. But we must continue to press forward with the latest and newest technologies to serve our customers.


Mike G

Michael T. Glaspie "Mike G"
Net Marketers Call Me Their "Secret Weapon!"