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My Personal Experience Working with THE MikeG!

What can I say? I am proud, privileged, and grateful that I made the acquaintance of MikeG. Never have I met a man that is so ambitious, brilliant, accommodating and down to earth, all in one person.

My name is Rosalind Lund. I am a Founding Member of The ICANetwork, working with MikeG. There are so many positive things to say about Mike that I'm not sure where to start.

As all of the people that work with him know, he is the real deal! What you see is what you get. He's a no non-sense businessman. An excellent lead by example CEO and Professional. He is comical, good natured, and brilliant. I have never had the good fortune of working with someone quite so rare.

After running the usual gambit of a lot of entrepreneurs and marketers of scam after scam, sinking loads of cash, and becoming jaded and cynical, I answered an email and got a call from MikeG. I had never talked to the CEO of such a large corporation in my life and was quite surprised. For me he is the type of person that when you first meet him, you feel like you have known him forever. He is so approachable and down to earth.

I will be forever grateful to fate, karma, kismet, GOD, what have you for meeting and associating with Mike G.

For me it is the end of a long journey and the beginning of a great business relationship and lifelong dream for the future!

- Rosalind Lund / Founder TheICANetwork

I want everyone to know that Mr. Mike G. is a man of his word. When he says he's going to get something done, it's already done before he finishes his sentence.

It worked out very well for me. When I called upon him for some help and advice it paid off.

For everyone out there that's skeptical please know this: I am a very Big skeptic. I have done several different programs and his programs are real and work beautifully. I have actually made money on his. Nothing usually happens overnight (unless your'e in Mike G's programs), so you always have to be patient with things. It could happen very quickly when you follow directions to the T and simply keep working at it.

And please be certain to attend any training calls or webinars he invites you to because they are amazing!

Thanks for everything Mike!

- Janel Lane / A Very Proud Mike G Partner

I have had this one from Mr. Houser for quite a while but it remains one of my favorites. - Mike G

Dear Chairman Glaspie,

My compliments to you and your organization for creating one of the finest marketing presentations I have ever seen. It is thorough, motivational and explains an aspect of telecommunications with great clarity. As a former FCC Commissioner and Director of the White House Office of Telecommunications (under President Ford), I have been aware of the "reseller" concept for many years and have received information from other Resellers. However, nothing I have seen matches your exceptional package of information.

I am 65 years of age and independently well to do and do not need the IR or SIR designation although l would have jumped at this opportunity if I were younger! It is difficult to imagine a better opportunity for a young man or woman. I am going to recommend your company to others.

If there was an advisory or similar role available I would be pleased to be affiliated with an organization of this quality.

Continued success in all your endeavors.


- Thomas J Houser / Former FCC Commissioner and Director of the White House Office of Telecommunications

Here is a short video testimonial you should see first!


- Geoff Young

Mike G is the perfect person to work with, always committed to do his best and to accomplish his goals.

He is tireless, professional and the best of all his qualities is that we who work with him, feel the love and soul that he invests on every project.

I would highly recommend him, as he naturally rises to the occasion when presented with something he is passionate about.

His latest project to create the world's 1st 100% mobile Search Engine that shares revenues to his affiliates is a VERY ambitious endeavor to say the least, but with his professional team and tech know how, I'm confident that Zabang will soon become a worldwide phenomena.

Mike often says "I speak two languages, English and Geek" :)

I for one am ALL IN, to help Mike realize his lofty goal to eventually take his ICAN companies and Zabang public!

Go get um Mike!

- Your friend and colleague, Don Leopard

I have to tell you how impressed I am with ICANetwork and how excited I am about the opportunity you have created for us... I have been so disappointed so many times before. I have been dabbling in online marketing for years and this is the most legitimate and powerful business model I have seen, by far.

- Frank Newman / Founder TheICANetwork

Mike G did it again!!!! An Opportunity that is so Awesome!!!! This is the first time in years... I'm actually calling people to share about a Home Base Business Opportunity. I can see the success unfolding before my eyes. Creating a future that will last beyond anything I ever imagined. Thanks Mike for creating an opportunity that I'm proud to share.

- Glenn Shayne / Founder TheICANetwork

I've always said, if you can't describe a person in a few words, you don't know them. I have three words for Mike G that won't leave anything out: Integrity, Generosity and Compassion.

He is an inspiring person to know, because he allows you to be and know and experience yourself. As a result of being authentically himself all that exudes from his "being" and what he does, what he creates, is real.

TheICANetwork is the epitome of Mike G, a catalyst evoking new unimagined realities for others on a daily basis -- well, thats my personal experience. Take it down to one word? Humanitarian. What else can I say?

- Benjamin Hoga


You are a man of considerable talent and your "Critical Edge" is keener than most.

Great Call - Incredible Energy - You Guys Rock - Thank You so Much...

- Dean H / Founder TheICANetwork

As I hold a "Founder Position" with The ICANetwork, I commend this company for two main reasons:

Firstly, this company is seizing the trend that is sweeping the Internet. Who would have thought that the majority of Internet users are now accessing the internet via "smartphone"; not PC or laptop? The ICANetwork is doing its best to inform and assist people who risk being left behind in this almost silent advance.

Secondly, the training by the CEO, Michael Glaspie, is filled with techniques that could only come from years where he has done the hard yards. Seeing his track record of success online, over the last 15 years, has given me added confidence in my involvement with The ICANetwork.

Michael Glaspie often says, "Why invent mediocrity when you can model success?" I'm taking his advice, and know I'm so blessed to be with The ICA Network in this specific change of Internet technology!

- Leigh Allison / Founder TheICANetwork

Mr. G,

Mahalo Nui Loa for the spark you have ignited.

Set aside the great products, the value received on the advice you share, in not just building your business, but life in general, on the Tuesday evening "Talk Story" sessions is by far exceeding any monetary cost for the membership to this exclusive insight.

Shine on my brother!

- Doug Parker / Marketing Assets International Muscatine, IA

Good morning Mike,

Your words of inspiration rival some of the famous speeches given by notable people such as Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King Jr. Simply AWESOME.

- L. J. Lefave

As a Founder in The ICANetwork, I have found this to be the best company on and off line. The comp plan is amazing and I love the opportunity to get out in the community to present the mobile conversion to the local independent business. Mike G really rocks.

- Linda Huggins / Founder TheICANetwork

The ICANetwork is a company where integrity is at the head of the leaderships extensive list of values. If you're a business owner and you wish to remain in business, the products and services The ICANetwork offers MUST be part of your overall marketing strategy!

- Geoff Young / Founder TheICANetwork

...I am completely WOW'ed by your program! Thank you again...

- Daryl DQ Quintanilla

As president of Kanda Equity Holdings, LLC (an asset management firm) and Founding Partner with The ICANetwork, I find this technology company to be one with the utmost integrity, having been on the Web almost since its inception. Mike G, the founder of this exceptional company gets a 5-Star rating from me and I would trust him blindfolded.

- R. Melvin McKenzie / Founder TheICANetwork

I often think how blessed I am that I have known Mike G online and followed his business pursuits since 1997. I was always fascinated by the man himself and the skill at which he was able to use the incredible World Wide Web for business development. Unfortunately for me, I waited years to make the contact with Mike G, but that contact in 2012 resulted in an invitation to join him as a Founder in his incredible ICANetwork.

I am so happy that I took that step because I have now gotten to know that he is indeed the "genuine article" - a real "people person" who wants everyone to be successful. You might say, "that's nothing great because if you succeed, he succeeds." And that is certainly true, but the difference is this: Mike G has demonstrated many times over that he truly delights in helping those who have a passion for business and need a mentor to advise and encourage them, not with platitudes, but with real support.

Mike G, the man, is truly exceptional, and I will always be thankful that I have become a Founder in his fast-growing ICANetwork.

- Max Jacobs / Founder TheICANetwork and owner of MAXapps International

Hi Mike And The Team At ICANetwork,

I joined the ICANetwork as there is no one as giving as Mike. The business is superb with products that no one in New Zealand has (that I am aware). Now we have the celebrity Lindsay Taylor (USA), as our business presenter on Fox TV Nationwide, it's a privilege to be a Founder and this is just one more reason why.

By the way Mike, I absolutely adore your Tuesday training sessions and listen to them frequently as they are inspiring and let's me reaffirm that I am in the right place at the right time.

Kudos to Mike and his Team.

- Sandra Tibble, New Zealand / Founder TheICANetwork

When embarking on a new job or starting a new endeavor, training and support are important factors in achieving success. The ICANetwork provides Opportunity, Products and Services that help local businesses reach their goals. As an ICAnetwork Representative who helps local businesses, I am pleased to be supported with state-of-the-art marketing tools, national advertising, promotional webinars and outstanding weekly training sessions where new products and services are presented and where I am able to discuss and share ideas, experiences and successes with my peers.

Oh and one more thing! We just finished another Saturday open mic session.

I refer to them as our "Hour with Amy", and schedule my life so I don't miss being there each week.

I feel that everyone should know how important it is to have Amy as the Moderator - how much all of us enjoy her pleasant, cooperative and informed guidance, and how much of a long distance Friend she has become.

Amy is really a jewel - we love her.

- Richard Rossbauer / Founder TheICANetwork

As a Founder, The ICANetwork is leading the field for me, helping others in an ever changing and growing Internet Market. Mike G gives all he has in support to guide me and others to reach out to businesses of all sizes and types no matter their location.

Mike G will help all become a better person by leading and then encouraging each to follow their dreams to help others.

Thanks Mike G for helping me become who I am and believing all have an equal chance to improve daily.

- Jerry Van Horssen / Founder TheICANetwork

I would like to send my appreciation after listening to several of your training sessions. You have really inspired me to succeed. As with your 'critical inch' I was raised with 'when working at anything - you do that little bit extra!'

- Ian Miller / Founder TheICANetwork

Wow! I just wanted to congratulate you on all the news you shared tonight.

I'm not kissing up when I say, "I am so grateful to be a part of this company"

I will succeed here. I refuse to give in or

- Geoff Young / Founder TheICANetwork

Thank you so much for the golden opportunity, in the form of the ICANetwork, that you have made available to me. I believe that this is going to be a real Game Changer for me, and I am very excited to be a Partner of yours. A Founder Position in addition to this, is almost too much to grasp. If I could, I would be dancing on the ceiling about now! - Once again; Thank you!

- Karen K.Callahan / Founder TheICANetwork

Mike G,

I think we can really rock it if we put our heads together. We can make average and above average people successful.

I know that's what you want and I do also. Now is the time.

You are my HERO!!!!

- Rob Meyers / Founder TheICANetwork

Mike, I am touching base with you to let you know personally where I am at! Let me make one thing clear: You in my opinion are the greatest marketer I have ever seen. I do not say this lightly or in a bloody false attempt to patronize. I simply believe you are what you Are! You have branded yourself to absolute perfection and continue to do so. Mate you may not think I have learned much from you but believe my Friend I have!

- Henry Flachs / Founder TheICANetwork

Michael Glaspie aka Mike G is my major role model. He works tirelessly as Founder and CEO of ICANetwork but he is still approachable. He is a hands on leader who take the time to introduce himself to each of his new members. He even hosts weekly meetings for the entire organization. I'm a founder of the ICANetwork and working with Mike G has been my biggest online payout!

- Andrea Richards / Founder TheICANetwork

Mike G, I had to write you this letter. I am a 55yrs overworked, over-stressed A&P/Avionics Mechanic. I enjoyed working and being around airplanes. However, the work load is overwhelming. That is why I am a aviation contractor so I can work when I want to. Now, thanks to you I finally have a great opportunity where I can help people like me and people worried about their retirement. I love this industry and The ICANetwork!

- Sam Patinha / Founder TheICANetwork

I just attended my first Saturday Amy training call. Ha! Amy is the best Training person I have listened to on line. In 15 years. What a natural. She is going places and deserves where it leads!

- Rich Donato / Founder TheICANetwork

You're webinar tonight really WAS the best webinar I've ever been on and I'm very grateful to you!

- Mark Dean


Mike Glaspie (or Mike G) has deliberately built the ICANetwork for each and every representative -

First and foremost - his mandate is for you and I to prosper financially using the immense time freedom leverage that the internet offers - his stellar credentials speak volumes!

Mike sincerely & graciously devotes his time vision and depth of wisdom to mentor, teach & benefit ALL - regardless of designation...

A true gentleman...

Plug in and ride his coattail - he'll not steer you wrong.

- Tony J. Carter / Founder TheICANetwork

Mike G./Glaspie, how can I ever repay you for being a guiding light in all my years of marketing on-line?

It took a while to get to the point where I am today, but looking back, I can now see what it took to get here. The training you provide and the way in which you walk the talk, is something I highly resonate with.

By building this network, you are truly providing those who have struggled a way to build a business on-line with tangible and progressive products. As they say in this business, its not only having the products, but having the knowledge on "how to use" the products and by actually doing the work, that counts. I can't wait to see how the ICANetwork will change a lot of lives!

Thank you for being a great marketing mentor.

- Giesele Bohn / Founder TheICANetwork

Mike G, all I can say is that Christmas has come early for me this year. I am so glad to have found you and your company. You have called me personally and talked to me about your company, and you let me do my due diligence. What I have found is an amazing product, amazing training, amazing marketing tools, and amazing marketing strategies.

The vision you have is so exciting for me and all my future clients. I look forward to a very long relationship. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

- Doug Johnson / Founder TheICANetwork

Thank you very much for the opportunity. This is a great company to be with.

- Richard Hefter / Founder TheICANetwork

Mike G. A man full of dedication and compassion, it is a privilege to work with such a man so understanding and devoted to helping others succeed.

Mike G has shown and proven that not only does he work tirelessly for everyone, when circumstances arrive that we can't control, he is the first one to step up to help. To me this shows the true nature of a man that I am so proud to work with as a founder member of the ICANetwork.

Congratulations Mike G, you're the best. Highly recommend you check out what Mike G can do for you.

- Christopher Lysaght / Founder TheICANetwork

Thank you so very much, Mike G. for all the work and the resources you have provided thus far, to help me along on this journey to become financially FREE! Words cannot express my gratitude for this one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime, opportunity which, I believe with my whole heart will not only benefit "me and mine" but many people afar off, far beyond my circle of influence.

Now, I realize it will require a lot of preparation, education, and commitment on my part; but as I am a philanthropist-at-heart who is passionate about being developed into a person; who may not be able to reach the world, but will give it my all to go as far as I possibly can--and, for the first time in my life (of nearly 60 years), I have the right tools, support, connections, and PASSION to make, what was a dream--a REALITY!

Lastly, Mike, my goal is to be the best that I can be as a business partner, so that I may be able to "give back"; not only worldwide, but to you, as well!

With a sincere heart,

- Ted F

Hi Mike,

You are the best! I am absolutely in love with ICAN and its subsidiaries. You are absolutely a genius and I am proud to be walking in the midst of giants!

Thank you sooo much!

- Giesele Bohn / Tap or click here to learn how you can earn $36,353.00 (or more) just by inviting two people (or less) into this $14.95 per month program!

GREAT training and update call talk tonight Mike...

The true and personal mission statement that I try my utmost best to live my life by...

The heart felt, ultimate, and underlying purpose of my life is to serve, love, share, to enjoy the journey, inspire, teach, and unselfishly serve others!

Your the best!!!

- Don Leopard

Hello Friends,

My Name is Bob Goodchild, I live at a small town in NC called Morganton, I have a off line business and online. MY offline is successful Jewelry Biz however I have also made money on line. At 77 years old I needed to also have success on internet. How ever with all the scams out there it is hard to find some one to trust. I have found that person! His name is Michael Glaspie. He goes by Mike G online .

I have been with Mike close to a year now and find he is a man of his word. Also a Christian as I am one too! Mike has a lot of several good businesses and I am promoting as a founder for him some of them. 2 that I have made money and saved money are his phone service and the new one forced matrix app, silent salesman, which I feel can make millionaires it you can have patience and come in now. The phone service I use in my business and save over $100.00 a month compared to my cost with some people I will never trust again. Which were charging me over $130.00 a month. I highly recommend this service you also can become a merchant. People listen to me! A man is not a man if his word is not good. I would trust Michael with anything he does. He has my complete confidence. So do not hesitate to contact him and join all of his programs that appeal to you. Michael I understand has been on line for 18 years. And 100% Successful. Join up with a winner and let us all get rich together. Join his forced matrix 2x14 I can get 2 program you join and never loose people in downline. Learn more by going on his conference calls on week days and week ends. I highly endorse this fine Christian man and he has a great son Matt who helps in business too. Great overall team. Questions about any of this send me a email Say Saw Your Testimonial for Michael Glaspie. Join today and become a rep.

Michael is a blessing to all who look for honest internet business opportunities!


- Bob Goodchild Founder and proud of being in Michael's successful businesses!

Hi Mike,

Very happy to it is very professionally created no hype no BS just facts presented in plain English in an entertaining and inspirational format. Adding credibility to anyone who utilises this powerful communication by showing accountability and accessability.

Totally affordable as one time flat fee for unlimited ability to promote with instructions on how to maximize ROI and raise awareness of this great opportunity to benefit people globally. Everyone helping each other as it should be.

Know video has been reposted, shared, retweeted, and upvoted on other social media belong to and have received positive feedback from all sources.

Even though cant guarantee signups were directly from video have noticed steady increase in signups from time I promoted it as credibility factor increased.


- Jenny Shippen / Founder TheICANetwork

Mike, I have hardly ever missed one of your Opportunity webinars since way back in 2013 - your presentation today is without a doubt, the best yet - the information was precise and complete and your delivery pace was your best ever! I enjoyed it.

AND, I am really excited to be involved with ICANGet2 and the rest of the products and services MikeG and his team have created in the ICANetwork. He has an unending stream of ideas to help us help local businesses succeed in the Mobile environment. I trust MikeG to keep those ideas flowing.

- Richard Rossbauer / Founder TheICANetwork

I would like you to know the training call on Tuesday from Mike G was the best. I was able to follow and comprehend everything he was saying. I was amazed how clear and sensible his message was. Thank you!

- Robert Havill / Founder TheICANetwork

I am into ~16 minutes of your gift CD. Wonder why I did not come in contact with you in early 1990s (I was just finishing my post-doctoral research). In the business arena I could have already accomplished resounding success by now.


- P.N. Ranganathan, Ph.D.

Just wanted to say thank you!

I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate all of your help and time regarding my questions. I'm new to this system and want to learn all I can, and I'm very excited about making this opportunity work!

- Justin Howe

Mike G's The ICANetwork is just the opportunity that I have always been waiting for.

I started on the internet the same time Mike did. But he's way ahead of the curve. I wish I had teamed up with him back then!

Anyway it's never too late, especially with the web 3.0 wave ahead of us!

- Wolf Zappe / Founder TheICANetwork

Thank you. Teacher, you're awesome!

Fun, funny, so funny.

What you are is what I GET.

My businesses now has a starting point, a wholesome wit, vehicles and a voice of an angel, Proud to call you friend, business partner, Insatiable Mentor Facilitator. Champion.

Much love to your Company and Staff. And much more xXx

- Monalisa Vercoe Cliffe

I want to extend my sincere appreciation to Mike G... We couldn't have a finer leader at the helm of the company!

Thanks so much!

- Al Shea / Founder TheICANetwork

Thank you Mike I am so impressed with what you do. I would love to get the free down loadable CD.

- Rosalie Jarotski

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to use my 1000 visitor bonus. It worked very well for me.

- Delores Darden

I searched the internet for about 2 years and found nothing that fits my goals, demands, and criteria until I luckily found Michael Glaspie.

I was a mathematics instructor that created a new way to learn math. My students were very successful. I love helping does MikeG.

Everyone in his organization is excellent. They all work indefatigably at helping people. The best way I can explain this is, think of how your best friend treats you because that's what you get with MikeG and his people. I am logical, analytical, and extremely critical about things on the net. I trust MikeG emphatically and without hesitation.

I intensely believe if you want to be successful in the 21st Century you better 'hitch your wagon' to this organization...there is nothing on or off the internet as good or effective.

- Steven Harper


- Geoff Young

Hey Mike G,

I'm in love with Invitation To Join!

Because I learn a lot about marketing and I get referrals to all your future affiliate programs without extra efforts, by simply promoting my Free Link in my signiture file...

And best of all I'm a free member just like every one else...

I recommend Invitation To join to everyone!

Thanks Mike, this Really ROCKS!

With Highest Respect... because this is freakin' Genius!

- Don Leopard


Your presentation tonight wasExciting, Encouraging and Inspirational. You covered so much of importance with such enthusiasm that it gave me goose bumps. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Your Integrety was very evident.

I am really glad that it will be part of tonight's recording.

- Richard Rossbauer / Founder TheICANetwork

Hi Mike!

Yes, I've been listening to all of the Tuesday recordings, etc...and your company being invited to the worlds largest tech congress in Portugal, that's terrific! I know you have 2 of your best men there now and its exciting for all of us !

I'm beginning to see results of all the years learning this industry and just like you, I absolutely love it!

Thank you for being you and because you are who you are it is a pleasure & privilege to follow in your footsteps!

- Giesele Bohn / Founder TheICANetwork

First and foremost let me say I have never met Mr. Glaspie personally, however for the past ten months I have developed a close relationship and have embarked on several business ventures of which I am extremely satisfied. The demonstration of his honesty supersedes all other characteristics such as integrity, loyalty and love for his fellowmen.

- Oswald George Cavalier / Founder TheICANetwork

Thanks Mike! I see a lot of the missing pieces I have been looking for. Stay healthy and take care.

I am gleaning a lot from the calls and your vast experiential knowledge of the inner workings of the internet and how you have made so much of it simple to understand and apply.

Thanks again!

- Arthur Scott Jr

Thank you for inviting me to participate in The ICANetwork, ICanGet2, And InvitationToJoin, as well as I am blessed to have had your help, and as a Founder, look forward to a long and prosperous friendship, and business partnership. I know I couldn't do this alone, and I greatly appreciate all you have done to make this happen.

Thank you so much,

- Colin Frush / Founder TheICANetwork

I have been using the Silent Salesman Mobile Marketing App. for My Christian Text Club to communicate daily positive messages to my subscribers for almost 3 years.

It's so easy to use, change, and share with others but the best part is the free 2 way push and text messaging feature for unlimited real time global communication.

I could not find another do-it-yourself platform at any price that offers the features and training videos to help me create my own app for business and personal use in about an hour anywhere.

Thank you ICANetwork and ICANGet2. Awesome app!

- Geoff Young / Founder TheICANetwork

The Silent Salesman is an ingenious tool to assist me in promoting online programs to my friends, relatives, and potentially new clients, without the fear of rejection. Using the Silent Salesman message to promote both the "ICanGet2" and the "Invitation to Join" programs is so easy to do. Plus, the Silent Salesman assures me that the message about these vital programs is presented to whoever I choose. It has become a habit to have both of my Silent Salesman signature files ready to go whenever I am ready to send an email.

- Al Shea / Founder TheICANetwork

Mike G., at first when YOU suggested I could purchase and maintain monthly my own smartphone app, I was skeptical about how it would work for my business. Later on as I gave it a shot, I now have three smartphone apps representing my various websites, plus now I have a great few subscribers who were already clients of mine from my previous workshops in my business.

And, if having my own mobile app is great enough, I am also earning passive income with having a downline in the process. This is the technology that everybody needs to get on board to. It will change the way you do business forever, just like it did mine.

Thanks Mike and I am glad I listened to you when I did, because now through my own mobile apps, my websites are also receiving more traffic as well. This is a game changer, so I suggest to everybody to get your own mobile app now before it gets too popular and you ended up getting lost in the crowd.

- Bear Manager of Bear And Rainbow, LLC.

I just want to give you a quick shout out about how exciting this InvitationToJoin program is for me. It is by far the easiest genuine program to market online. Of course it is free, but the team building effect that it has will certainly make 2017 very profitable for me. Since we already know that smartphones outsell PC’s and laptops by 12:1 and we already know what price points are successful in this ever changing internet marketplace, InvitationToJoin is a must have for any serious online marketer like myself. Thank you for the innovation that you have put into this.

- Wolf Zappe / Founder TheICANetwork

When it comes to corporate web sites, many business owners/managers have a Field of Dreams type belief of...

"If we build it, they will come."

This could NOT be further from the Real Truth!

There is a lot more to it than posting pictures and copy on the web, thinking that millions of unique visitors will just visit your digital corner of cyber space, and result in millions of dollars.

My friend Mike G has been experimenting and developing best practices in the Internet Marketing space since 1997 - much longer than most online self proclaimed marketing geeks.

Mike G is one of the most experienced and successful marketers in the world...

He has taught (and continues to teach) what it takes to attract traffic and make that traffic profitable.

With the time tested and rapidly expandingICANetwork Group of Companies... the possibilities are endless!

At The ICANetwork...We think We Can ! ??

Tap or click here to See Video Now
FREE Enrollment - MULTIPLE Streams of Income at the Same Time!

- Don Leopard / Founder TheICANetwork

...I have total faith and confidence in MikeG.

- Sam Patinha / Founder TheICANetwork

It's no secret that to be successful in direct/network marketing you have to keep it simple, so that the team you are building feels that they can do it too. Well I want to say that Mike G. is a master of writing sales copy that is effective and gets results! Mike, your email letter on the new signature loan program is brilliant! I am having great success with it simply by sharing the letter and personalizing it as my own. Thank you. I'm looking forward to lots more fun (and money!)

- Wolf Zappe / Founder TheICANetwork

Hi MikeG, I enjoyed your call last night. You were dead spot on about referrals.

I love doing what I am doing. I strongly believe that anyone who gets involved with you and your concepts can have a very bright future.

- Carl Troutner

My name is Bob Goodchild, I live in Morganton, NC and met Mike one day when looking for a honest opportunity. I recommend him for 3 reasons and more Michael Glaspie is a leader and honorable man says Bob Goodchild He is a very successful business man and wants to help his friends and partners succeed on line.

Number one he is a christian and so am I. Number 2 he wants his friends and partners to succeed. Number 3 Goes out of his way to not lie to people and to help all of his people. He always is cheerful on line and gives weekly conference calls where you can learn and ask questions. Comes up with new ways to earn more money on line.

Apps Telephone Service, Loan Service you choose what you like when you join as member or like me founder. Forced matrix app service lets you in for low price and great potential. Letting every one afford to join one of many of his money making programs. Lets you have your own email to promote I canget2 program and more. I save over $100.00 a month on his phone service.

Questions email for answers or help but Mike is always there to help thru his great company. PS: One last statement are there bad people out there yes. However Mike is not one he is a honorable man and my friend too!

- Bob Goodchild / Founder TheICANetwork

Hi Mike,

Just finished listening to last weeks recording - "Staying Calm Under Pressure"

Very smart!

Going to listen to it again, the value in what you said about staying calm under pressure was a golden reminder to me.

On your recommendation a few months ago I purchased the "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" book, a fantastic read - will also read this again.

Thank-you kindly for your valuable input!

- Tony J. Carter / Founder TheICANetwork

I have done thousands of motivational calls and training calls and probably listened to that many more. I know you don't need to hear it but the call you did last evening was exceptional. It is a honor to work with you, Thank you,

- Carl Troutner

I was on tonight's ICA tele-seminar ("great stuff!" By the way, I really like your narrative poem about the calf that trod the narrow path through the woods. That later ultimately became a "super-highway!").

Also, "Thank you for making me a Better Me and in turn (and in some little way I trust I help you to become a Better You.")

- Michael Nedd / Founder TheICANetwork

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