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You've seen them, I've seen them, all kinds of programs that promise to teach you how to successfully advertise utilizing social media.

But they all have two serious flaws:

  1. They can be complicated and extremely time consuming to get it right
  2. They are fraught with danger, one little mistake here can cost you all your advertising dollars - this is a fact.
Michael T. Glaspie "Mike G"

The solution

Over the past several months, I've been working on a very special advertising bonanza using social media. It's amazing how it works and what it can do for you.

Marketers have spent BILLIONS of dollars on Facebook ads alone, and countless hours over the past years with the goal of building up their following on the social network. Recently, Facebook led the social media pack by announcing publicly that they were making wholesale and VERY significant changes to their news feed algorithm. The method of effectively marketing on social media, (and believe me when I tell you, it IS an art and a science), has completely changed.

You see, as of September 2017, Facebook has in excess of 2.1 Billion members, and of those, the average member has just over 330 followers. This is important to remember, this fact alone can make you a tidy sum.

So just one of the things I have done is I have given Facebook over two million of my leads, and they in turn ran a database query for me and we discovered an incredible 1.62 million of my leads have an 'active' Facebook page.

Only advertise to the active members

This word 'active' means this - These wonderful members have accessed their Facebook page in the past week. They use it, they didn't set it up and forgot about it, or worse yet, hope that magical things would happen for them without doing anything with their Facebook account.

Here's where it gets real interesting... Through Facebook alone, I can reach out to my leads who are active Facebook users, and drive them to YOUR Facebook campaign! Even Facebook could not offer you this advertising, we own the 1.62 million database of internet marketers and network marketers.

Can you see the tremendous power of this approach?

It's awesome, and to my knowledge I have the largest database of active Facebook accounts of anyone.

I Pay Facebook

To reach my own audience I have to pay Facebook a fee, and it is a significant fee. But I have been testing it and I assure you through my rigorous testing it has proven to be successful not once, not twice, but each time I have used this method.

It is in fact the most powerful advertising method I have ever used.

Don't Go It Alone

The biggest problem most folks have marketing on the net is they just don't possess the knowledge to be able to reach out to the right TARGETED audience. They just don’t have the database, nor do they have the time to learn complicated social media advertising platforms where one tiny mistake can cost you your entire budget.

I'll Do It All For You

To help you overcome all of these problems, to help you achieve the prosperity you desire and deserve, I will do it all for you.

And you do NOT even need a Facebook account! We do it all for you. Everything!

Internet Marketers and Network Marketers

If you're not sitting in your chair vibrating already, listen up because this is exciting...

Eight Powerful Methods

I told you before that this was going to get exciting……. Well listen to THIS!

Because I KNOW the tremendous power of social media marketing, I instructed my team of programmers and engineers to put together for me, the most dynamic, state of the art, effective targeted traffic generating program possible, and combine that with this already amazing program, and boy did they deliver! Not ONLY will I be sending you traffic through my database marketing methods I just described to you, but I will ALSO be sending targeted traffic….that's right, TARGETED TRAFFIC, utilizing:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube Videos. - videos that explain your product, then direct people to the FB landing page to learn more
  • Organic Traffic - traffic that is looking or interested in the niche, and so we direct them to the FB campaign
  • SEO
  • CPA
  • EZINES / News Letters
  • Joint Ventures
  • Email

Social Media Goldmine, is a platform that allows traffic to be funneled from various social media outlets. By using a custom recipe of social habits, we are able to send targeted traffic to any offer…….. to YOUR offer. 

That is just a “geekspeak” way of saying that we have figured out how to send traffic, TARGETED TRAFFIC, to any offer that you are promoting!

But I will tell you this, in fact I will guarantee this - For whatever package you order, up to the 100,000 mark, your campaign will be seen, by all of them……… and that is a marketer's dream come true.

This is social media marketing marketing on steroids! In fact, one programmer that we had working on this project said “it’s like we figured out how to hack the Internet”.

Please do not misunderstand that statement…… everything we are doing is completely above board and “white hat”. That’s the only way I will do things!

On the order form you will see that you may have a range of 25,000, or 50,000, or 75,000 or up to 100,000 TARGETED clicks or from 100,000 up to 400,000 TARGETED impressions of your ad for your campaign (whichever comes first)!

Know this: Internally I will keep track of which group of internet marketers and network marketers from my database (these lists are one and the same, they are not segregated), we approach with your offer. I do this so that the next time you order your announcement is seen by a different group of people. In fact, you may order as often as you want, and I suspect you will, until we have put your offer in front of the entire 1.62 million of my leads, who are all active Facebook users……..

Remember though, this is in addition to the 6 OTHER traffic sources that I described to you earlier!

And I repeat, and make no mistake about this, I am the only man on the planet with this database and special arrangement. I am the only person who can do this for you.

I have gone a step further to guarantee your success. I ALSO instructed my team to install into the social media marketing machine, lead capture capabilities. You will be provided with your own Facebook Goldmine Back Office where not only will you be able to track the number of impression that are being generated for you IN REAL TIME, but also you will be able to download lead capture information so that you may reach out to those prospects who haven’t quite made their decision yet! I honestly don’t know of anyone else offering a program that can do Half of what this can and will do for you!

I want to see you prosper. I've been making money on the internet since 1997. I'm still here. I've had one great year after another after another after another. You can too. It is within your grasp now.


CEO & Founder, The ICANetwork

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