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Obviously you are welcome to search my name, and you may search Mike Glaspie, Mike G, or Michael Glaspie, and you'll pretty much go to the same places each time.

When you do you are going to see a considerable number of negative comments online depending on what site you are at. I don't mean dozens but a few and I want you to realize something...

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The bigger you become on the internet, the bigger the target that is painted on your back. I equate it to the acting profession, the more famous you become the more the paparazzi will incessantly hound you. Anyways, I want you to understand something, and I want to make this very clear, the complaints range among a wide range of issues, but basically it boils down to this:

I have complaints from people who think they're complaining about the real Mike G, (that's me), when in fact they are not. I have been able to isolate seven other Mike G's trading on the internet. But yet, because I am the most well known having had nearly five million customers in the last fifteen years go through my database, I am far and away the most recognized name, Mike G.

So these people who are complaining about being ripped off by Michael Glaspie or worse yet someone "claiming" to be Mike G, are and in almost every single instance talking about someone else - either another real Mike G or someone "pretending" to be Mike Glaspie.

Here's the rub... Mike G is not trademarkable. Anyone could decide to become a "Mike G" because the 'G' is not a full last name. If I could turn the clock back sixteen years and do it all over again I would not go to the effort and money that I have invested in branding that name "Mike G" but it's far too late for that now.

Point of fact, my name, especially 'Mike G', has been ripped off more times than PayPal and CitiBank. Because 1) it's legal (not the offers they make or the scams they run, but using that brand or monikor is); and the unfortunate part is because my name is generally speaking well regarded and trusted and international, people have been duped into various scams.

For example, one complaint alleges that I sent them an email stating that if they paid me $20 I would send them $400 and some odd dollars in commissions. What a shame this person got duped by that, they even in their complaint list the name of the account they sent the money to. Here in the United States you could go to jail for such fraud, it's just ridiculous. We have always paid our various commission programs always on time, and never ever asked for one dime from anyone to be paid those commissions. But yet there are people out there who unfortunately fall victim to these con artists pretending to be me.

Another common scam - and this one has cost me a lot of money through legal fees - is my name has been used by various companies claiming to be calling from me, or even claiming me to be me when they call, meaning me, Mike G, and selling all kinds of products and services, and I have had to spend thousands of dollars over the years with my lawyer who happens to be a partner in the second largest law firm in the state of Michigan, sending out cease and desist orders and threatening to sue.

But just so you know, there are only three companies that I have ever been involved in, that are my companies... and they are
1) BannersGoMLM.com
2) MySiteInc.net
3) TheICANetwork.com

Any of the other companies that you may read about in any of the other complaints are a result of people pretending to be me at those companies.

Here's another one that is just unbelievable. I have a complaint from a man who purchased solo advertising from me... He complained because he only got about three thousand clicks for $625 dollars. If you know anything about solo advertising - that's good! That's not a bad number at all. But, nevertheless, he complained because out of those three thousand clicks he had only about two hundred people opt-in, obviously this man does not understand that there is a huge difference between someone who reads an ad or sales letter and then goes to a website and then for whatever reason is not convinced that whatever is at the website is what they want.

Still the complaint stands and in fact continues to say that he only made $515 dollars of his $625 back, upside down $110. He didn't bother to mention the fact that the guarantee from my solo advertising package is that I will continue to mail that offer or any new offer at a minimum until the client at least makes some money. More on that topic in a moment. And here's the big one that he didn't bother to mention - that the program he was promoting was network marketing and the money he made is residual - in other words, until attrition takes over he can pretty much count on receiving that $515 the second month, the third month, until they start to fall off or cancel... But nope, not a word about that.

And here's why so many people are compelled to write complaints again people they want to hurt, at least in my view, because they are rewarded by the various ripoff type sites to do so! There are sites that give advertising credits for submitting complaints, unbelievable but true. I've actually spoken with an owner of one of the larger ripoff type sites, who (and I would never mention his name, I just don't believe in stooping to that level), offered to remove any and all complaints and bar any and all complaints in the future claiming to be against Mike G, Mike Glaspie, etc. for the mere sum of five thousand dollars. RIDICULOUS! I refuse to play their games!

I have Nearly five million people with at least fifty to one hundred positive testimonials for every complaint you can find anywhere, so please should you decide to research those various sites keep this in mind... Don't join that Jerry Springer mentality (sorry Jerry, no offense and that's just my opinion) and know this - it really is the wild west out there. For whatever reason some folks probably the same kind of people who have no problem keying a brand new car sitting in a parking lot, enjoy slamming and bringing other people down even if they are talking about the wrong person, even if they don't realize that they have been victim of some phishing scam from some one claiming to be who they are not.

I even have complaints against me about not being able to get off my email list, so a little short story here for you... In the year 2002, I was invited by the sitting senator of Pennsylvania, who was chairman of the committee having auspices over the FTC, to submit a white paper in anticipation and formulation of the 2003 Can Spam Act. I am proud to report that in my seven page white paper, three of my ideas eventually made it into that law.

I am probably the last person on earth that would ever violate any of the terms of that law. What's really happened is, if someone unsubscribes from my list but they continue to get email from guess who, Mike G, I hope you can see where I'm going with this... It's not me, the real Mike G.

How many times have you gotten an email from the IRS? Did you know the IRS never sends email to a tax payer? How about from Paypal with a link in it? Did you know that Paypal never sends email to any of their customers with any link in it of any kind? Or Citibank, or Chase? You name it - there's no end to the cons and scams that these lowlifes dream up. And frankly, they don't care who they hurt.

Another thing that happens with email is someone will get one of my free CD's with one email address, signup for a giveaway with another email address, get a QR code using still another email address, and wonder why they receive all sorts of mail from me - but my emailing system can't tell if the same person signs up to my lists with three or even more email addresses, and unsubscribing from one email address won't unsubscribe them from every email they receive just the ones they receive at that email address. And then they of course think it's my fault they still receive email from me.

I even had an occasion where some lowlife copied verbatim and all graphics an entire website, BannersGoMLM.com, and began spamming millions of people under my name offering an incredible deal on banner advertising, sending them to an order form and of course never fulfilling. He even had a url that upon casual examination even looked like BannersGoMLM.com but was BannersGosMLM.com (notice the 's' in the middle). A couple of grand later in legal fees my lawyer was able to through ICANN (internet corporation for assigned names and numbers) awarded me that url, and even they were not able to determine the person who registered that site. I wish I had known, I wish I could have found out, I wish I could have found out all the people he ripped off, it just wasn't possible.

Stuff like this happens. Anyone can be a victim of identity theft, even someone as well known as I am operating legitimately on the internet, I kid you not. The bigger and more successful you become, the bigger the target is on your back.

My Office phone # and my personal email address , the same one I have had since '97 appear on virtually all of our sites !!! We are reachable and available to our customers and clients if there is ever a problem.

You need to know this!

And just so you know you're not dealing with some inexperienced youngster on the internet who thinks they may have a good idea. And with what I want to share with you, I assure you it is not for boastful or self aggrandizement reasons. It is only so you realize that I am in fact the real deal...

To my knowledge, I am the only direct marketer - online or offline (and especially online!) - to ever be profiled at Wikipedia. This is huge, and truly is a statement of my renowned and worldwide fame.

You can see it for yourself here >> www.MikeGOnWiki.com

We are a large company with several divisions and we take care of our partners.

I've always made it a practice to seek first to understand and I am merely attempting to help you seek first to understand. Thank you for hearing me out. I promise you if we do business together you will always have a way to personally reach me if you ever need to !!!!