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You've seen them, I've seen them, all kinds of programs that promise to teach you how to successfully advertise on Facebook®.

But they all have two serious flaws:

  1. They can be complicated and extremely time consuming to get it right
  2. They are fraught with danger, one little mistake here can cost you all your advertising dollars - this is a fact.
Michael T. Glaspie "Mike G"

The solution

Over the past few weeks I've been working on a very special advertising bonanza with Facebook. It's amazing with how it works and what it can do for you.

You see, Facebook has in excess of 1.2 Billion members, and of those, the average member has just over 330 followers. This is important to remember, this fact alone can make you a tidy sum.

So what I have done is I have given Facebook over two million of my leads, and they in turn ran a database query for me and we discovered an incredible 1.62 million of my leads have an 'active' Facebook page.

Only advertise to the active members

This word 'active' means this - These wonderful members have accessed their Facebook page in the past week. They use it, they didn't set it up and forgot about it, or worse yet, hope that magical things would happen for them without doing anything with their Facebook account.

Here's where it gets real interesting... Through Facebook, I can mail my leads that have an active Facebook account (no one else can, remember, they are my leads) and when I say mail I don't mean in the traditional email sense...

I mean I can actually place an ad for any program product, or service I want in the newsfeed or the posting stream on these active account members home pages at Facebook. Wow!

Even Facebook could not offer you this advertising, we own the 1.62 million database of internet marketers and network marketers.

It won't be an ad off to the left or off to the right or at the top of the page - it will be directly in the feed just as though their best friend put it there.

Can you see the tremendous power of this approach?

It's awesome, and to my knowledge I have the largest database of active Facebook accounts of anyone.

Internet Marketers and Network Marketers

If you're not sitting in your chair vibrating already, listen up because this is exciting...

Working directly with Facebook, they will fire up their servers and place any notice I want, any announcement I require, on that home page in the string, in the thread, and it will be seen by - THIS IS HUGE! - only internet marketers and network marketers that is my database.

I Pay Facebook

To reach my own audience I have to pay Facebook a fee, and it is a significant fee. But I have been testing it and I assure you through my rigorous testing it has proven to be successful not once, not twice, but each time I have used this method.

It is in fact the most powerful advertising method I have ever used.

Don't Go It Alone

The biggest problem most folks have marketing on the net is they just don't possess the skills to write compelling copy - you know, words that literally force people to take action, nor do they have the database, nor do they have the time to learn complicated social media advertising platforms where one tiny mistake can cost you your entire budget.

I'll Do It All For You

To help you overcome all of these problems, to help you achieve the prosperity you desire and deserve, I will do it all for you.

I will write the add that appears in the string of announcements, just as if it's coming from the active users best friend. And I will place that announcement on up to 100,000 active members newsfeeds at a time.

You need to realize why this is so powerful... It's because the ad, the announcement, the copy that I write for you appears as though it is being posted by someone whom the Facebook member knows.. They see it, they read it.

Is this sneaky or unethical? Absolutely not. In fact, Facebook is happy to take my money and post these announcements / ads any time I want.

Two Powerful Methods

When I do this for you I can post your message, the one I will write for you, and send those Facebook users directly to a link, any link, as long as it is legal, ethical, and moral, and then invite them to purchase from you or join with you or take whatever action it is that your website asks it's visitors to take... I'm good at copywriting and I will write the message for you.

But there's another option. Another option that can be an unbelievable boon for your business. Remember I told you earlier in this letter that the average Facebook user has 330 followers? If you want, and at yor option, I will have my creative team actually build a brand new Facebook page / account just for you and just for this campaign.

If you elect this option I will send all the traffic to this new Facebook page of yours. And in the process of doing so, those visitors will have the option of liking and here's the magic - pressing 'share' and the new page that has been built just for you and your campaign will immediately be sent to.. Guess what? As a post to every single one of the Facebook user who wants to share it - amazing!

But it can get even bigger than this. You see, when that Facebook user shares it with their followers their followers have the same option, and their followers have the same option, and so on, and so on. In other words...

It Can Go Viral

Your Facebook page, the custom one that I have my creative team build for you, can go viral. So we're no longer reaching the up to 100,000 people at a time, you can actually also be reaching the people who follow them, who follow them, etc, etc. This is an amazing advertising option.

But I will tell you this, in fact I will guarantee this - For whatever package you order, up to the 100,000 mark, your ad will be seen, your announcement, the one I write for you, by all of them. And if you select the option of having a custom Facebook page set up just for this campaign, you have the tremendous benefit and bonus of the potential of having your Facebook page go viral, and that is a marketer's dream come true.

Just to whet your appetite..

Our most recent client, in only six hours after Facebook™ began mailing his campaign for us, had an amazing 14,245 visitors to the custom Facebook™ page we built for him. And get this... 1,024 likes! Incredible!

This is viral marketing on steroids!

On the order form you will see that you may have us write your message, your announcement copy and send it to as few as 25,000, or 50,000, or 75,000, or the maximum of 100,000..

Know this: Internally I will keep track of which group of interenet marketers and network marketers (these lists are one and the same, they are not segregated), we approach with your offer. I do this so that the next time you order your announcement is seen by a different group of people. In fact, you may order as often as you want, and I suspect you will, until we have put your offer in front of the entire 1.62 million of my leads, who are all active Facebook users. And I repeat, and make no mistake about this, I am the only man on the planet with this database and special arrangement. I am the only person who can do this for you.

Also on the order form you'll be given the option of selecting

  1. Send my announcement with my direct link in it, or...
  2. Build a custom Facebook page just for this campaign. - (Highly recommended.)

I want to see you prosper. I've been making money on the internet since 1997. I'm still here. I've had one great year after another after another after another. You can too. It is within your grasp now.


CEO & Founder, The ICANetwork

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